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Well done Kate for finishing and sending this beautiful sheet to us.

From Kate in 5th Year

Enjoy watching this lovely video of a wonderful year. The same video is posted up under Junior C for the students and staff to enjoy. Well done. Mrs. McGrath and Ms. Daly.

25th May 2020

We, the school staff, have been quietly working away to bring you this message of hope and light for the future. We especially thank the students and staff who have done their best at this difficult time. Enjoy this and remember to Be Kind and Stay Safe.

A message of hope from the staff to you all

Hello Everyone,

We trust your weekend was good. The weather was unreal. First we were blown to pieces by strong winds. My ears nearly turned inside out. We had lots of baby birds in our garden. On Friday there were 4 Starling babies. Did you know baby birds are called Fledglings? Well their parents were working away madly trying to feed all of them. Then we had 3 baby sparrows, who all tried to sit on a fence post at the same time. We have baby Blue Tits in our nesting box. Lastly we had a baby crow. He was there with all his aunts and uncles. They were kick boxing the bird feeder and trying to empty out all the seed. I chased them away because they were too greedy. Write in to with your news. I love hearing from you all.

Hi begley hope you enjoyed your weekend we Are making planters for my nan should finish them today and il get my dad to send more photos later Cian

22nd May 2020

Hi Begley,

How are you? It is so windy today at my house. I bet the wind blows all your coat if you go outside today!

 I wanted to tell everyone that I had a message from Charlie this week. He asked me to tell all the pupils that he is missing you and hopes everyone is keeping safe at home. Charlie said he is very bored at home but tries to keep himself busy everyday by going for walks and doing some gardening. He is looking forward to seeing everyone again when we return to school.

Charlie said to say a special hello to all the school leavers and was sad he didn’t get to say goodbye to you all. He had been looking forward to coming to our graduation at the Rochestown Park Hotel this coming June which unfortunately we have had to cancel because of the virus.

 I told Charlie that we will do something special for our school leavers when it is safe to do and we will be in contact with him. He was happy to hear that!

In the meantime he is hoping that everyone is doing some exercise everyday!

Dear Parents,

The Speech and Language Therapist has sent this useful link to help you at home. I will also post it on the Speech and Language Page so you can find it easily. Geraldine hop

Dear Begley,

Please could you pass on how amazing all the staff and students who are contributing to the blog are. I love seeing their photos and hearing their stories. They really put a smile on my face. Aine and Cian’s gardens look lovely. I am very jealous of the fairy lights! David’s box of chocolate from Australia looks very tasty! Jack and Omon you have both written lovely letters to Begley – you must love receiving them, Begley? Patty you always respond so beautifully to everyone’s comments.

I hope you are all keeping yourselves busy and safe. I look forward to when we can all have a chat in the hall again!

Stay Safe,

Ms Hollywell

P.s Max and my cat Mr T do NOT know how to socially distance very well!

Hi there everyone. Today is definitely not a day for outside DIY work, but it is a great day to enter an art competition.

Draw yourself and write a slogan to cheer us up over Covid-19. Winners to have work framed and displayed in our School Foyer!

My poster. Good luck to everyone. From Cian

Well done Cian, your’s is the first entry to this competition. Come on guys, enter this competition!


Come on, join in the fun! I got very active with my pens today. Make a poster!

As you can see I am a bit wet from my early morning walk. Sophie and Jack, I would love to hear from you again. Anyone else who hasn’t written in, try entering this competition.

Can you match up these signs?

21st May 2020

Good day to you all. A day for DIY and gardening. Yes, I dug a few holes and chased away the birds. I had a very good zoom call with Mrs. Hayes, Anne-Maria and some of the 5th and 6th years and I have some jobs for you to do at home. They are called Maintenance Jobs. It is all to do with keeping your home safe and in good working order!

Make sure you have an adult to help supervise and support you when doing these tasks then write back in to the blog and let us know how you got on.

21st May 2020

A sunny morning to you all. I can’t believe it is Wednesday already. This is the day I used to enjoy when everyone was at school. I loved waiting for the rubbish removal truck. I would sit in the sitting room with my chin on the windowsill, waiting…… Then I would hear the sound of the removal lorry reversing up the estate road. I would quiver with excitement as I listened to all the rubbish bins being emptied and banged around. Then I would let rip with a huge” woofing” at the lorry as it drew up outside our house. Oh How cross I got when they emptied all that lovely rubbish into the truck. Why can’t my humans just let us dogs help to reduce it by cleaning up any leftovers?

Well, now that everyone is at home, we are told to stop barking, so I have given up calling to the rubbish lorry to leave me some rubbish to sort through. I hope you are all remembering to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Tug-of-war game with Realtin
More tug-of-war with a toy from Mrs. Hayes
Can you spot the Cat!

Here are some great things for you to do at home as a family. Ms. Daly, I hope your family enjoyed doing them with you. I have a couple of fun things I did with Realtin this week. Send in pics or videos of your fun activities to Thanks for sending this link in Ms. Daly.

Family Game during the lockdown

Family Game during the lockdown

Posted by JW GAMES on Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dear Mrs.Johnston and Begley! 
My mom and I are well, thank you!
My aunty’s birthday was on Monday and my cousin’s birthday is today! 
On Monday, I went for a spin to a Douglas park with my mom! It was alright one way but when I was coming down hill, I was sure that it was the end of the hill but I tried to stop my scooter with my foot but I fell and hurt my knee, of course I cried and barely walked in the evening, on the bottom of the foot also hurted me!
That’s all my news so far!Mind yourself everybody and do not make the same mistakes as me, it’s not worth it! Unless you have protectors and a helmet on you, then you’re fine but other than that, not worth it! 
Kind regards,Patty Zawadzka!

Ah Patty it is wonderful to hear from you. I am sad to hear you hurt yourself because you have had such fun out on your scooter. I am so looking forward to chatting to you and the others on Zoom on Thursday.Mind yourself.BEGLEY

Thanks Begley I love sending in emails to you and I worked so hard today with me brother and dad we are over halfway finished. Cian

Glad to hear it! That floor looks so fantastic  now. Good going. Your fur baby enjoys the floor too. Delighted to hear you enjoy emailing.  I love to see all the wonderful things you do. Keep it up. Begley

Well done Cian. Fur baby testing out the floor. It works! Begley

19th May 2020


1.Visit last Thursday on our blog and listen to and review Niv’s song.

2. Listen to today’s videos from Sally and Mrs. Hayes.

3. Go back to Friday’s blog and enter our self portrait and slogan competition.

4. There is plenty of work on all the class tabs and the blog so go and get it!!!!

5. Do something new. Write in to your school blog.

Hello Emma and everyone. I hope all is well. Nothing much has changed with the new Lockdown rules. We still have to keep 2m apart, and we can’t go further than 5km. My Mom and Dad work from home and need special permission to go to school for anything. The queues at DIY places are crazy so Dad only does Drive bys to see if they are any shorter. I might get to see my brother though in a few days which is exciting. Emma I am glad your diet is going well. My diet is called Seefoodandeatit. Can you read that?





. How are you boy?


 did anyone in your home go back to work yesterday?..


 How is it in your home now since were very slowly getting out of Lockdown now Begley?


.. Today I went out for a lovely big long walk again with my dog Honey


 and in a minute I’m going to have a shower


. Then I’ll be having my lunch… By the way my healthy eating diet plan is going great


. Afterwards I am going to do a lot of School work


 and make some Tik ToK’s


. Then I will watch some television🥰 after that I will relax and watch my phone and have a healthy delicious snack


. After that I will have some dinner… Then I will be doing my exercise bike and stepper🥰. For the night I will watch YouTube and Netflix and listen to music and go to sleep


️. Bye





As you know, Mrs. Hayes goes for a few walks near the school. Watch this video and listen and can you guess whereabouts she is?

Yet another great Blogger is our Cian. He has also learnt so many new skills while in Lockdown. Well done!

Hi begley sorry no school work done today I was so busy with learning new skills helping my big brother and dad replacing our decking and I used the chop saw and drill today and still have all my fingers. Cian.

Measuring is School Work!

No problem, I understand. My paws are sore from blogging today. Love all this .Will post tomorrow. Thankyou.Begley

Cian you have some very fancy tools there. When I carve my bones I only use my teeth. Can you name any of those special tools. I only know the tape measure because my Dad uses it a lot in the garden to measure for fences and raised beds.

Here at St. Mary’s School we have some very talented young people. From sports to General Knowledge, to Art and Craft, DIY, writing poems and stories and cooking we can do it. Take a look at these young ladies and listen to this fabulous music. Of course, all this happened before the Covid-19 Virus made us All Stay At Home.

Well done Sally.
Sally and Julie singing at a recent concert

This is the pig who lost his Oink!

Good morning everyone, I have been for my walk. We counted some of our toys from the cupboard and discovered my sister has 17 balls to play with. Most have been given to her or she found them in the long grass. My favourite toy at the moment is “Pig.” He oinks when you chew him. We have 2 pigs but 1 pig lost his oink because Realtin ate his oinker!

18th May 2020

Great work Jack. You are a hero to do work at home and to stay at home. Beautiful Handwriting. I am delighted with you. Begley

This is how happy Jack was when he saw his dog Charlie on my blog.

Here’s the puzzle I promised. I hope you enjoy trying to figure it out. I’d love to know how you all get on with it.
All the best,Miss K.

The Wonderful Story of Lexie and Milly, by Anne-Maria.

Lexie and Milly, 2 good looking girls!

Hi Begley, my name is Lexie…I’m the pretty one on the left


 and this is my older sister Milly. We’ve heard sooo much about you and Realtin and All in St. Marys. We’ve been very busy “helping” our Mum Anne-Maria since the Covid lockdown.

Playing with Bubbles
We went for a long walk to St. Mary’s!
We saw St. Mary’s soccer pitch.
We saw a lady taking her horse Floss for a walk.

By the time we got back home I was exhausted…. so I had a nice snooze in the sun. Bye bye for now Begley and my Mum said to tell you she misses everyone at school. Woof Woof from Lexie and Milly.

The story of Lexie and Milly Read the story above and answer the questions that follow.

Answer the following questions on their story.

  1. Tell Begley 2 ways in which the dogs help their Mom.
  2. What are the names of the dogs and who owns them?
  3. What garden game were the 2 dogs playing?
  4. Where did they walk to?
  5. Write down all the things the dogs saw on their walk. Make sure they are in the correct order.
  6. What was the name of the horse?
  7. What does exhausted mean? Can you think of another word for it?
  8. Write down 3 different words for a snooze: s_ _ _ _, n _ _ , r _ _ _.
  9. How did you feel when you saw the pictures of the school?
  10. Now write down the story of your own outing or walk. Take pics on your next walk and send in a Walk Story to me, Begley. I will publish it.

It’s Monday Again!

Hi Begley,
Glad you had a good weekend. I love all the photos. Aine’s fairy lights are great. Jack’s dog Charley is cute. I don’t have much news but as I always say, no news is good news. It means I have no bad news!
I was talking to Nív, the singer of the Silly Voices song I sent for Music Thursday. She was excited to hear her song was on our website and now she wants to know what the pupils thought of it. So everyone, make sure to have another listen and tell Begley what you think.
I’ll be back in a while with another bit of a puzzle to keep the brains sharp!
All the best for now,Miss K.

Dear Miss. K. and Niv,

Thanks for the lovely letter. Did you know I ran away in the woods, after another dog, because I wanted a game of chase. My Mom and Dad were stumbling around in the brambles calling and trying to find me. Even Realtin was getting worried and woofing for me. I enjoyed the excitement of being missing and having everyone look for me but then I got hungry and I couldn’t find them. The grass was long. The bluebells were tall. The brambles were thick. I then heard my Mom whistling for me.I ran back and lay down for my lead to be put on by my Mom. I was a good boy and went home for supper. Have you ever got lost anywhere? Write in and tell me about it to



everyone how are you all today?


I am also starting my diet plan today because I am 17 stone and I need to lose a lot of weight


Anyways let me get in to my news


This morning I got up at 1/4 past 9 in the morning after a lovely sleep


I had some lovely Cornflakes with skimmed milk and banana for Breakfast


.…. Afterwards I got dressed and went out for a lovely long walk with my dad and my dog Honey


Now after I send in my news I am going to do my Homework


I will go for a shower and do my after shower routine to freshen up


After that I am going to have Lunch I will be having two slices of brown toast with 2 Boiled Eggs with a tiny bit of Sprinkled salt & A Cup of Tea with 1 sugar


. Then for the afternoon I will listen to music and watch Television… After that I will be going to relax in the front room with my dog Honey and play with her and have some nice Fruit & Water


. Then I will have Dinner with my family…. After that I will be doing stepper and exercise bike with my mom and we will be playing Tunes while doing it… Then I will relax for the night and watch YouTube and Netflix for the night and Listen to music and wind down in bed with a Cup of Tea🥰. Well that’s it for today everyone I hope you all enjoyed my news… Bye


St Mary’s family🥰



Dear Emma,

Always so wonderful to hear from you. You are a great blogger. I am glad you sound so busy and happy. I am sorry you have to go on diet. I think a lot of people have found the lock down difficult as far as weight control goes. I know we are walking more, but that just makes me hungrier. I am scared of going to the vet because my Dad always weighs me there to see if I have put on weight. That way he knows if I have been eating my sister’s food or climbing into my food bin to have nyummy snacks or stealing food from the kitchen counter and the drop down menu. Then I go on diet, which means smaller meals and less treats. That is hard, especially for a growing young man like myself. BEGLEY

Well I had a great weekend. It was sunny at times and I went for 2 good walks in the woods. I had to remember to keep 2 metres away from people on the paths, which was tricky at times because my lead got a bit tangled around trees, like a maze.

Congratulations, Aine, on your wonderful work in your garden. These fairy lights have turned your garden into a beautiful wonderland. How lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Good morning all of you. A special hello to Jack, who has joined the blog this week.

I am taking a nap on my Dad’s office chair in the study. It has wheels.

Hi Charlie, you look cool!

This is our dog Charley out in the backyard. Jack

Hello Jack,I am so excited to hear from you  Woof!! I have missed seeing you at school. I miss you patting me. I miss all my friends at school Jack. I hope you like this pic of me. I hope you are having a great Saturday. I am so tired from all my blogging I fell asleep in the chair.Begley.

Friday 15th May 2020

Helloooo everyone. Enjoy the sun!

Winston the whippet Rex the sighthound penny the daushound and our oldest pebbles is 15 and a half the bichon frise are all Cian’s family dogs.

Ms. Daly here. Competition Idea!

1. Draw a self Portait. (PICTURE OF YOURSELF)

2.Think of a nice quote to go with it like the one above.

3. Take a photo of it and send it in to

4. Do this by next Friday 22nd May 2020

Winner to get their poster framed and displayed in the School Foyer.

How is my poster Ms. Daly???

I have started a new craft. I carve bones with my teeth. I make quite interesting shapes. It calms me down and cleans my teeth. Send in pictures of your craft work to me on

Hi everyone,

I am woofing delighted with this little article from The Sun newspaper yesterday. I want to say the heroes and champions here are every single one of you, who have contributed to this blog. It is a team effort and we are all in this together. Without you sending in messages, there would be no St. Mary’s Blog. Well done all of you and if you want to join in it is never too late. Staff and pupils all feel free to blog in to:

Hi Begley been busy with new crafts today we are painting stones from the beach and my dad said I’ve more paint on me than the stones. Cian

Star work Cian

Hi Cian. your stone faces are really cool. The fella with the one eye must be Cyclops. He was a scary one-eyed giant in Greek and Roman stories.

I hope you all get some great ideas from looking at Cian’s pictures and start painting. I also am delighted to see your fur baby Cian, what is his name??

Here is the Youtube Video on MONSTRUM, all about the one eyed monster.

Wouldn’t like to meet him on a dark night!

A lovely selection of colours.

Fabulous faces you painted Cian and your one-eyed monsters are so good.

14th May 2020


Click on this link below to read the news article. Begley. Well done St. Mary’s Staff and pupils, you are all working hard to keep in touch. If you haven’t been in touch then please send a message to Begley on begley.woof@stmarysrochestown but check you have written the email address correctly.


Coronavirus in Ireland – Dog starts blog to keep in touch with children with special needs.

Remember you can find our St. Mary’s Blog at

Talking about the Corona Virus, I am so glad dogs don’t seem to get it, although I believe cats can. I tried on my Mom’s mask when she wasn’t looking and decided I can’t smell or eat with it on, but I can chew it!

I tried on Mom’s mask

Read the Coronavirus book by clicking the link above.


Hi Begley,It’s Thursday, so its nearly time to take your chairs and get together for a song or two! Here’s a new song that’s being played a lot on the radio. The singer is Nív and she’s my brother’s friend’s daughter. I hope you like it.What are you all listening to these days? Write and tell us! Take care,Miss K.

Dear Miss. K.

Thankyou for remembering Music Thursday. Yesterday I got carried away and put up my latest favourite song WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? I like the woofs and the beat. I think I love the lyrics because my Mom and Dad always shout WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? when we run out the front door whenever we have a visitor. BEGLEY

Hello Begley and Mrs J. These are some photos of my garden and the plants that I have grown from seed. I sowed the seeds at the start of the lockdown. Ms Daly will be delighted with me. Begley you wanted photos of birds when we out walking but unfortunately Ruby isn’t as well behaved as you and chases the birds. The photo i sent to you are starlings feeding on worms in my garden. Happy birthday to Honey. Begley you are becoming a superstar. Take care everyone. Jane.

Starlings eating worms.

Lads, calling all students and especially 4th Years. Hello there I am going on my nature walk with you. Miss. Kavanagh. Here is a first taster of our walk!

Hi Begley. I hope you liked my Geography Quiz.  Well, today I have a little bit of History for you to do. It’s fun! Say Hi to everyone for me. Miss. Kavanagh.

Great song Miss. Kavanagh. Much more gentle on the ears than my song ansd she has a lovely voice. Can I hear a banjo playing there????? The lyrics are great too.Begley

History at home.

Hi everybody. Yesterday we had a tiny Geography quiz for everyone. I’m sure you all knew the answers. Try it out on your family and see if they know the places. They might even know other interesting things about those places.

Today we’re going to have a little look at History. A very good site for learning about Cork City in the past is  Cork City Past and Present, where Kieran Burke writes about different times in Cork City. You can dip into any place in time from before the Vikings all the way to today.

I think the part about Cork about 120 years ago is amazing. There were seven train stations around the City.  There were trams going up Patrick Street and there were boat taxis coming all the way in from the sea as far as Merchant’s Quay! The fine buildings near Patrick’s Bridge were built already by then. If we could go back in a time machine to that time, the place wouldn’t look that much different.

If you could go back 120 years, can you think how different things would be in your own house? Talk about it with your family. Just imagine waking up and finding out you’ve gone back 120 years! How many things would be missing from your house? What are the things you would really miss? I think the thing I would miss most would be deodorant!

It’s an interesting thing to do, to write down all the things you can think of that would not be there 120 years ago. Count your list when you’re finished. I knew a lady who was alive more than 120 years ago. She was born in 1898. She died in 1996. She had a great life. How old was she when she died?

Make sure to have a look at that Cork City Past and Present website. It’s really good! It has real photos of Cork from as far back as 1850.

And don’t forget – ask your parents or grandparents or older friends what life was like when they were young. History is just everyone’s story. His story! Historians are people who ask questions and find out about the past. It’s good to remember. See you here soon.

David got a lovely surprise  gift from his uncle in Perth Australia for his 18th birthday. David in the photo thinking which one will I have first 😂


David’s choccies were sent from Perth

What a lucky young man you are. My mouth feels very watery at the thought. I would just eat them all David, If I had the chance I would eat my way to the bottom of the food bin then sleep in it. I have knocked the bin over before. I have climbed into the bin and tries to horse the food down. Each time I was caught though.BEGLEY

Hi👋🏻 everyone…. Hi👋🏻 Begley… Today I be going out for a long walk again with my dog Honey🐶 … Afterwards I will come back and do my School work😒…. Then I will have lunch with my dad👌🏽….. Next I will have a shower🚿…. Then after that I will play some games on my phone and watch television😽 …. After that I will relax and play with my dog Honey’s toys 🧸 with her🥰…. When my dad comes home I will have dinner with my family😋. In the evening I will be having games of Snakes and Ladders with my dad👍🏼. For the rest of the night I will relax and watch YouTube and play some more games on my phone🤞. THEN I will have some delicious chocolate chip Banana Bread with a Cup of Tea😋. After that I will watch Netflix and listen to music before I go to bed❤️. Then I will be going to bed for the night🥰🥰 Bye👋🏻 everyone talk soon💙💋💋EMMA

Hi Emma and everyone,

Today I will get up early and get let out to bark at the shadows in the garden because they might be cats. Then I will come in and wait for Mom to bring my breakfast down the stairs. My food is kept in the spare room upstairs otherwise I sit next to the bag all day guarding it. I can’t help it. I was starved on a puppy farm as a puppy. When I see food I eat it. Sometimes my Mom drops the full dishes as she comes downstairs as she is half asleep. When this happens she yells. I run and start eating my way up the stairs before my sister can get there. It is a lovely way of serving breakfast. You must try it. Then I go for a walk and check for cats under cars. Sometimes I tie up my Dad with the lead for fun. He shouts a lot when that happens. Then I lie on the comfy recliner in the lounge and blog to you guys. Then it is drop down menu time for lunch. Next, I have an afternoon nap, followed by walk and dinner then cuddles in the recliner while we watch TV. BEGLEY

Hi Craig,

I always get a woof out of hearing from you. Thanks for sending in your favourite song for our music lessons. Lean On Me is one of my favourites. Enjoy listening everyone!

Craig’s chilling out song




all Hi


Begley.. I hope everyone is enjoying the good weather


️.Monday evening after a long day in lockdown we were relaxing at home in bed. And a lovely surprise came to the door


It was my baby Nephew Finn and my brother Neil


We got to see Finn my mom, my dad, my brother myself and I for 20 minutes


 and we got to see his beautiful light sea blue eyes and brown hair and small little feet and lovely face in his baby carrier


. Me and my family said Hello little boy and he stared at me in my eyes and was looking at me his Auntie and my mom


It was no nice to see him in my living room instead of through a window it was so special…. But we were not allowed to hug or kiss him or anything… Then we said goodbye to him and see you soon


Yesterday I did some School work and went for a walk in the fields with my honey and I also had a Shower. Then I had a self care day for the rest of the day. Today I got up early at half nine and I had lovely bowl of Porridge with Raisins and Cinnamon for Breakfast…. Then I got dressed and went for a huge walk with my mum today.. I wore my Fitbit watched and I walked 8827 Steps….


After that I relaxed for awhile…. Then after that I had some lovey cream of chicken soup with some brown bread.. Then I did my School work.. After that me and my mom did some fun Baking together. We made Banana bread with Chocolate Chips.. Then I did a lovely egg hair mask in my hair and then I had a lovely
Shower….. Later on I’m going to have a lovely burger and Chips for Dinner with my family


… After that I’m going to have games of Snakes & Ladders with my dad for an hour


… Later on tonight I’m going to watch the movie Charming with my mum. After that I will relax in bed and watch Netflix and YouTube in bed… Then I will have 2 Slices of our Delicious Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with a Cup of Tea and wind down…. Afterwards I will listen to music before I go to sleep


…. Then I will be in bed for the night


I will talk to you all again soon Bye




Dear Emma,

I love hearing about the food you eat. That cake sounded delicious, but I am not allowed chocolate. I think it is poisonous for dogs. It sure smells delicious. I don’t know what raisins and cinnamon is like but again, dogs are not allowed grapes or raisins. I think it is tough being a dog. You sit and watch humans eat 3 meals a day, snacks and TV snacks and treats and then they open the fridge and rummage around and munch on leftovers. My dad loves eating leftover chicken drumsticks or pieces of ham. I sit and watch. And watch…… I get 2 meals a day. They are always the same dry puppy nuts. I am being ungrrrrrateful I guess but it takes the woof out of life when you always eat the same things. That is why I sneak snacks from plates and wait for the dropdown menu.. My mom is very clumsy. She often drops things off plates and I wait with my mouth open. One day she dropped 3 sausages on the floor. I swallowed them without chewing. It was great!

I am so happy you have seen your nephew up close. One day you will get a chance to give him a lovely hug Emma. I am looking forward to that day. Begley

13th May 2020

Dear Omon,

Thankyou for your lovely messages of hope and goodwill. You are a wonderful Ambassador of peace and hope and a hard worker. I hope you are keeping well and I really look forward to seeing you at school again. It will be like old times. I would also like to be a D.J. I like the disco balls and I like the lights. One of my favourite songs is Who let the Dogs Out! Begley

Begley’s Favourite song

Who let the dogs out
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
Who let the dogs out
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
Who let the dogs out
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
Who let the dogs out

Omon maybe you can be my D.J. at my 4th Birthday Party. Scruffy in the video of this song is one of my best friends. He’s a star!!!

A message of hope to all my St. Mary’s Friends.

Changes in my Life by Omon

My favourite hobby and sports by Omon.

Thanks Ms. Daly for writing in and sending this lovely video about the seashore.

Video Number 1 Scoil na mara

This video is about a West Cork School investigating the life on a seashore.

Can you name this?

I tried to bite the computer today because the wifi was so bad.

Hi Begley,

I have been meaning to get in touch but have had to work very hard lately.

I am answering lots of phone calls and going to Zoom meetings and writing millions of emails! I think I need a special visit from you to de-stress!

After school work is done, I have been very busy planting lots of vegetables and repotting plants around the garden. We have planted runner beans, broad beans, peas, tomatoes, kale and broccoli. I have also planted some spuds but they are very slow at growing! I have been eating my salad leaves in my sandwiches.

Begley, you are not the only dog working. Max has been working very hard, helping me with the garden. In fact I think I might have broken him!

One day I hope you will get to meet Max. He is really looking forward to it. You can both run around the field at St Mary’s together. Realtin can come too.

Anyway, I am missing you and all the students very much. My work is not so much fun without our little chats and cups of tea and belly rubs. And I am missing all the cakes I used to get from Home Economics Class!

Enjoy the sunshine. I’ll be in touch again soon. From Ms. Hollywell.

Dear Ms. Hollywell,

I was shocked to see how hard you have been working Max. He should get on to his union you know and make a few complaints!

You are very much ahead of everyone on growing your food from home Max. I didn’t know you were a vegetarian dog. Lettuce leaves can’t be terribly filling. No wonder you are so tired out Max. A good bone to chew and some dog pellets is what you need.

Ms. Hollywell I would love to meet Max and if things carry on the way they are going, maybe I will be up at the school to play chase and share a few meaty treats with Max.

Hi Begley,

Here is a little Cork Geography quiz for you. I’m sure it will be very easy for everybody. Love from Ms. Kavanagh.

A little Cork geography quiz for you:

1. What P is a curved street in Cork City where you can find Penney’s and Lifestyle Sports?

2. What O is the street you’re on if you go all the way through Penney’s to the other door?

3. What F is in the middle of the street on the Grand Parade?

4. What E has lots of entrances and the Queen of England was there?

5. What L runs under Patrick’s Bridge?

6. What B is the Bridge near the Bus Station?

7. What S has four faces?

8. What P is the sign the ships see coming in to Cork City?

9. What M is the hospital near the river?

10. What C is the tall building on the Straight Road?

11. What C is the proper name for the Straight Road?

12. What L is the green area beside the river on the Straight Road?

13. What S is the direction you’re looking if you can see Togher from Gurranabraher?

14. What A has very bright lights on the hill over Togher?

15. What H is near Cobh and the navy are there?

16. What F is on the road to Cobh and has giraffes?

17. What M is on the road to Waterford and you can go there by train?18. What T is a holiday destination near Whitegate?

19. What M once had a big sugar factory?

20. What S is the best school in Ireland?

12th April 2020

How are you all today? I am busy at home but cannot believe I will not be back to school this school year. Isn’t it weird?

Please look at this book. It is on the Junior A site. You can download it there. It is great at explaining all about the Coronavirus. I will post a couple of pages up each day and you can read about it. Ms. Woodworth kindly sent it to me to put up. Can you write in and explain to me what coronavirus means?

Good morning, how are you doing? I’m doing well, today I plan to go to the park riding my scooter!
Begley, I am so happy for you that you got mails from the students of the school.
Actually, it’s a good idea to plant in this weather!
Thank you to Ms. O’Leary for sending in a video how to make an healthy ice-cream! 
Hi Emma, I wish your dog a very belated happy dog birthday! 
Sophie, how was in the fire station?Was there anything interesting?Now you know what to do when is a fire alarm on or there’s fire, well done you! 
These are lovely cherry blossoms! They are all pink! 
Thank you for the wishes! 
Nugget is a funny name, just add chicken in front of it! 
David, now you’ve reached the adult age! I see your friend is with you! 
Kind regards,Patty!

Dear Patty, Many thanks for your lovely news. I love the way you comment on the news that students blog and really care about others. You are a kind person. Great weather to visit the park on your scooter Patty. I went for my early morning walk. There were many people and dogs out and about very early. I am now typing away and checking outside in case the postman arrives . I like to get to the front door before him so I can give him a greeting. WOOF!

Hi begley im so happy your enjoying your walks we are doing loads of walks to I finished my fence today on my own. Cian

Great Paint work by Cian
Cian hard at work!

Dear Cian,

Thank you for the updates on your gardening work. You are going to end up with the best garden in Cork. I love hearing from you. I love hearing from everyone and hope that more of you will write in and send in pictures and news and messages to everyone. I so miss all the friendly rubs and voices of students. Cian did you know I get so excited when I hear the voices of children who are out for walks and I think they are my St. Mary’s friends. When I realise they are not, I get so sad.


11th May 2020

Thanks for all the mail I got today guys. My heart is FULL. Begley

Ms. Daly sent in an interesting email about how you can all register with Grow It Forward and plant and grow your own food during Covid-19. Click the link below and sign up.

Ms. O’Leary has kindly sent us some ideas for making delicious cold things during the hot weather. I and my sister like to lick cold ice cubes when we get too hot, and it amazes me how they seem to disappear. Where do they go????

I thought this video was good fun and this ice cream seems healthier than the ice creams  in the shops that have lots of sugar . Ms. O’Leary





How are you boy?


 I hope you are still going out for walks, how is Ms Johnston Begley?..


 Let her know I miss her loads


…. Hi


all🥰. Today I will be going out for a walk later with WOOF WOOF


There are always gorgeous birds in the place that we walk my dog🦉. Also it is my dog Honey’s birthday today. She is 2.


After that I will have lunch with my dad….. Afterwards I will be having a shower to freshen up


Then in the evening I must ring my to see how he is doing and if he needs anything


This morning I did some school work.


Later I will spend some time with my mum because she has been at work all day and then I will have dinner with family.


For the night I will probably settle down with Netflix and watch YouTube and settle down with a Cup of Tea and some Rich tea biscuits and read a book and listen to music before I go to bed.


Then I will go to sleep.




️Love you all.



Hi Emma,

Happy Birthday to Honey. She is 14 in dogs years then and I think I am now 28. I hope she feels like teenager now. I am an adult do and making my way in life. I do like to behave like a puppy though.

Mrs. J. is fine. I think she sleeps in later most days now and she seems to miss school and all her friends there. She misses you too Emma. She wishes life could go back to normal. I wish Icould go back to school but I am having fun chasing birds and bees and barking at the postman. He keeps throwing things through my door and gives me a fright when I am Zizzing in the sun.

Hi Sophie from4th Year

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to send in this exciting story about Cork Fire Station. Well done. You are the first student to send in a story to my blog. You win Writer of the Week Award!!!!! I loved the happy ending and you were the heroine of the story. I would like to think that I was by your side helping to sniff out any dangers there. Begley

Cork Fire Station by Sophie in 4th Year

I set my alarm to wake up early that morning,

I was so nervous and excited because it was

my very first day at my new job.

I am a Fire Fighter.

I put my uniform on and ate some breakfast,

I got into my car and drove to the fire station because

it isn’t far away from home.

I walked in through the doors and I met the Chief introduced myself and he said welcome on board Sophie!

we had lots of things to do like checking equipment.

Then the bell rang, and everybody rushed to their trucks.

We were heading to a serious house fire that’s started when somebody left the gas cooker on.

We could see the smoke as we approached the house. People were standing around and then someone said that a child is upstairs.

We parked our trucks and put the ladder against the wall and our chief said to us only one can go up the ladder to break the window so our fighter in charge went up.

When he broke the window, the flames were so strong he was thrown off the ladder to the ground, I saw what had happened and I knew I had to help.

I went as fast I could up the ladder and climbed in to the window and got the little girl out .

By now my team had the fire under control .

Everyone gave me a huge clap and the child’s family ran over to me to give me a hug .

 The End

Sophie, here are some fire tips which were posted on the 6th of May, about fires and BBQ’s.

Craig sent in this lovely picture of Cherry Blossoms

Hi all, how are you doing? Begley, I hope you had a good weekend?

On Friday, it was my grandad’s birthday, he is 79 years old, we called him in the morning through my granny’s phone and we sang to him “happy birthday grandad! 
On Saturday morning, I went to the mechanic’s with my mom near by and he changed the battery! 
This morning, I woke up, got myself sorted and we went to the shop, Centra and park! We called my granny there!
Oh and I forgot to tell you! A very well done to our water ambassadors, Aine, Omon and myself, we are famous on Green Schools page on Facebook! 
That is my news so far!
Stay safe, be kind and don’t get too close to people!
Kind regards, lots of love and God bless all of you! 

Dear Patty,

Thankyou for your news update. I love hearing from people. Patty, we wish your dear Grandad a very happy birthday. He has reached a great age and we wish him many more birthdays.

Yes, I had a great weekend, thanks. I had a couple of great walks and on one of them I found a huge muddy puddle and rolled around in it to cool off. For some reason no one was very happy with me afterwards and I had to have a shower when I got home.

Yes, special congratulations to all the Green Flaggers and Ambassadors. A big WOOF for you! BEGLEY


Can you spot my sister’s cat, Nugget, hiding in the garden?

Hi begley I’ve been very busy with my dad planning and planting loads and loads of new stuff and we made my own garden with new picket fence I’ll send more photos on their own. Cian

So cute! Cian I love your sign. I sent a picture of my wooden face you made to my brother and sister.  They were so impressed and reckon it really looks like me.Lovely to have your own potting area. My dad has given my sister Realtin an area to dig. I must ask for an area to sleep in the sun. Begley

Cian, I was gardening yesterday. The fence is to keep my sister, Realtin out.
My comfy place in the garden.

And my dad made me a potting area.

David, a Happy Birthday. You turned 18 yesterday and must be feeling very adult now. Great you had a celebration too.

David, best wishes from all of the staff and pupils at St. Mary’s. We are all so proud of you.

Me and omon at my 18 birthday.

A happy, sunny morning to you all. Thankyou Ms. Daly for sending in this lovely picture from The Farmer’s Journal. I have never fed a lamb before. Now if Ms. Hollywell got in a few sheep to graze on our soccer fields we could feed their lambs at school. Wouldn’t that be magic.

8th May 2020

Resting my paws from typing.

Well TGIF. I know I am getting confused with what day and what month it is, but I do know a Friday. After all, Friday is my day for going to school. I also used to visit a care home on a Saturday afternoon, as an Irish Therapy dog. All that has ended now. All I do now is go for walks, bark at crows, play chase, chew bones, type the blog, answer emails, take phone calls and I have even joined a thing called ZOOM, where you sit and look at a screen full of faces .

Who is this beautiful pooch? She is Jane’s Ruby!

Hi all in St Mary’s. I have been looking at the blog. Ye are all doing some fabulous work. I want to say a special hello to all in 3rd year. I’m missing you all it’s been too long since I last saw ye. A special congratulations to Emma becoming an Aunty to baby Finn. He is a lucky baby Emma. Love your photo of Honey hope she is behaving herself. I’m keeping busy by doing lots of gardening and walking. We will all have so much to catch up on when we get back to school. Stay safe all of you. Jane.

Dear Jane,

Great to hear from you and your great looking girl, Ruby. Glad you are well and coping with these strange times. When you go walking please look out for a few birds to send in as pics for us to identify. Send in a gardening pic of a flower or if you bake we would love to see the food! WOOF!


Today is a very special day for St. Mary’s. Not only have we won our Green Flag, thanks to everyone;s hard work, but we are on the Green Schools’ Site. Videos of Aine, our President, Omon and Patty our Ambassador are up for all to see, Take a look here when you click on the link.

Students from St Mary's Special School in Rochestown, Cork, have been outstanding participants in the Green-Schools Water Ambassador programme over the past two years. Take a look at their video to hear about their experience! #GreenSchoolsStayHome Irish Water Uisce Éireann

Posted by Green-Schools on Friday, May 8, 2020

Thankyou to all of our Ambassadors, Green Committee, Peter, Patricia and all staff and Ms. Hollywell for being so involved. Job done. You can be proud.

Bird Watching

Begley has taken up bird watching. Can you name the special viewing equipment he is using?

Here are the birds’ names. Can you match them with the correct bird?

Robin Starling Blue tit

Can you name these 3 birds he spotted in the back garden today?

Did any of you manage to name the wild flowers Mrs. Hayes saw on her walk? Go back and look at them.

7th May 2020

Maths Question

How many days from the 13th of March to the 7th of May ?



🏻 everyone


️. I really miss my friend Kerrylee


️. Today I got up very late today… I had a lovely lie in


. After that I got up and I had some Special K Red Berry Cereal for my breakfas


which was yummy


. Then I watched YouTube for about 3 hours which was a lot of fun🥰. I was watching gymnastics🤸🏻‍♀️🇨🇳 while my dad was waiting to see whether the weather would clear up so we can go for a nice lovely walk with WOOF WOOF


. And it did and we went out for a lovely long walk in Nash’s Borean Fields





. And my dad is making an Apple tart again today… So I will get to enjoy that with some Custard and a Latte before I go to bed🥰. Also before that I had my lunch


. I cooked myself Scrambled Eggs on Toast & Tea. I must send in a picture of me cooking for the blog someday… In a minute I’m going to have a lovely lukewarm Shower


 to freshen up. Then I will get dressed into my pyjamas and put on my Perfume and things. Then me and Family will be having Chicken Baguettes for Dinner YUM!… Afterwards me and my mum are going to have games of Snakes & Ladders for and hour🥰. Then I will watch some more Youtube


 and then after that I will have my Apple Tart with custard and a Latte. Afterwards I will read a book and watch some more YouTube and I will also watch Netflix. Then I will be going to sleep for the night


. Also me and my dad will be calling down to see my baby Nephew Finn tomorrow which will be nice



. Well that’s it for today everyone I hope you all have an amazing day and we will talk again tomorrow…


. Bye


🏻 everyone



Hi Emma,

Lucky I was late today too. You just made it to the mail box. Yummy letters from you. I tried to pinch my Mom’as soup today but was caught again. Never mind. Enjoy the sun for the rest of the day. Begley.


Looking out at the rain!

The students of St. Mary’s, especially those who write in to our blog all belong to a fabulous Hall of Fame!

A week ago I asked you to share some of your favourite tunes. Well guess what, David did and I am listening to this as I chew my bone and type. Enjoy it.

That’s my favorite song from the script and i will be having a corona virus 18 th birthday. From David. My birthday is on the 10th of May.

My Mam got a new lawnmower a while ago so if the grass is dry tomorrow I will cut the lawn. From Dylan.

Good morning everyone. I know you are fed up with the weather and you are also missing your friends. On days like this I love to make warm soup and flapjacks, so scroll down and look at my recipe for flapjacks. Send in pics of your baking to and Sophie your soup looked so delicious please send me the recipe. When my Mom isn’t looking I will try and get into the kitchen and clean up the floor. I’m extra hungry today.

Floor cleaning is a special skill. You start in the crumbiest corner and work your way across the room. Pay special attention to areas under chairs because the drop down menu is so good there. Stand under the feet of anyone serving food and wait with head up, eyes up, ready to catch anything that falls. Try and trip the person so they spill. Stand under the fridge door in the hopes that something will fall out of the fridge into your mouth.

Don’t forget to share your news to email box is very empty.

6th March 2020

Mrs. Hayes loves her walks, especially when the weather is good. Try to go out each day and name 2 different flowers or birds or trees.

Can you name these flowers?

Wild Flowers

Hi there everyone,

Last week I saw these flowers when I was on my walk near St. Mary’s. Can any of you name them ?

From Mrs. Hayes.

Did you know that the theme of the week this week is BAKING. Sophie will be very pleased as she is already our Celebrity Chef. I posted up a recipe for Flapjacks on the 5th and 6th Year page . My Mom made them and I really enjoyed the crunchy sweet taste of them. You try out the recipe. Click on the link below, go to baking and try out their recipes.

There are lovely ideas to do at home on the above site.

Good morning all of you. I have had 2 lovely emails today from Emma and Miss. Kavanagh. I hope all of you are well.

I have a couple of questions below to start off your day. Find out what new pictures Miss Kavanagh put up for her class today, too. Have fun investigating. Begley.

How many Hearts does an earthworm have?

Visit the 4th Year Page and find out!

Who is this?

To answer the above question and find out who painted the above picture, go to the 4th Year Page. Take a look at a FUN FACT POEM called FUN FACTS THAT WOULD IMPRESS YOUR GRANNY. There you will also find out how long it took to paint this lady’s lips!

Omon and Zara both sent in such lovely colouring so try out this page, take a photo and send it in.

Download and print this page below or design your own STAY HOME STAY SAFE PAGE. Take a photo and send it in.



everyone. How are you all doing?


I have loads of news for the blog today🥰.. Hi




... I hope you are getting lots of walks in still and getting loads of treats and love from Miss and getting lots of beauty sleep and enjoy eating yummy crumbs off the floor boy…


 I will have your bone for you in September and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Make sure you are all still washing your hands and keeping two metres apart from other people when you go outside


What are you getting up to during the lockdown guys?


 I hope you are being good for your parents and being good boys and girls and only going outside when they ask you too and doing your School work


Well I have been busy walking my dog and doing my school work during the lockdown & I have also been having self care days.


Yesterday I had a relax day and I went to see my baby Nephew Finn through the window of my brothers house it was nice seeing him but I wish I could hold him🥰. Today I went out for a 10 minute walk to get out for some fresh air and to get a walk in cause we didn’t go the day before.


Later I’m going to have a nice shower


 to refreshen up and get on some clothes


. For the rest of the day I will do an hour of School work and make Tik Toks… Then I will relax in bed and play with my dog Honey.


She’s so sweet like Honey.


.After that I will have dinner with my family…. Then I will play games of Snakes & Ladders with my mom🥰


️… After that I will watch YouTube. Then I will get changed into my pyjamas slippers and morning gown… Then I will listen to music and watch Neflix in bed and read a book before I go to sleep.


Then I will go to sleep for the night… I love you all and we will all talk again tomorrow.






Dear Emma, thankyou for your lovely news today. I especially put up a worksheet on honeybees on the 5th and 6th Year Pages if you want to take a look and try it and watch the video. WOOF WOOF! That’s because your dog Honey is such a honey and it is nice to know where honey comes from too!

Did you all know that Miss Kavanagh has put up a lovely worksheet about the month of May on her 4th Year Page. Scroll back and also see the April worksheet. Try out the questions yourselves. They are very interesting worksheets.

I tried out her word challenge using the word LOCKDOWN

…..Here are my words. See if you can do better than me:

do down don lock own on low ow dock no won loo woo now cow dow lo coo

5th May 2020

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well and keeping safe. It is wonderful that we can now exercise up to 5km away from home now. Please remember to keep 2 metres away from everyone on your walks.

School was meant to open today, but as you know it is staying closed. That is sad. I miss you all. We have been closed since the 13th March.

I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday Weekend in the lovely weather. We walked, barbecued, gardened, built puzzles and chilled on the patio. I got into trouble for climbing up on a chair and pulling a bowl of chicken on the floor. I was just helping myself at the table when no one was looking. I cant help the fact that I would like to sit at the dinner table too. Well I was put outside for my troubles. Begley

Begley Hi


all…. I hope you are all still keeping safe during this difficult time


I hope you all had a lovely long weekend🥰. I have some news for the blog today


but not loads.. I hope that’s ok with you all?


Me and family watched Leo Varadkhar’s new announcement last Friday…. Also on Friday night my brother Neil called up with my baby Nephew Finn so we can see him through the window of my brothers car. It was so nice to see him even through a car because I thought while in quarantine. It made me sad…


.But I loved seeing him he had beautiful long long eyelashes like his Auntie and dad and beautiful little brown hair and peachy baby skin. It looked so soft. And he had a gorgeous button up pyjamas on him with a teddy bear on it.


On Saturday I went for a lovely walk and I had a relax day and a movie day after that


…. Sunday I had a self care day and I had a pamper…


Yesterday I went out for a lovely long walk with my brother Cian and my dog Honey.


When I came back I had a lovely shower.


 and I got myself dressed…After that I then did some School work… Afterwards I had a snack…. Then I had a run around with Honey in my back garden and played with her toys with her and I gave her lots of kisses and belly rubs….


 After that I had Lunch and I cook myself by the way. I made myself Scrambled Eggs with seasoning Salt & a little bit of Pepper with brown toast and tea. It was yum. Then I finished my School work. After that I listened to music and watched television & YouTube. Then afterwards I read a book… Then it was time for dinner my mom had cooked us Bacon & Tomato Cheese Pasta Bake… It was so delicious….. Afterwards I got on my pyjamas and slippers and my morning gown and brushed my teeth and got into bed🥰…. Then I watched an Olympic Finals on Balance beam. Afterwards I watched some of my series episodes and a movie…. After that I went downstairs to the kitchen. My dad had made his Famous Apple Tart the day before. My family had left another one nice slice there for me. I served it with Custard and a Cup of Tea. It was scrumptious.


Afterwards I played some games on my phone and made some tik toks before I went to bed.


️.Well that’s it for today everyone I love you all to the moon and back.


Lots of Love Emma Third Year



Dear Emma, I really love your wonderful juicy blogs. They have loads of news. The best parts are when you tell me about Honey and your little nephew. I am so sad you can’t hold him and see him up close. It must be so hard for you all. But the day will come when you can. We have to just be patient and it will all come right. I also like the descriptions of your Dad’s apple pie as it makes my mouth water. It is a horrible wet day today and rather grey outside so we are doing indoor things like sleeping, eating, puzzles, reading, cleaning. I am cleaning crumbs up off the floor.



Hi Begley,

Hope you are having a great time at home with your family. I know you miss school as you were always last to leave on your work days and had to roll on the mat before you left.

I’m so proud of all the wonderful things people have been doing at home. It is not easy being at home for so long but the pictures of all the things people have been doing is great to see and give me ideas too.

There’s nothing wrong with being a copy cat is there?

Cian has been doing wonderful work the pictures are great. We might have to try and make some at school!

The green ambassadors have done us proud as usual. All the people posting stuff to you really help others stuck at home. They are real heroes.

Zara asked me to send you in some art.

If anyone would like to try and colour it at home here is the link:

Zara’s beautiful Art Work

She said to say hi to all her friends.

I tried to get a picture of a mother fox with her cubs for you but they wouldn’t stand still and ran away when I shouted cheese!! Oh well.

Keep up the woofderful work.

Here are some brain teasers:

How many days in May?

What month is May the fourth fifth or sixth?

Are the answers odd or even?

Mr Nolan.

Dear Mr. Nolan,

How is Toby doing? I was delighted to hear from you, but I hope you are giving Toby a chance to use the computer. His typing was coming on.

I am even more thrilled to hear from Zara and see her beautiful art work.

Yes, the pupils who are staying home, sharing their ideas and keeping in touch with staff and friends are definitely our Frontline Heroes. Well done all of you!


I really enjoyed making the soup. From Sophie.

Dear Sophie,

I love hearing from you and that soup looks really delicious. Hoping to see you on telly soon giving us cooking lessons. Ms. O’Leary will be very proud of you. Well done! If you need an assistant to taste your food, I’m your man. Begley.

Hi Cian,

How you getting on. I am curled up in my basket waiting for breakfast.Woof! Begley

Hi begley hope you enjoy your breakfast I’m having mine too I’ll be very busy tomorrow I am making a surprise for you. Cian

Sounds yummy! I’m really  barking excited now. Begley

Guess who I’m making ? Cian

Oooh. Is it me??? That could be a paw or an ear or a nose??? Is it??? Is it a Begley???? Begley

Hi Begley your right it’s you! Cian

Begley by Cian

Awe Cian that is fabulous. What a brilliant Begley you made. Love it. I am the happiest dog ever. Looks just me. I would love to receive that when school opens. Thankyou😊 will post up in the blog Tuesday morning as a lovely surprise for everyone. Begley

Dear Cian,

I am over the moon with your wonderful wooden picture and model of me. I am so delighted with it. You are a clever young man. Thankyou. Begley.

1st May 2020

Me, during my blow dry.

Look at the lovely surprise Miss. Kavanagh sent us!

April 30th was Poetry Day in Ireland. Here’s a little poem you can help me with. The last word of each verse is missing. See if you can find the right ones to fit. You’ll find them all at the end of the poem.

Miss. Kavanagh has penned a lovely poem

Miss Kavanagh, I must be the only Blog Dog to have a poem that rhymes so well, written about him. I feel very proud. You sent it while I was fast asleep last night. I actually dreamt of being on a big white fluffy cloud and floating over the school. THE CLOUD LANDED AT THE FRONT DOOR OF THE SCHOOL!

The school was busy and full of children. Peter greeted me. He rolled out a long red carpet for me to walk down. Ms. Hollywell stood at the end of the carpet. She had a big bone for me. I was drooling. Saliva dripped down. As I proudly ran down the carpet to get my bone everyone cheered. They stood on each side of the red carpet. Miss. Kavanagh was reading out my poem. Mrs. Hayes pinned a bag of treats to my collar.

Buster, Rexy, Toby, Olly, Nugget, Ginger and Max were there too.

Then I woke up to find that Realtin had pulled all the stuffing out of her duvet and I was surrounded by a white cloud of it.

Miss. Kavanagh took up the challenge of sharing some music that is relaxing and helps with stress. Her song is called quite simply: JOY

Hi Begley,Thanks for reminding us that it’s Thursday, (Yesterday)so it’s Music Day! It’s handy that we don’t need to bring our chairs! 😉
Here’s a song I’ve been enjoying lately. It’s called ‘Joy‘ and it’s by the brilliant bass player, Scott Mulvahill. I usually do a dance around the kitchen when it’s on. Hope you enjoy it too.

All the best,
Miss Kavanagh

Please send in a link to your favourite happy song so we can share it.

Hi Miss. K.,

I loved that song and the video. I enjoyed dancing to it when my food was brought downstairs today. I always dance on my back legs like a circus dog at food time.

Walk in the Country

Hi Begley,
Love the photo of you wearing your shades! Does Realtin wear them too?
We are lucky the weather has been so nice this week. I go for a walk every day to help me keep fit and to get some Vitamin D. That’s the vitamin we get from the sun which helps to
keep us healthy. Vitamin D also helps us to fight infections.
While I am walking I try and listen to all the different sounds around me like the birds singing or people cutting their grass.
Can you make a list of the things you hear while you are out walking.

I also try and see how many different flowers I can spot while I am walking.(within 2 km!) From Mrs. Hayes.

Can you name any of these wild flowers which I saw yesterday while walking near St. Mary’s?

Name the flowers above

Hi Mrs. Hayes,

Love hearing from you on my blog. You make me think of your lovely class of kind 6th years, nice treats, pats and cuddles. I miss you all.

Realtin in her shades

Yes, Realtin loves shades too. She was silly though and wore them when it was raining.

She also wears Daisy Chains

Today, on my walk I heard:



people talking

A baby crying in his pram

A dog barking

Realtin growled at a noisy tractor

My News

Hello all of you on this the 1st of May.

It is Friday today.

The weather is sunny, rainy and keeps changing.

It is the start of summer.

Summer is in May, June and July.

I went for a long walk today and saw a cat.

I also saw bluebells.

I got a lovely email from Caoimhe.

Here is Caoimhe’s email.

Hi everyone, I hope ye are all keeping well! Looks like ye are all keeping busy, keep up the great work! It’s strange being out of school this long and I am missing all your faces very much.. I am really impressed with Dylan’s painting, it looks so professional and well done, way better job than we did in the sensory room for sure!! I am painting my room too at the moment! But the dog keeps trying to swipe the paintbrushes from me! Anyway I hope everyone stays safe and stays at home. Caoimhe Xx

Dear Caoimhe,

Thanks for your newsy email. Rua just wants to help you paint I am sure. I also must say it is lovely chewing up paint brushes. The handles are crunchy. The hairs are great to pull out and they smell funny. What colour is your room? Please send us pics of your painting as we want to see how good it is. Telly Rua I am sending a virtual tail wag. Begley

Colour Miss. K’s Bluebells and Primroses
Try to write out your personal details from the above form or download and print it then fill it in.

30th April 2020

Hi everyone,

I see we still have to keep 2 metres from one another because this virus is still here. I miss you all so much. Send in pics of yourselves. Here are some selfies of Realtin and myself, just in case you have forgotten what we look like. Yes, Patty we are good and share our huge 5 litre water bowl. It is like a bucket for a horse.

Here I am with my sister, Realtin
Portrait of me before my haircut

There is new J.C. Maths and English work up on our site, as well as Home Ec. and Woodwork. There is also new work up for all the other classes so take a look. My work is chasing crows and typing the blog. Sometimes my paws get tired. Today I got tired so I listened to music on my bluetooth headphones.

I listen to music when I am stressed. This is what I was listening to today on youtube.

It has cool videos too. You feel you are flying like a bird or a drone.Please send some links to show us what music you like listening to when your are feeling sad or cross or upset and stressed. We can all have a listen on the blog then. Send to

Here is a simple wordsearch to try. Download it below.

Well someone has been working and wanted his work displayed today. Well done Omon, it is not easy to work at home. I know. My job is to chase the annoying crows away. Omon your Mom says you do your work voluntarily, without being asked. Keep it up. Send in your work, it is lovely to see someone enjoying it. Send it to

They land on the washing line first. Then next thing is the go caw…… caw……. I bark at them. they sit there and laugh at me. When I ignore them, they fly away. It is very hard work.

Dylan has painted a door. Send in a photo story Dylan.

Hi everyone Sophie here.
I’m making soup today with my mom .
I will send A photo when its done
Lots of love from Sophie 
Stay safe

Hi there Sophie,

Delighted to hear from you again. What kind of soup are you making? Is it vegetable, chicken, mushroom, potato and leek? Please let us know and take 3 pictures to show 3 steps you used to prepare the soup. Geraldine, our speech and Language Therapist (who really loves dogs) has been taking pictures that tell a story in steps. Take a look at the Speech and Language Therapy pages on our website. See how to sequence your pictures and tell the story. Send them in to your teacher or to the blog

Geraldine is making a sequence story

Go to the Speech and Language page on the menu and print off the template and try out these pictures. Make your own 3 picture story. Have FUN!

29th April 2020

Good morning all. It began as a rainy day but has turned into a lovely sunny day.

I heard from Aine again and I must say she and Patty and Omon are famous water ambassadors now. We are all so proud of you being on the Green Schools video. Well done all of you. You will see the video on the site on FRIDAY.

Print off or download the page below

Look at the blog Mrs. Hayes wrote about dolphins in yesterday’s blog. Then try this wordsearch. Download below.

Hi begley aine hear I hope u are well today I was helping my next-door neighbour with her garden we did a lot of work and we made sure we kept our distance love from aine

Aine sent in a photo of her hard work.

Cleaned up garden

Dear Aine,

your gardening work looks so neat. Bet she has no dogs. When I help with the gardening, as soon as Mom and |Dad are not looking I dig holes. I also love pulling up pieces of grass so our lawn is going bald. Begley

I’ve also heard from Dylan again and he sent in a picture of some painting work he did a while ago.

Dylan’s paint work

A very professional finish Dylan, well done.

Hi Begley my plants are flyingThey are enjoying the sunshineI hope you are enjoying the sunshine toIm doing loads of art and i will send them next From Cian in Mr. Nolan’s Class.

Fabulous Art Work
Cian’s garden project
Cian, your plants are so healthy

Cian, what are you growing? Are they flowers or vegetables? I saw a lovely flower on my morning walk today. The colours made me feel really happy.

I think it is called an Azalea
Cian’s pansies

Cian just you keep the news and work rolling in. You are a very busy young man. I spend my days lying in the sun, then the shade, drinking water, vacuuming crumbs and chasing birds. I miss school and all my friends. Stay safe. Begley

28th April 2020

Myself enjoying the weather

Congratulations to our Water Ambassadors. Your 3 video speeches will be posted up on the Green Schools Stay at Home Site on Friday. Congratulations to the Green Committee on earning the 3rd Green Schools Flag for St, Marys.

Water Ambassadors

Geraldine, our Speech and Language Therapist sent this story in about school still being closed. I felt better after reading it. Thankyou Geraldine.

Hi Begley,

Mrs Hayes here. I have just been reading all the news on the blog and it really cheered me up. It is good to hear from everyone and know how they are keeping busy during this strange time.

David and Dylan are such fantastic painters and Zuzia ‘s and Patty’s Polish food looks delicious!

This week I got the most amazing video from 6th Year Cian, which he took on his phone, when he was out fishing around Crosshaven with his Dad. Unfortunately we are unable to post videos on the Blog so I managed to screenshot a few pictures from the video to show you what Cian saw.

Yes Cian was lucky enough to see Dolphins while he was out on the boat!

Do you know what a group of dolphins are called? A Pod!

 A female dolphin is called a Cow, males are called Bulls and young dolphins are called Calves. Dolphins are very clever. They use a blowhole on top of their heads to breathe. Cian saw them jumping out of the water and riding the waves. Some of you may have heard of the very famous Kerry dolphin called Fungi! Well done Cian and thank you for these wonderful pictures. Send us some more if you can.

Shots of the Dolphins Cian saw

Hi Mrs. Hayes,

Great to hear from you. Do you still have those lovely tasty treats for me on your school desk? Hope they are okay.

Cian I just love your pictures of the dolphins. They are fabulous. Well done Delighted. Glad to hear from you. I saw a video you sent in to Carrigaline Notice Board. Fabulous work. Begley

Hi everyone and many thanks for all the lovely newsy messages coming in and pictures of food! You all know what a foody I am.

Today we slept in a bit then had to walk to the chemist or pharmacy to collect some medicine. We also stopped at Supervalu to buy some Easter Buns. They smelt really really good. They were still warm and very soft looking. As usual, I only get to sniff the bag of buns and never eat them.

Above are the beans seeds we have been growing. This is week 3. Can you see the leaves now?

Realtin and the Bear

Well today I was busy blogging when Realtin, my sister, got in to trouble. She pinched my Dad’s bear and had a game of chase and threw the bear up in the air and chewed him. My Dad had to chase her round the house and thankfully only because I began to bark at the window, did he manage to wrestle the bear off her. So I did my good deed for the day. What kind and good things have you been doing round the house? Write in and tell me on

Hi Everyone, Dylan here. I have been working on painting this wall. It has turned out really well.

Paint job by Dylan

Hi Dylan,

It is great to see that you have been so busy. Well done.

Hi Begley and Hi Mrs. J My mom and I are well, thank you. My weekend was fine. I hope you had a good weekend?Mmm, barbeque, nice. Which day in the weekend did you had barbeque?

 David’s aunty did a very good job of doing the painting and well done to David for holding a ladder for her.I absolutely don’t like flies and mosquitoes, when mosquitoes bite, a bubble on a body showes up and it’s very VERY itchy.

Oh Cian, very fancy. I hope you had a good time watching film outside. 

As you all know, Zuzia and myself are from Poland and the dish she made with her mom is familiar. I sometimes eat this dish as well and that’s right what Zuzia said, this dish is a famous dish.

Craig, you are so creative. Well done you.This morning I got up couple of minutes past 9, my granny called, I had breakfast, for breakfast I had porridge with milk and sugar, then I got changed, then I prayed to God and read Polish Gospel and I listened to different languages songs, then we went to the park and we rode on my scooter, before that my mom and I stopped at Centra and had coffee and hot chocolate.

For dinner I had soup krupnik and egg on bread. Krupnik is a Polish soup and it is very good then we went to the shop and got Maltersers ice-cream and now I am at home and I am taking a rest and I thought to write to you. I will write to you soon for more reports! Lots of love and kind regards, Patty!

Krupnik soup

This soup looks Delicious Patty, I think it has carrots, onions, parsley and potato in it.


That mosquito is awful to look at. I chase after anything that makes a buzzing sound.

Roller painting a wall
Delicious dumplings
Is this a hover fly or just a fly?
David don’t drop the ladder here!

Dear Patty,

Wonderful to see you commenting on the blog posts. I had my barbecue on Sunday and we cooked chicken legs, burgers and spare ribs. You sent in lovely pictures to match the blog posts. Well done. I tried to bite the fly but banged my nose on the computer screen.

Barbecued meat
Craig’s Cat

Here is my cat. I have 2 cats. What do you think of him? Love from Craig.

Hello Craig, he is a cool cat but he looks more alert and busy than Mr. Starkie’s cat. What is his name? Begley

Hello Everyone, especially 3rd Year,

How are you all doing? I hope you are all keeping well and safe! This lazy lump in the photo is called Ginger and as you can see he looks very chilled. Mr. Starkie

Ginger the lazy lump

Hi Mr. Starkie, I am delighted to see the picture of your cat. There is a very annoying ginger cat that comes and pulls faces at me outside our window. I like to visit the homes of cats and eat their food. Cat food is tastier than dog food. I think I am a lot like Ginger, because I love to sleep most of the time when I am not blogging.Begley

Can you spot my sister’s cat? Her name is Nugget.

Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning everyone. I hope you had a good weekend, stayed safe, kept your distance of 2 metres from people and enjoyed the weather. We had a barbecue and I enjoyed licking up the crumbs and a few tasty bits of chicken. Here are some lovely messages that came

David’s aunty painted the outside of the house and he helped by holding the ladder but he ran and left her up the ladder when a Bee 🐝 came 🤓

David I understand where you are coming from now. I hate bees. I will be lying outside in the sun on the grass. Next thing a buzzy bee will attack and sting me. They always go for my tail. I might flick my tail in my sleep. Next thing STING!. At least you got the bee to follow you away from your aunt. She could have got stung at the top of the ladder. Begley

Hi Begley hope you had a lovely weekend my dad set up an outdoor cinema on sat and we watched a movie with all the family and my nan from Cian in Junior B.

On the Big Screen

Special Lighting
Comfy Seats

Hi today me and my mom made dinner,this is a famous Polish dish they are called dumplings with cheese and potato stuffing.From ZUZIA

Zuzia well done for presenting you famous dish so beautifully. It looks delicious. You and your Mom are great cooks. I would love to taste this. Great to hear from you Zuzia.

Craig and Patty sent in news and pictures on Friday evening. Craig sent a lovely picture of myself. It is like a drawing. He must have done it with a special App. It looks very good Craig. Then he sent in another picture and put my name on the tag. I really love it.

Craig thankyou for the wonderful pic. of Begley

Patty thankyou so much for the lovely news you shared with us on Friday. Yes, I am being good and sharing my water bowl with Realtin. I eat my food so fast I never leave any for her, but she gets a huge bowl of food and I help her finish it sometimes. I go to the window and pretend I am barking at a cat outside. She rushes to the window to look and I run and eat her food. It is fun doing that but sometimes she gets angry with me and gives a deep GRRRR.

I have never seen a Frisbee. I like the picture of it. It looks like a dish for food. I suppose it is like a ball that you throw and chase. I know Realtin would love it.

Patty it is great to see you being so active outside and the weather looked very good in the pictures. I play chase with Realtin outside on the grass. We run round and round on the lead chasing each other then we kind of crash into each other and fall down. Sometimes we stand on our back legs and box. If our Mum and Dad ever let us off the lead we play chase with them, which means we run away and they have to find us.

Friday 24th April 2020

Patty thanks for the wonderful newsy letter and pictures just received this evening. I will write you a lovely reply in Monday morning’s blog. God Bless.


Hi All,Thank you for the lovely words Begley, Yes I find the work fun especially the typing app and I am making my best during a strange time.When it comes to standing in long queues, it just needs patience but some people get that very annoying. Yes I am sometimes walking and sometimes riding my scooter. I would like to say thank you for saying well done, we are trying our best.I am very happy that your dog food has arrived. I hope you share that with Realtin and that the food is nice. The man who brought it, he must have been very strong carrying it and if he brought it in a small van, he won’t be able to fit it all in. Oh that’s good that you are having the walks and if you’re happy, I’m happy. This morning, I woke up at half past 8, when I turned on my phone and my internet, Zuzia has texted me. She asked me to give her your email address, Begley, and I gave it to her and she said that she hopes that we will be back at school by 5th May because she’s bored. Then I ate breakfast, I got changed and we rang my aunty and my granny, then we went to Centra and my mom got herself coffee and I got myself hot chocolate, it was nice and we went to the park. I jogged a bit in the park. My mom made picture of me jogging and I am going to send it to you. Then we sat on my mom’s coat for a while and a bit big dog has scared me, he was black, I thought he was going to bite me but thankfully nothing happened to me and I saw 3 small dogs, they were white, there were people playing frisbee, ball and some were walking, running, jogging (like me) and riding bikes and scooters, we rang my granny and showed her where we were and my uncle’s sister texted us too. Now I am in the house, I am going to watch some television and having a rest. Begley, are you being good to Mrs and Mr Johnston and Tim and Realtin? Are you not eating of Realtin’s bowl and drinking out water of her water bowl? That’s my news so far, I will write to you soon, be good to your housemates, lots of love and kind regards, Patty!

A Frisbee

Hello Hello Hello Everyone. Guess what today is???? It is D.E.A.R. Day. That means you need to drop everything and read. Find a book, magazine, comic, newspaper whatever and sit down put your feet up and Read. Ms. Daly and all the staff would love you to all read something today.

Begley dropped everything and read his book.

My book is called When Jessie Came Across the Sea. I really enjoyed it but it was sad when Jessie left her Granny to go to America. It reminded me of when I was fostered to 2 new homes and I felt sad and lonely. But life can have happy endings!

Use these headings to write your own book review on some paper.

You can also download and print the book review below.

I would love to hear what you managed to read. Show your teachers the book reviews, or take a pic of them and post them in for all to see. I gave my book 5 stars.

From Ms. Daly’s book challenge to Ms. Kavanagh’s word challenge!

How many words can you make from the word LOCKDOWN?

  • lock
  • down
  • low
  • own
  • ……….. keep on going

Now on to Ms. J’s garden challenge: Plant seeds and photograph how they grow.

Week 2 Bean seeds growing

Cian in Mr. Nolan’s class has been recording how his seeds grow. Well done Cian.

Send any reports, jokes, quiz questions, stories, letters, drawings, pics of horses, dogs, cats, cows, etc to

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Levi has been working on this the past few weeks and finally finished making it yesterday. He really enjoyed it! He just has to paint it and when it’s painted I will keep you updated. He created this for his sisters to do their homework in! 

Here is some woodwork we did, from Cian in Junior B.

Dear Cian,

Thanks for sending in the stunning pictures of your woodwork. I hope you send in a few instructions to tell us how to make those. The owls and flowers are fantastic! You are a very talented young man! You know Cian, when my Dad does woodwork I chew on pieces of offcut wood and I am great at carving. Then when he goes on his teabreak I hand out different things from the shed for my sister Realtin to play with. He is making a toy car for the baby next door. Last week I gave Realtin his sandpaper, goggles and mask. You know the mask to stop you breathing in sawdust. Unfortunately Realtin chewed them up and we got in trouble.

Super Delighted Emoji for Cian

Hi Everybody

Darts from Home

A week ago today, the Professional Darts Corporation announced that they were going to set up a Darts from Home Tour.

The format is first to 5 legs.

There are 4 players in each group.

The players would setup a video recorder on their dartboard, to play matches.

A few players couldn’t play in the Darts from Home Tour due to poor internet connection.

This is the only sport (that I know of) still going during Covid-19 lockdown.

Matthew Collins


Great to hear from you and very interesting news about such amazing players playing from their homes. Hope you are all keeping well.

Hi Begley, Hi Mrs.Johnston!

I hope you are all well? We are very well! This morning I got up couple of minutes before 9 o’clock, then my granny called us through the internet, then I had breakfast, then I got changed and we went to 2 Polish Shops, Lidl and Centra, when we arrived at Lidl there was a long queue, at Centra my mom got coffee from a machine and I got a Magnum White Chocolate Ice-cream.

We plan to go to the park near us for a ride with my scooter, I ride a bit and then I let my mom ride a bit as well, we keep 2 meters away from different people.I did some of the school work! Are you having the walks with Realtin?

I will write to you soon for more updates!Lots of love and kind regards,Patty! 

Lovely pics of Patty working!

Hi there Patty.

Great to see you looking so well and you have a lovely smile. I am also glad to hear you find the work fun. That is what it is all about. Making the best of a strange time. Patty do you know my sister (human one) found she had to queue at Lidl for ages too. I am glad you ate getting out in the fresh air and taking exercise too. Well done for keeping 2m away from everyone.

Patty, my dog food arrived today and it was brought in a big van. It was delivered by a man. Patty I think it is all for me, but I do have to share it with Realtin and yes I do go for walks with her.

Patty this is me next to my dog food. I am delighted.

Begley’s food arrived!

Hi begley Hi Miss Johnston me and my brothers had nice Easter. Sam got a Aero Robert got a oreo Aaron got a oreo I got a twirlEaster egg. From Kate

Hi Kate,

I am thrilled to hear from you. It sounds like you had a great Easter and some tasty chocolate. I got a new bone from Pet Essentials. Realtin got one too. It was so tasty, but I have some difficulty licking all the yummy stuff out of it. When that happens I squeak and Mrs. J. uses a knife to scrape the biscuit filling out. Kate I hope you take some nice photos of things you can see on your walks. Please send them to me.

Kate on my walk today I saw this huge prickly plant. I think it is a thistle. That is the national flower for Scotland.

Kate, mind yourself.



Wednesday 22nd April 2020





Today I had a lovely day.


I got up at 9:30a.m. And went downstairs and there was a surprise for me


My mum had made me Poached Eggs & Toast & Tea for my breakfast yum


 Thanks mum


Afterwards my brother had another lovely surprise. He said Emma I’m going out for a walk with Honey in the fields that I take her to would you like to come? And I said ya thanks Bro I would love to come. So off we went and we went for lovely big long walk just me and Cian through the fields and we had a relax for 5 minutes sitting on a log before we headed home.


.Then after I came home my mom was on a call for work so I had a snack quickly and headed upstairs… Then it was off to the shower because I was smelly🤣 but I felt lovely and refreshed afterwards….. Afterwards I had some lunch with my mum and we had a chat.


Then my least favourite part of the day School work but it has to get done… Afterwards I got a lovely reward I got to relax and watch my favourite Show at the Moment Mako Mermaids🥰. While I was doing that I had some Weetabix with sugar and milk because I was peckish… Then my mum had made a lovely dinner. Lasange & Coleslaw yum. It was delicious…. Afterwards I watching this World Championships Balance Beam Final. And this gymnast from China🇨🇳 Sui Lu just was fantastic she scored a 15.866. Which is a huge score….. On this particular day my dad has maked a Delicious Homebaked Apple tart and we had that for Dessert after tea with custard it was amazingly delicious


Then I had games of Snakes & Ladders with my mum for an hour. We had great fun. I beat her 4 nil in Snakes & Ladders and 10 9 in Connect 4. Now I’m just relaxing with a Cup of tea in bed and reading a book, listening to music watching YouTube and Netflix before bed


️I hope you all are keeping well and I will email you friends on the blog on Thursday again for more updates… I love you all to the moon and back everyone from Emma.





Hi Emma,

What a fabulous newsy blog you sent us. You would be a great reporter for a newspaper. Well done. By the way, I love poached eggs. Nyum.

Emma I am glad to hear that Honey is getting her walks in and that you are having an interesting time with your family. I love it that you play games like Snakes and ladders. I play chase with my sister Realtin. We love playing chase in newly cut grass and then shaking it all over the carpet. Emma mind yourself and I can’t wait to hear from you on Thursday. xxx Begley

Good morning everyone on this sunny Wednesday.

Today I had to drag 3 bins out because Wednesday is bin day. Glass, food and recycling bins. I love the smell of the food bin and I am always very upset when the bin lorry arrives and steals the waste food from the bin. I could quite easily reuse it myself. But it upsets my tummy so I can’t have it. I have to eat Grain Free dog pellets. I am allowed a baby bone treat or a slice of Dentastick if I get into my bed at night. My Mom and Dad are rather silly. They don’t know that after they go up to bed I get out of my basket anyway. But it seems to make them happy if I climb in it.

Now here are my 3 bins. On the left is the smaller glass bin. Coffee bottles, all kinds of bottles go in there. They hurt my ears when they crash and break.

In the middle is the compost or food bin. It is brown. Food waste and dead flowers go inside it.Lots of orange peels, carrot peels, potato peels and so on.

On the right is the recycle bin. Paper, hard plastics, cardboard and newspapers go inside it.

Greenstar removes our waste

I have just run to the front door and given the bin man a huge barking to. Guess which bin he is emptying!

Which bin is being emptied? He arrived at 10:40.

Please write in and let me know:

  1. Which day is your bin collected?
  2. Which company collects your bins?
  3. Who takes the bins out and returns them every week?
  4. Write down 3 things that might go into the following bins: GLASS, COMPOST, RUBBISH, RECYCLING
  5. What colour is each bin? Send answers

The next thing I did today was go for a walk. We saw loads of dandelions and daisies. They make me sneeze because they have pollen in them and it goes up my nose.

Do you remember I promised to make a Daisy Chain? Well no one else did so I googled how to do it. I will explain and show you. Then I modelled it. You do not need to go to a hairdresser anymore.

Neat hairstyle and cool for guys too.
Take a closer look. Can you see yellow pollen and long stems?
Making the daisy chain
I tied a knot in the stems at the end

Please help me finish this instruction guide for making Daisy Chains.

  1. First you need to collect d_________________________.
  2. Make sure you pick daisies with long green s____________________.
  3. Use your long nails or a pin to make a h__________ in the s___________.
  4. Thread the daisy heads 1 at a time through the h________.
  5. Tie a k____________ in the stems at the end.
  6. Put the daisy c_________ on your h______ or round your n________ or w________and model it.
  7. Take a S________ and send it in.
  8. Write out these i_____________ correctly for school w____________.
  9. I know that bees like the p____________ in daisies.
  10. Work out how much money you have saved by not going to a hairdresser.


selfie hole pollen neck head stems chain instructions
work wrist holes knot hole stem daisies

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Happy Birthday today to Dear Craig, who is 19. A school leaver we miss and enjoy hearing from.

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Hi there everyone, I managed to sneak the computer away from Mrs. J. for a second. I just got some mail. It is from Ms. Daly. Hi Ms. Daly, delighted to hear from you. I see you have given us all a wonderful challenge. I am so excited.

The D.E.A.R. or DROP EVERYTHING AND READ CHALLENGE takes place on FRIDAY APRIL 24th 2020. Everyone in the country is encouraged to pick up a book, magazine, newspaper, e-book, audio book etc. and READ for at least 20 Minutes.


Ms. Daly

Looking forward to seeing pics of loads of you reading on Friday 24th. Look out for my picture! BEGLEY

My inbox is empty so I will sleep

Dear Aine,

What a fabulous president you are. Thankyou for emailing me your video speech for Green Flags. You sounded so confident in it, like Omon and Patty.

It has been sent to Green Schools and we will share the link once it is posted online.


Dear Miss. K,

Great to hear from you and your beautiful garden. I would love to help you dig. I would love to bark at crows and magpies. I would love to eat snacks at tea time. I would also just love to lie in the sun and sleep.

It did not really feel like Easter time Miss. K. The children never came home and we didn’t have our Easter Egg hunts. This Stay Home Challenge seems very long but I must say we are getting some nice walks even if they are round and round and round the duckpond. Today though, we saw lovely gorse bushes and some friendly cows.

Well everyone, my email box is empty so I will sign off . Please send in any news, pics, jokes, ideas, quiz questions, recipes to

Talking about recipes, my Mom is going to make banana bread today. Hope I get a lick of the bowl..



Monday 20th April 2020

Hi Begley,

Hope you’re keeping well. I’m glad you had a nice Easter break. Now you’ll have to get back to counting your toes and reading your mail. It’s good to be able to keep in touch like this. I hope everyone else had a good Easter too. The weather was lovely. I was working in my garden. I still have a lot to do. If you were here you could help me to dig! I will send you more news and some things to keep your brain ticking over. All the best for now,

Miss K.

Hi Cian,

I see you have been hard at work gardening, writing, hanging up flags and looking at nature and flowers out there.

I tried gardening the other day but I don’t like the part where Mrs. J. waters the flowers because O only like getting wet at the beach, so I go off and fall asleep in the sun when the watering is happening. Cian, what are you growing? Is it something to eat or is it a flower?

Cian, I see you know a lot about different types of shops.

HI Begley hope you are doing well and having a good time and you to Mrs Johnston
I am sick of this lockdown to be honest I just want to go back to school hope ye are doing well and keeping safe and you to MR Nolan.

Fab work from Cian on types of Shops
Daisies spotted by Cian

Are these ornamental Cherry Blossoms?

A young seedling. Is it a sunflower?
A hero who flies his flag for frontline services
Well done Cian

Great News!!!!!!

Megan from Junior C won a 50 Euro prize voucher in the Green Schools Water Poster Competition. Congratulations Megan.





Just wanted to let you know me and my family are keeping well during this very hard time


How are you all?


I had a great Easter and I got loads of yummy Chocolate Easter Eggs🥰. I hope you are all keeping safe and washing your hands





Begley how are you? I hope you are keeping safe and well and getting lots of walks and love from Miss J






 love ye loads from Emma.




Hi Emma,

So wonderful to hear from you again and that all your family are well. I hope that everyone else sends us a message to just check in and let us know they are well. How I miss greeting everyone in the hall, emptying Ms. Hollywell’s waste bin, vacuuming the office and seeing all my besties at school.

At least it is a sunny day today and we can sit out in the sun, but I must do my school work first.

There are many of you that haven’t let us know how you are doing. Drop a line to

Take Care Emma and thanks for the cheerful message. It made my day!

Love from Begley.

P.S. Ms. J. gives me loves. walks n treats but I miss you.

I get distracted from work so easily

Welcome back after the Easter Break. I guess like me you spent your time at home doing jobs, walking, exercising, sleeping, reading, eating your favourite treats, phoning friends and missing visiting people and places.

I have watched my sister Realtin get in to so much trouble while we have been home. She dug up all Dad’s bulbs then brought in her muddy ball. She tears up tissues and eats socks. I just run away after cats now and then and steal food from cats. I also sneak upstairs for snacks when no one see me. Those things are okay ‘cos they are about food.

Please write in to and share any news with us.

Two people need special mention. Patty and Omon.

Omon exercising
Hard at work
Doing Green Schools Work at Home

Congratulations to Omon and Patty for being asked to make your Green Schools’ Speech online and for videoing it to us. Birgit is delighted with your videos and will post them on the Green Schools Stay At Home Site. Keep tabs on this site because it has daily activities.

Go to the above site by clicking on the link and try out Monday’s experiment.

Tuesday 14th April to 17th April 2020

Dear David and Denise,

Thank you for all your news. I was shocked to hear about my friend Rexy and the goose. Great to see the Lough looking so good. It is too far away for me to visit. I go walking round the estate here and look out for my friends the cats. Even they seem to be self isolating at the moment. That makes my walks so boring. Stay Safe everyone.


Hello everyone,

We had a birthday to celebrate in our house. It wasn’t Begley’s birthday. He wanted some cake but there was chocolate on the cake so he just licked up crumbs. Nobody was invited to a birthday party but video messages were posted and humans as usual were talking into their mobile bones. Thankyou Craig for the birthday wishes.

Guess what, I received a message from Kerrylee. She said “Hello Begley”. I also got one from Ms. O’Leary. She runs the tastiest classroom in the whole school. The Home Ec. Room. I am not allowed in their for Health and Safety reasons, although I would be good at mopping the floors.

So a special Hi to Ms. O’Leary and Kerrylee! From Begley.

David at the lough yesterday feeding the pigeons. They started eating out of his hand. Rexy got chased by a goose and it bit him on the butt .


 He screamed but has gotten over it 🤪

David feeding Feral pigeons
The pigeons are so tame
The goose that bit poor Rexy
Rexy recovering after a goose attack

Good morning everyone,

I hope you have had a great Easter even though you have not been able to travel anywhere. I have missed my trips to the beach to chase the seagulls.

I also hope the Easter Bunny visited you. I had Dentastix. Do you know that they can survive being washed in a washing machine? I saw my Mum taking a washed dentastick out of the machine. It had been in my dad’s pocket.

When I went walking outside I noticed loads of dandelions and daisies. The children in our estate have been making daisy chains so I had a go. It is very difficult with my paws but I used my teeth to make the holes in the stems.

Perhaps someone can have a go and send in pics of their daisy chains. Here is a daisy chain poem. You use the last word of each line to start the next line.

Today I wrote a short blog

Blog for a funny dog

Dog that loves to chew

Chew the toes out my shoes

Shoes of red and black

Black like the cat

Cat next door

Door………. he’s outside now

Now I’m off to catch a cat!

Cat. Fancy that!

Try writing your own daisy chain poem and get it published on the blog. Write to

Monday 6th April to 10th April 2020 Week 1 Easter Holidays

Dear Emma, Honey and Finn,

Thanks for the wonderful new baby news. Congratulations Emma on becoming a new Auntie. He is gorgeous. Congrats to the new Mum and Dad. Welcome to our blog. We hope he sleeps well through the nights.

Talking about new babies, we have a baby boy next door and he has a fur baby minding him. I would love to help mind a baby and eat any of his left over food. That is what Begleys do!

Well we are having our first barbecue this evening. With a bit of luck I met get some tasty bits that drop down from the barbecue.

Sorry I took so long to post the blog today Emma, I slept in, went for a long walk and did some gardening. I planted a bone in the hopes a bone tree will sprout.

Below are the pictures of the flags I and my neighbour have hung up outside. Please hang up your flags in support for all the frontline staff. Keep on washing your hands folks.





No problem I like sharing my news it keep’s me busy during the Coronavirus outbreak


Thanks she got them(her eyebrows) from her Father although my mum and dad thinks she has none🤣. Oh Begley thank god you asked she loves chasing birds and cats🦅


By the way everyone this is a picture of Finn🥰. I’m an Auntie Now


As you know my brothers girlfriend Jess wife yet to be was pregnant and on Friday the 19th of March 2020 she gave birth to my gorgeous baby Nephew Finn Neil Hawkins


He is settling in to life at home and is getting lots of love and attention…


 He will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I love him to bits.


Bye Everyone Love From Emma



Finn’s Dad and Mum kindly allowed us to post this beautiful pic. of newborn Finn. Congratulations!

Here is our Flag flying to support our frontline workers. Rex was lucky he was able to get his hair cut yesterday. He’s doesn’t like smelling like a girl and tried to rub the smell off on the rug 


From David and Denise.

Dear David and Denise,

Well done for hanging out your flag for the people who are working so hard to save lives and keep us fed and comfortable.

Denise and David’s flag flying high
King Rexy
Hang out your flag to show your support for frontline staff

Hi Emma,

Thanks for all your news. Your pooch Honey has cool eyebrows. Where did she get them done? Does Honey like to chase ball and cats ?

I am well and really miss break times when I can vacuum and meet all the students. There is a serious shortage of pats when I am at home because at school the pats and rubs are endless.

Today I had my breakfast and tried to eat my sister’s. Then I tried to eat the birdseed outside. We went for a long walk round and round the duckpond and I saw ducks like the ones David sent us a picture of. I wanted to bark at them and chase them but I wasn’t allowed to and now we are home I have been shut outside in the sun because the house is being cleaned. Usually if I bark loudly outside they let me back in. No luck today.

Strange Times🤪





 good evening pooch


.. How are you today?


I love you and I miss you boy


Thank you for my lovely reply Begley on my last email and my fur ball is actually a girl.. I hope you are looking forward to your bone when we get back to school and I hope you are still getting to go on lots of walks.. Today I kept busy by taking my dog Honey out for a walk she loved it.. Then when I got back home I had some lunch with my dad and had some nice chats with my dad.. Afterwards I had a lovely shower and got dressed.. Then I watched YouTube and listened to my favorite music and ate dinner with my family🥰. Now I’m just relaxing in bed with my iPad winding down before I go to sleep


. To all my friends, teachers, staff, SNA Jane Ms O‘Leary & Mr O’ Shea I miss u all and Stay safe…

Sent from my iPad Bye everyone Bye Begley




. Love from Emma




Begley was gardening

Dear Emma, Matthew, Craig, David , Dylan thanks for my Easter emails. Great to hear from you and know how you are getting on. To everyone out there look after each other and your neighbours and keep washing hands and staying home.

We have been doing loads of gardening, weeding, planting and cooking and I have enjoyed eating extra treats at home while my Mam and Dad and sister are home. Why yesterday I ate loads of rice thrown on the grass for birds to eat.

Emma welcome to your fur baby he has joined all the blog dogs.

I hope you all get loads of Easter eggs to eat and do some fun things around the house.

Love from Begley

Emma and her fur baby

Hi all.. I hope you are all keeping well and safe and washing your hands during this difficult time… We will get through this together.. I miss seeing all my friends and my teacher Mr Starkie, Christine & my amazing SNA Jane who might have been back in School by now… Dear Begley I miss you and your cute face


. And not being able to take you for walks and give you treats at school and when you would roll over for me


.. I can’t wait to see you when we eventually get back to School… And when we do get back and when your there I will have that big bone that I promised you waiting for you in my bag for when you get to School.. And you can eat it in the hall at break time for a big Juicy treat.. Stay safe boy and we will talk soon Begley woof woof.. Bye


Stay safe everyone. Miss u all to the moon and back..Talk soon guys


🏻 Lots of Love Emma Hawkins



Below is a lovely letter and photos sent in to the blog by David. Love the one of the Mallard Ducks. Great shot. I love chasing birds,


Here is what I have done when we’re out of school for a while.  I’ve done a small bit of gaming and listening to The Script and went out for a walk. From David

Doing his business
Taking a walk
Mallard Ducks photographed by David


On the 12th of March the schools were directed to close by Ireland’s Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

The following week sport organisations across Ireland and Europe postponed all activities until the end of March.

Towards the end of March, the Olympic Qualifiers for all sports were cancelled for the next few months. The Olympics agreed to move forward a year to 2021 and the new start date is 23 July 2021 and it finishes on August 8th.

The ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) postponed all Table Tennis Tournaments.

It looks like Wimbledon (Tennis)  won’t happen either this year.

It’s a tough time for sportspeople everywhere.

Matthew Collins

Dear Matthew,

Thanks for taking the time to send in a fabulous and interesting sports report. These are strange times that we are living in.



Dylan’s fishing rod.
Beautiful Landscape picture of the city

We have had fabulous weather today and Dylan shared the view from his window with us.

Enjoy your Easter Holiday Everyone.

Day 21 3rd April

Hello everybody,

Please support our Superheroes!

Please send in pics of your flags or colour some and take pics.

Hang your flags up outside or in your windows.

We are being asked to show our support for doctors, nurses, cleaners, pharmacists, supermarket workers, food delivery drivers, firemen, Garda, army, bus drivers, radio and TV personalities, people who are cocooning, isolating, caring for others and helping in anyway. So please hang up your flags.

Hope you are still keeping safe and staying at home. My walks are very short now and I am quite glad because I only do exercise if there is something worth chasing like noisy magpies or chasing a cat away so I can eat its food. Yes, My humans have finally realised I like cats really and I only chase them away then turn back to gobble their food. Cat food is very tasty.

Talking about walking. Do you know we have a true hero at St. Mary’s?He is walking for a cause. A good cause. His grandad is cocooning, which means he cannot leave the house at all in case he gets sick with this nasty virus.

Just look at what David did yesterday. He walked to his grandad’s house, stood outside n phoned him and chatted. That gives me goosebumps all over and makes my tail jiggle because it is a very kind thing to do. Well done David!

A special moment
David’s Granda talking to David
David is a community hero

David was out walking today and phoned his granda to look out the window ! David it reminds me of World War 2 when people got out and helped one another.

If you or your family members have been heroes too, please email me at and let us know so we can clap and recognise them.

Good morning Begley,

I must say you look very handsome after your bath and haircut.

I could do with a haircut myself so I may have to borrow Mrs Johnston’s scissors if the hairdressers don’t open soon!

I am so proud of David. He sure is a Super hero the way he followed all the H.S.E. Guidelines when he was visiting his grandad yesterday. Of course he does come from the best class in St. Mary’s!

Anyhow Begley I want to tell you my news.

Yesterday was such a nice sunny day I went for a nice walk and guess what I passed on my walk? St. Mary’s School!

I was a bit sad when I saw it first Begley. The gates were locked and the carpark was empty. There were no flags blowing and the blinds in Ms Hollywell’s office were closed. There wasn’t a sign of anyone about and everything was so quiet there.

St. Mary’s School

Suddenly I heard a loud “Cock a doodle doo!” Guess who it was? It was the cock from the farm across the road calling out. I think he might be lonely because the school is closed!

Can you spot anyone here?

Dear Mrs. Hayes,

Thanks for this wonderful footage of a very tasty bird. I love chicken, My mouth waters when I hear or spot one.

I am sorry you feel sad. Here are some chicken jokes to make you laugh.

Q. What does a chicken have in common with a band?
A. Drumsticks.

Q. Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?
A. Because KFC was on the other side.

Q. Why did the duck cross the road?
A. Because it thought it was a chicken.

Q. Why did the chicken cross the playground?
A. To get to the other slide.

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. To get to the other side

Q. Why did the monkey cross the road?
A. Because the chicken retired.

Click the above link to get Twinkle resources on farm animals and anything else you like.

Please send your best chicken jokes and recipes to

Finally Mrs. Hayes, do NOT get your hair cut by Mrs. J. You will never look the same again!

Take care, Love Begley


Day 20 2nd April

Hi Begley, It’s a lovely sunny morning here. Say hi to everyone else for me.
Have you ever been to Fota Wildlife Park? It’s a really interesting place. I know it’s closed for now but you can still catch up with all the animals and their keepers on Facebook and Instagram. Ask your Mum to have a look at it with you – and you’re not to chase the🦒 giraffes! 


Take a look at the Wild Ireland page too. It’s an amazing animal park in Donegal. They have bears, wolves and other animals and some really cool videos. The animals look very happy and healthy!
I suppose you just watch Crufts’ doggy videos all evening when you’re finished all your work for the day. 


Talk soon.Lots of love,Miss K. 

Dear Miss. K.,

Great to hear from you. I hope you saw and like my blob picture which I posted under you Blob-off on this Blog.

I have never been to Fota before. Are dogs allowed?

If you click on this link you will be able to get a workbook on giraffes. Enjoy it.


Miss. K. I just Googled Wildlife Ireland Donegal: There are some ideas of things to do while you are at home. Click on the link below.

Yes I am now gonna chill as I want to watch Crufts on Youtube. See you later.

Dear Craig,

I loved hearing from you today. Thanks for sending me this photo of you and I at our Graduation. Send us news and pics of things you have been doing to keep you busy.

Love from Begley.

Craig and Begley at Rochestown Park Hotel

Dylan has been fishing again and showed me his new catch. He caught a brown trout using his minnows.

Yesterday I was out in a Inniscarra Dam I got 15 but all small and when I was leaving I got the big fish and I went home but now I am starting up salmon fishing later on in the dam.

Place he caught it: Iniscarra Dam
Brown Trout

Well done Dylan.

I told you I had a bad day yesterday. I had a bath! Sophie, I posted these pics because you wanted to know how I look.

In the bath
After my blow dry
Before my cut
After my haircut

I felt baaaaad because our neighbour said I look like a sheep before my haircut.

This is me today!

Dear Begley,

Today is Thursday the 2nd of April. 

It was overcast yesterday. Today it is sunny.

I felt good yesterday because it was April Fool’s day .

Why was everyone so tired yesterday? Because they’d just finished a long 31 day March.

If anyone knows a better joke please send it to Begley so I can learn it for next year.

I have loads of news for you today.

Anthony has been doing his part and staying in. He has done a great job on his back garden.

Zara is a great help to mum and has plans to do some lovely baking.

Cian done super work digging out
a flower bed and has taken great care of his cress from SuperValu.

Sheola has been busy with mom and spending nice time with her sister.

Shane has been asking about school minding his puppy and getting plenty exercise on his trampoline.

Christopher has been researching lots of creatures and interesting things at home.

It’s great to hear such good news about how well everyone is doing and how they are all happy to support our healthcare workers by staying at home and looking after each other.

Hope you have great fun today and not playing too many tricks on Ms Johnson.

Mr Nolan.

Dear Mr. Nolan and Junior B and of course my friend Toby,

So great to hear from ye all.

I did tell you that you are my bestie class didn’t I? Is Shane wanting the school to mind his puppy? Please give me more details Shane. What kind of puppy, send a pic, how old is it?

I like your new horse Mr. Nolan. What is his name? Are you going to ride to school on him when we go back? Where will Miss. Hollywell allow you to keep him? I guess we could turn the garden shed into a stable and Ms. Daly will grow food for him in the school garden. We could take turns having a good gallop around the yard at break and he can be our school therapy horse. What do you think?

Zara, I am helpful in a kitchen. I wait for the drop down menu. Please invite me to bake with you!

Christopher, if you like researching creatures, you may be interested in this bird bingo and researching birds. I chase all birds, but especially crows and rooks and noisy magpies.

Anthony, if you need help digging holes in the garden, I am thinking of renting out my sister Realtin as a digger. She is pretty good. We can agree on a number of treats for me when I come in to school as the price paid.

Cian and Sheola, glad to hear you are keeping well and busy. Send some pics of things you have been up to?

Well a sunny morning to you all. I must begin by saying a big sorry to Mrs. Hayes and Mr. Nolan. I never finished posting their blog yesterday and that is because my Mam took the computer to upload work for all of you to class pages. Not only that I had to have a bath, cut and blow dry. For me, it was a bad day and I promised Sophie I would post pics of my before and after hairstyle.

But first, Mrs. Hayes and Buster, here are your lovely pics from yesterday. Buster gave me am emoji face like this because I left off a page of his blog.

Hope he sends me one like this:

Cos I felt like this:

Send us an emoji of how you feel today and let us know why. Sunshine, blue skies today so you should all feel good.

Presenting Buster and Olly

So everybody take care everybody and stay safe and hopefully we will all be back at school again soon where we belong.

Love from Mrs. Hayes

Dear Mrs. Hayes and Buster,

Buster I am glad to see you are not sneezing and shaking saliva over everyone anymore. Spitting in public is a no no. I would love to watch deer with you. Where were you?

I loved your news and information about Mizen head. I visited their visitor centre online and you can take your dogs there you know, as long as you scoop your poop hoomans. Visit the centre online

Only dogs can visit there now because humans are not allowed.

Day 19 1st April

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well and washing hands and paws.

We are already into April and I am hoping to get some non chocolate treats for Easter soon. Dogs find chocolate makes them ill….

Today I April Fooled my Humans. I pretended to be a good boy who would come inside and eat a treat if I was left off the lead. Then I turned n ran away down the estate, into a house and ate all their cat food.

It was fun to see how grumpy the cats were and my hooman running after me.

Did any of you April Fool someone ?

Hi Begley,

A little update from the juniors

Hope ye have great day

Mr. Nolan and Toby

I am delighted to hear from Sophie from 4th Year

Hi Begley I’m so proud of you on the paper yesterday , you looked so handsome even Charlie thought so . It sound like you love school as much as I do .  I really miss seeing you and all of my friends and Daniel  hope to see you all soon .

Lots of love

P.s please write back

Hi Sophie,

How are you doing? Thanks for the congratulations but I am having a bit of a bad day. I had a bath and now I am about to get a haircut!!!!!! OOOOF That is a lengthy job ‘cos my hair is so jolly long. I must say I get a bit hot so it will be good to have it off.

Sophie I believe you are good at baking!!!! Please send me a slice of cake or a picture of your cakes or cookies. Would love to see em. Send them to

BUSTER my blog buddy. Thankyou for this lovely email.It will be posted after me bath and haircut. BEGLEY WOOF WOOOF

Hi Begley,

Mrs Hayes here again.

I was so happy to read your doggy news and all the lovely news from the boys and girls from St. Mary’s on your blog. It really cheered me up.

Well done Dylan for catching that big fish. I can’t wait to hear all about it. What kind of a fish was it? And Kate you were so lucky to go to Bantry on your holidays. Did you know that Mizen Head is Ireland’s most southwesterly point. The station there was built to warn ships at sea of the dangerous rocks that lie close to the shore there. Patty, that is such a lovely photo of you. You look nice and comfy at home and don’t worry we would never forget about you! I was relieved to see that some of the 6th years have finally got around to writing to you Begley. Well done Aine and David!

Anyhow Begley I must tell you some of my news. Two of my daughters work in hospitals in Dublin and are very busy at work at the moment because of the Corona Virus. One is a radiographer (which means she takes X-Rays) in a big hospital called St. Vincents.

There are lots of people sick there so she has to wear a mask, and goggles and gown while she is at work. Do you know why she has to do that Begley?  It is to protect her and keep her safe.  She says everyone is washing their hands very carefully in the hospital and is hoping that we are all doing the same at home. Can you believe Begley some restaurants pass in delicious dinners free of charge everyday to the hospital in case the doctors and nurses and the other staff get hungry while they are at work. You would love that Begley! People are so kind at this time.

I must also tell you about my friend’s dogs Buster and Olly who live in Dublin. Buster is a St. Bernard and Olly is a husky. Do you remember Buster was the dog who wasn’t very good at following the H.S.E. Guidelines?

 Anyhow my friend, Brendan, brought them to Phoenix Park last week. Phoenix Park is a big park in Dublin where the deer live. President Michael D also lives there in a big house called Aras an Uactarain and Dublin Zoo is also nearby.

Dear Mrs Hayes, Buster and Olly,

Thanks for the fabulous news. It was very interesting and I like the idea of so much food at work. Right up my street as they say. WOOF!

I hope Buster stops spitting everywhere. He needs a spit hood when he shakes his head. He is like Realtin my sister, who has just had a haircut.

Her whiskers need attention
WE ARE IN the evening echo today and on Eco live. Thank you staff and pupils and parents for keeping your bones of information rolling in……

Well St. Mary’s is the best school to go to. Can everyone write in and tell me, Begley, at least one reason why you like going to St. Mary’s Rochestown.


Begley likes St. Mary’s because he meets all his friends there.

Begley likes St. Mary’s because it is a great place to get treats.

David Mahon has the best Aunty in the world she got him these lovely school books 


These are great! As a well read dog, I think they are fabulous and will keep him busy. I give a woof of approval. I will post em on my dog blog. Give others the same ideas.Is David getting out and walking your fur baby? Would love another pic of a fur baby to add to our growing blog dogs. Keep the news coming. Woof Arf.Begley

Smiley Faces for Everyone
Famous King Rexy, David and Denise’s fur baby
David, hard at work
Letter from Mitzy

Hi Begley, 
My hooman has been talking about you a lot lately. He says you have a blog, at first I thought he had something wrong with his tongue and couldn’t say dog properly. Then he explained what a blog is. That’s cool. Then he told me a while ago that you were on You are soooo  famous now.  Maybe I can get pawtograph one day.

It’s been brilliant having all the hoomans at home all the time especially my 2 hooman sisters. They are so nice to me and play with me and take care of me. They take me for walks too but not very far…I haven’t been out of the estate for a while. The big guy you know from school, Daniel, can’t take me for walks at the moment. He is doing something called cocooning it sounds very strange but he plays with me in the back garden every day and I heard him explaining that he’s not actually sick or anything but he must do what his doctor and the government says and not go out for a while. I’m lucky that the others in the house can still go out so I can get my walks alright. 

But I like being in the house too. Cuddling up to everyone and sleeping on my couch, you know I have my very own couch in this house. I’m such a lucky girl. 
I see that your sister Réaltín loves to play fetch, I kinda like to play fetch too. But I much prefer taking the ball and running and trying to get Daniel to chase me. Sometimes I pretend I’m going to give him my ball but at the last second I twirl around and run away again. I laugh when he gets frustrated at that. It’s so funny.

My Couch

I love doing funny things with my family. I really like dressing up. I’ll send you a photo. Daniel said no way I’d wear sunglasses but I showed him :-).
I’ve noticed that everyone in the house is making a big effort with each other. And they seem to be spending a lot of time making jigsaw puzzles . I tried to help one evening with the puzzle but nobody seemed very happy with my help. Ah well I don’t really jigsaws anyway. I’d  much prefer to get an ear scratch going.


I’ve got to go now cause I’ve noticed that the crows are getting cheeky and landing on my garden wall and shed, how very dare they. I’ll need to run them off or else they’ll start to think they own the place.
All the best Begley
Woofs and paws,

More Puzzling

Dear Mitzy,

First of all I love your stylish paw blanket and couch. You are a lucky lady. I am not allowed on the couch unless it is cuddle time with my Mom or Dad. I don’t get many cuddles with Dad ‘cos Realting gets woofully jealous.

I often sneak on the couch or chair when noone is looking and wow it is the most comfy place in the world. I do have 3 beds to choose from in the kitchen, but I reckon it is nicer to steal a snooze when I am breaking a house rule. Life can be very RUFF! Love from Beggers.

Dear Ms. Kavanagh, thanks for this wonderful poem and for the fun activity called Blob off. Can you believe that today is April Fool’s Day!

Here’s a fun activity for you.  What do you see? I started with a few blobs. Try to see how many different pictures you can make? Ask other people in the house. Challenge them to a Blob-off!

Miss K. you will be happy to know a first blob challenge came in.

Begley drew a dog bowl with 3 treats in it

A Poem from Miss. Kavanagh, our school Poet.

I never thought the day would come

When I’d wish to be in school.

I didn’t think I liked the place,

With its boring silly rules.

Well, let me tell you, I was wrong!

You’re going to hear me say,

When I wake up in the morning,

I miss it every day!

I miss the chat and banter

In the class and in the hall,

I miss just doing lessons

All the books and sums and all,

I miss the teacher’s stupid jokes

And Thursday evening’s singing,

I even miss it when I hear

The noisy school phone ringing.

I look at my new track-suit,

(And they really are quite cool!)

It sort of makes me lonely

Cos it makes me think of school,

I hope it won’t be too long more

Before we can go back,

Yes, I hope that after Easter

I’ll be packing up my sack!

I’d love a game of soccer now,

Or a turn or two at pool,

Or a session in the Woodwork room,

With all the saws and tools.

I miss Home Economics!

That room smells so delicious,

I’ll never again grumble

When Miss says to do the dishes.

This time is so unusual,

But I know it’s for the best,

And some of it’s not bad –

It’s nice to get a bit of rest.

I can WhatsApp all my buddies

I do schoolwork (now and then!),

But still, I’m waiting for the day

When I hug my friends again!

Day 18 31st March

Here’s a little puzzle for you. If you do it carefully, step by step, you will get the right answer, from Miss. Kavanagh

You are driving a bus to Dublin, calling to lots of towns on the way. (Look at the map and make sure I didn’t put them in the wrong order!)

At Cork, 10 people get on. 

At Fermoy, 4 people get off and 6 people get on.

At Mitchelstown, 8 people get on.

At Cahir, 2 people get off and 3 people get on.

At Urlingford, 7 people get on.

At Portlaoise, 5 people get off and 7 people get on.

At Naas, 2 people get off and 10 people get on. 

At Dublin, everyone gets off. 

Question 1: How many people got off the bus in Dublin?

Question 2: How many people travelled on the bus altogether on that journey?

Question 3: How old was the driver?

Answers to

Hi there Begley,

David  here is what I done when we’re out of school for a while  I’ve done a small bit of gaming and listening to the script and went out for a walk

David it is great to hear from you again and to know that you have been busy. Thamks for sharing your pic. It is brilliant.

From Begley

Constructing from a plan

Well, I was just rolling over in my basket then I went to check the computer in the chair while my Mam went to make coffee and I found a new message, this time from Aine, the other school president.

Hi begley how are you doing I’m doing good me my mam and dad did a bit of gardening but my dog dug out all the flowers that we put in


 I really miss going to school 


                                                      love from Aine     

Hi Aine,

My sister always digs up the flowers. Her name is Realtuin. Check her out below chasing a ball. Send a pic of the hole and mess your dog made. Let him join the blog!

I really miss you. You are always so kind to me and take me for lovely walks round the school.

Love from Begs

Anyone know what these lovely yellow flowers are called? Email me at

Smelling the flowers
My sister fetching the ball

Well another lovely day sleeping in. This is Begley blogging from his basket.

I hope you are all remembering to wash your hands and keep 2m from everyone. My Dad is nearly 2 metres tall. If he lay down on the ground between me and my sister Realtin, that would be about 2 metres. Get your Mum or Dad or older brother to lie down on the floor to give you an idea of 2 metres.

Yesterday Kate sent me a message and asked me what type of dog I am?

Well, some people call me a mutt!. I think they way they say it is not so nice though. It sounds like they don’t think too much of mutts. I have also heard that I am a cockapoo. That is a weird name. It does not sound as good as labradoodle. I am half spaniel and poodle. I really look like a blond, curly spaniel, especially when I am wet.

Cockapoos are also called Clown Dogs because they are so funny.

Mrs. Hayes is well and has been emailing me and sending me pictures of other furry blog dogs. Do you know what type of dogs these ones are?

Cute pups

Day 17 30th March

Hi Begley,

how are you?

I hope that you are not bored but I am a bit bored but I was doing hanging the wear. Last week for supper I cooked pasta.

I will send you few of my photos doing it.Lots of love

Patty Zawadzka 

Hi there Patty,

I‘m doing good. A bit tired of chasing birds and barking at cats Great to hear from you, Patty.. I also have very short walks now because we have to stay near our homes.Your pictures are lovely. I enjoy eating bits of dry pasta my Mom drops on the floor. They are so crunchy.Tomorrow  I have to have a bath and haircut so you will see my new hairstyle on the blog together with your email and my reply. So great to hear from you.WOOF WOOF ARF ARF 



Setting up the dryer
Hanging out laundry
Oil in pan

Good morning,

The sun is shining into my little kitchen here in Bandon and it’s lovely. I hope you’re keeping well. I loved Dylan’s photos of the fish. That was some catch! Well done. Good camera work too! I loved seeing Caoimhe’s dog, Rua. I have a doggy friend called Rua too. I will send you a picture of him. I am busy in the garden in the evenings. It’s good to get out after sitting at a screen all day. There are so many things to learn and do free online now. It’s very interesting. I’ll send you some brilliant links and you might be able to play the piano or do maths when I see you next. 


Now I must get back to work. Say Hi to Mrs. J and to Réaltín and Mr. J for me. Stay safe and wash your paws,Lots of love,Miss K.

Dear Miss. K.

I was pawticularly delighted to hear from you and see your lovely gardening photos and another furry blog friend.

Did you know I have had great messages from Patty, Dylan. Kate lately. They have been keeping so busy and enjoying the sunny days. I miss them so much. I miss everyone and hope some more of you send news to

Love from Begs

Day 16 29th March

Story on Covid-19

Miss. Kavanagh has sent me a lovely story about Covid-19. It really helps me understand and it is great to see other youngsters feel the same way as me about all of this WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. Well done Miss Kavanagh. Download and print the story above or just read it.

Morning everyone. All this blogging has tired me out,

Dylan has been busy fishing. Well done Dylan. Please send in any news or pictures to

I am going to get this fish mounted on the wall.
A 4 pounder.
Dylan’s fishing rods
Dylan’s latest fishing success
Big Catch

Hi everyone, it’s Caoimhe!!
I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying at home. I miss you all so much, especially my bestie Dylan. I really wish we were all back in school. 
I am keeping busy here in Cobh. I have been baking a lot, I made these caramel squares yesterday and they were delicious. I have also been going on lots of runs to work off all the delicious treats I’ve been having!! I also take my dog Rua for lots of walks by the water, we meet lots of other dogs but we always keep our distance. I sometimes allow Rua to go swimming if it is nice and sunny and not too cold. He really loves it. With these new restrictions, we can still go down to the water because it is in 2km from our house and Rua is very happy about that.
He has also been helping me with the shopping too, he likes to come for the spin and he is the best boy to wait in the car. 
I have been watching a lot of movies, especially Disney movies on Disney plus!! I have been doing some mindful colouring and I have been knitting too. What have you guys been up to??
Caoimhe xx

Caramel Squares MMMmmmmmmm
Best Boy
Beautiful Rua

Day 16 28th March

Hi everyone,

I see I am going to have to go for shorter walks with the new rules about social distancing and staying at home. I am very happy about that but it means Realtin will be even more annoying. She likes lots of walks.

I have just had a great email from Dylan, who was also out fishing. Here are some of his cool pics and his news.

Dear Begley and Mrs. J. and everyone,

We got him in Middleton 4 days ago and we got him on a spinning and I help my Frend bring him in I took 25 minutes he was running the water and jumping out I thought we would lose him 
Cause he was full of life. But we got him in it and weight him over 6 and a half pound


From Dylan

Dylan’s Fish
Over 6 and a half pound fish
What a Catch!

Hi, Dylan,So impressed with your cool picx of the fish, rod and emoji face. Well done hey. Mrs. J and I went fishing yesterday but now with the new rules we can’t go further than 2km from home.


 So no more beaches or rivers.I am quite glad though ‘cos my paws are tired of long walks.Glad you are all well at home. I miss 5th year and all the fun we have together with Mrs. Hayes and 6th year. Keep us posted with good news. It makes me so happy when there is a lovely email like this in my inbox.I’m off to see if I can spot the ginger cat from next door. WOOF.



Day 15 27th March

Hi everyone, it was great to hear from Kate and get her news. Hope she sends a couple of pics of the places she visited. Thankyou, Kate.

What a lovely sunny day. Enjoy chilling and painting and cooking . Tell us about it or send a snap to:


How are you?How is time off school for you?I will have a bone for you when we go back to school 


I went to Bantry for 4 days. We saw mizen head.  We went to the bamboo gardens and O’Sullivan bar in Crookhaven for lunch. We went swimming every morning and had a great time.  
On Monday we went walking and got wet in the rain 


I’ll email you again next week and tell you how I’m getting on on my Easter holidays. 
Love Kate.♥️

Tulips from St. Marys.

Day 14 26th March

Dear everyone from St. Mary’s,

Please send any news, big or small or any pics of baking, sewing, colouring, gardening, lovely places to:

I was lying next to the river, listening to the birds singing when I heard my phone ping. There was a lovely email from Patti. Let us see what she has been up to.

Patty looking pretty and happy

Hi Begley,

I hope you are doing well during this Coronavirus. Today I got a phone call from Mrs.Johnston and I am glad that everything is fine with you.

 I am sitting in the house with my mom, sometimes we go out shopping and that’s all.

I hope you don’t get bored at home and this Coronavirus will soon disappear and we will meet again and have fun.

Keep warm and write to you soon.

I am sending you my photo so that you will not forget what I look like.See you soon hopefully.


Patty and her computer at home

Today is a very exciting day because I got some lovely emails from fifth year. Levi has been very very busy painting his back wall. He has taken some fabulous photos of all his hard work. Well done Levi. I know he is great at painting because he and Dylan and Caoimhe painted our Relaxation corner. They did a fab. job.

Here are pics of Levi’s hard work.

Great choice of colour Levi
Beautiful painting work
That looks fantastic

Well folks, I got up early today. I saw it was misty and spooky outside. I packed my fishing box, got my minnow net and fishing rod and headed down to the river near the Bull Field.

You will never guess how many minnow I got in my Minnow Net. I got 600. I will salt and freeze them and use them as bait to catch some salmon.

I learnt all about Minnows from Dylan in class. His net was like this, so I fetched Mrs. J’s golf umbrella and chewed tiny holes in it to make a net.(She doesn’t know yet and she doesn’t play golf anyway}

Sunny Day

Yesterday, when I was out walking I got sick of the grass. It made me itchy. My sister likes to jump and bite it.

Last night Nugget help my human brother and sister to build a puzzle. Do you think she needs glasses?

Day 13 25th March

You will not believe the good news guys. Mr. Starkie emailed me. He is not really fond of dogs. I know because I can never get in to that room to vacuum. I love 3rd Year though. Aimee is my bestie there! She always gives me a beautiful smile. This is what he had to sat to 3rd years…………………………

Dear Begley,

Will you let 3rd years know I want them to carry on writing their news every day in their A4 pads.

Keep updating your daily diary and do all your maths sheets.

Draw and colour every day. You are so creative. Look for ideas on the website.

Love from Mr. Starkie

Good morning everyone. Don’t forget to email me on with news and greetings. Plenty of English and Home Economics posted up on our website. Take a look.

Today I walked 7 KM. We kept 2 metres away from anyone we saw. We ran in the grass. I am so tired now I can hardly wag my tail. I found grass makes me get itchy so I had a good scratch.

Grass makes me itchy
Grass gets up my nose
I saw swans

Day 12 24th March

Realtin digging holes
Beach Day

Hi Begley, It’s so good to read all your news! You are working hard as usual. I hope you take plenty of breaks from that screen. You don’t want to have tired eyes (like mine!) Make sure to get lots of stretches, lots of water and walk breaks and blink your eyes often. 
I found some cool Maths Games you can try out. Tell your humans to keep counting and keep doing your tables. Not tables for food, you scallywag! Play games together to see who is the counting champ. 
Please ask the pupils if they would like me to write a story. What will I write about? I miss writing stories for school. 
One more thing. Keep a journal. It’s hard to know what day it is now. Write the day, the date and the weather every day. Write what yo
u did. Write what you plan to do. Decorate it. Some day you can show it to your grandchildren!

Talk soon! Be good.Lots of love,Miss K.

Dear Begley
I think it so cool that you have your own email. Now you can communicate with others all over the world. 
How is your blog going? I hope you are getting lots of hits. 
I have been looking at some webcams from Dublin Zoo. You can see 


 elephants, giraffe, and the penguins. NO you can’t chase the penguins. 
Did you know that all those creatures have the same number of bones in their necks as dogs and humans? That is 7. Each giraffe vertebra can be over 23 cm long. Imagine if we could get hold of one of those bones. It would keep us chewing for a long time. .Do you know of any interesting websites for me to visit? 
Your loving sister.

Dear Realtin,Woof


 I am so happy to hear from you. Yes,my fan club is growing and I have good ratings on our website.I think I will take a look at Dublin Zoo online. My mouth is watering …… at the thought.
I see our friend Toby, whose Dad goes to St.Mary’s is also interested in sniffing creatures in holes. You need to meet up and go on an outing one day.Take care now Realtin and maybe we can play chase later. Bring your ball.Love, Begley

Dear Mr. Nolan,

I too was shocked to see that Begley must have been at my laptop too. This morning I woke up and couldn’t find my laptop. I discovered it under my desk, and it looked equally muddy and he did not shut it down, so the battery was flat……

You will see that I have put a special place for your class at the top of our website. I posted up the lovely work you sent them. I also made a place for Levi, Kerrylee, Dylan and Shania to look at Junior Cert. English and Home Ec. work.

I hope you are all well at home and Realtin says she is shocked you shout at Toby when he investigates holes in the ground as she is always either digging holes or sniffing deeply to see what lives in them. Realtin says he is just trying to be friendly with all the living creatures.

Dear Begley,

I was shocked to find out Toby
has been at my computer. It does explain how my keyboard was all muddy though.
Of course I can’t wash it as it’s electrical and water as everybody knows can’t
be used on electrical stuff. So now I have to wash my hands after typing on my
computer too!!

It’s great to hear from Ms Hayes,
Lucy, Mathew, David, Craig and Sean.

I’ve tried to imagine what my
class is doing and I made up this
list of pretend news:

Today is Tuesday the 24th of March.

It is sunny outside.

I feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy to be with my family and sad to miss everyone in school.

Lucy has joined the soap police and
is on patrol.

Zara has coloured 400 pictures
and will send you in some to see.

Sheola is training her pets for
Irelands got talent 2030 videos to follow.

Johnathan has written an angry letter to the makers of Fortnite because he has ran out of levels.

Shane is playing X-Box and
looking after Bailey.

Ryan has got his full driving licence on Forza and can now take down his L plates and drive a buggy on the moon.

Cathal has been walking greyhounds with his dad for miles and miles and sometimes they turn and go back home.

Cian has filled the coal bucket 1700 times now, read his book and is colouring mad. He will send you in some lovely pics I’m sure.

Christopher has been watching documentaries about some very rare and wonderful creatures.

Anthony has walked his dogs 375 times now and is looking after everyone at home. He might send you in some news.

Dermot is taking care of his nan and feeding animals.

If I’ve any mistakes I’m sure they will e-mail you

to correct me.

Some things I’ve been doing with my girls Begley – Reading, jigsaws, watching birds nesting, ball games and shouting at Toby to get out of holes. Who knows who lives there?

An American President named Theodore Roosevelt once said,

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.“

Remember too screen time should never be the same or bigger than the time you sleep.

Stay safe and healthy.

Mr Nolan.

Day 11 23rd March

Hi everyone,

I heard from Craig who used to be at St. Mary’s. He said “I miss you Begley”.

Craig sent me a pic of him and Begley.

Well Craig and I get on so well. We listen to each other and also give kind words to each other. Thank you Craig, I still go to your old desk and look for you. Visit St. Mary’s again when we go back to school. Keep washing your hands and stay 2 metres from people. Mind yourself Craig.

From Begley

Hi Begley,

Just after reading all the news on your blog and it really cheered me up! Great to hear from Sean in Junior A and from our President Matthew in 6th Year. Hopefully some of the other boys and girls will write to you soon.

 Anyhow Begley I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting a message for my 6th students on your blog please?  I’ll buy some nice treats for you in return!

Hi everyone in 6th Year,

Hope you are all keeping safe and not missing Annemaria and me too much!

To be truthful I am starting to miss you all and kind of wish we were all back at school and back to normal. Anyhow for now we just have to keep washing our hands, staying apart from each other and getting on with things as best we can.

Wash hands well

Home Economic News!

I suppose you all know at this stage that our Home Economic Practical Exam has been cancelled. The Minister for Education, Joe McHugh, has said that all the pupils are to be awarded full marks, which is great news for us. (Of course I knew already you were all going to get full marks in the exam!!)

 I know Ms O Leary has worked very hard with you all preparing you for your exam and I can assure you it has not being a waste of time.

You all now are very good chefs and it is something that will be always be useful to you. Look at all the lovely dishes you are able to make, apple crumble, cupcakes, chilli con carne, healthy snack bars etc.

Mmmmm it’s making me hungry thinking of them all!

So keep up your cooking at home and even try do some of the worksheets you brought home with you.

You can also try answering some of the questions on the exam papers and we can correct them when we are back in school.

Hope you are all keeping busy and not spending too much time on your Play Stations or X Boxes! Remember this is a tough time for your parents too so try and help out at home and don’t be complaining too much!

 Take care everyone and stay safe.

From Mrs Hayes

His Mrs. Hayes,

Thanks for the newsy letter and suggestions of things to cook. I am hoping students post up pics of food they make so we can all enjoy it.



Day 10 22nd March

The most exciting news was waiting for me in my inbox today. A lovely video message from Sean in Junior A. I was so delighted. I miss Sean. He always greets me and gives me a rub. What a bestie you are and I can’t wait to see you again too. Give me some news about what you have been doing or send a photo of some art work Sean. Your class are the best in St. Mary’s. Well done.

Love from Begley

Message to Begley from Sean

Best young man and Begley’s Buddy saying hi.

Lads I have heard from the LOVELY LUCY at our school. Mr Nolan, I need to pass this very important message to you. So read on…….

Dear Begley,

I miss you loads. I know I’m your Favourite SNA in the school but we’ll keep that between us .


Can you pass a message on to Mr. Nolan and tell him his message about the soap made me laugh but also let him know that I’ve taken a part time job while I’m out of work temporarily from St. Mary’s because of this virus.

I’ve decided to join the ‘Soap Police’ seeing as I was so good at policing the soap rituals in our class I thought I’d continue my good work outside of the classroom and give my experience in Soap Dispensing to those in need.

And for those of you who have trouble finding supplies of hand/ paw sanitizer then I have a recipe for a home made one which I will post on the blog.

Can’t wait for a cuddle from you Begley. Look after Mr. and Mrs. J and make sure you get them out of the house at least once a day for a jog around the block. No chasing birds now. Woof Woof 


Dear Lucy, 

Thanks for your email. It is lovely to hear from you. You are my favourite SNA. You always have juicy pieces of chicken to hand me. I miss them so much.
I hope You are well and that you are keeping  your paws clean. I  have not had a bath for 3  weeks but I did swim in the sea twice. I think salt water is the best for germs and virus things. 

The days are long when I don’t go to school but today was fun as we went to Ballybrannigan beach and I chased the foam on the beach. I chased the fat geese there and I met many other dogs.

They were there with their humans and they told me their humans seem to spend most of each day in front of tellies and computers.Today is mother’s day so the human kids rang Mom and Realtin and I posed with her in front of some flowers that were put outside the door the other day.

A lady in a van drove up, got out the van and put the flowers outside, rang the bell and ran back to her van. I thought Realtin and I must look like fierce watchdogs because she seemed very scared of us.. I ran out the front door to tell her I was not fierce but she drove away fast and then I saw a cat and chased it…….


The pic of me, Begley is bigger cos I’m more important than Realtin!

Here are some shots of my annoying fur sister and I at the beach in our bath robes. Some pics of us with our Mum too. Our human Mom. Dunno where my fur Mom is and can’t remember her really..Love, Begley

Mothers Day hug from Realtin

Please write n tell me what you did for Mom on Mother’s Day. Send a pic of you and Mom or draw a pic, take a photo and send it in to:


I’m snoozing after my long walk. Wonder when supper will be ready…….

Day 9 21st March

Peter asked me to show everyone his lovely red tulips.

Yesterday I went to school
It was a sunny day out

David from 6th year had this lovely message for everyone.Thankyou David. I miss you too and hope the virus ends soon. Begley P.S. Please send us more news

I hope teachers and staff are all ok and I hope the Coronavirus will end soon but I hope everyone is fine from David .

Good morning everyone. Last night I was delighted to get this email from our school president, Matthew. He shared his news and had comforting words for us all. We are all in this together. Please share your news from your homes and let us know you are well. Thankyou, Matthew.

Blog by our school President.


Hi Everybody,

It has been one week since we closed due to the Coronavirus.

How has the virus affected us differently?

1.    The European Championships (Euro 2020) has been postponed for 1 year

2.    All soccer matches are postponed until further notice

3.    My table tennis club has closed 8 days ago.
All training and tournaments are postponed until later in the year.
I train 2 nights a week and coach on Wednesday nights.
There was supposed to be tournaments all around the country until the end of April. These are now not going ahead.
This is a very hard time in a pivotal time in the Table Tennis season, and I am finding it very difficult to get practice in.

The days are long.
I’ve been working on my Home Economics Exam papers.
I have been playing darts in my room to pass the time.
We go out once a day to get fresh air and we play board games, like UNO and Draughts, or watch a film in the evening time.

I know how everyone feels about the virus.

We are in this together.

Hi Matthew,

Wonderful to hear from you.I am delighted with the article you have written. Well done and thanks for the update and what you have been doing.
I see how busy you have been and well done for keeping up the work. As a president you are leading by example.
Glad you are getting out in the fresh air. 

I was up at school today and it was so strange to have no pupils there. Peter’s tulips were flowering out the front of the school.

Keep in touch and keep up the sport and games to keep you busy. Next week I will post up some Home Ec. Work from Mrs. Hayes  and Ms. O’Leary to help you.We ARE all in this together. Mind yourselves. Please keep in touch and send us more news next week. I will post up work for students on Monday. There are loads of links to follow on our main page. Encourage your friends to email us.


All the staff and Begley

My family are building a giant puzzle, when I and Realtin are not eating the pieces.

February Students of the Month

Ryan and Patty

Day 8 March 20th

Hi Begley, Hope you’re doing okay.  It’s March 20th, the sun is shining 


 and I nearly forgot my poor sister’s 


birthday again! 


 Don’t tell my pupils. 


Begley, did you see my brother’s 


dog, Buster? He’s still a pup. He is getting good at giving the paw. He is very cute. What do you think?Mind yourself. Stay at home. Wash your paws.Lots of love,

Miss K.


Beautiful Buster giving paw.

Good Afternoon guys, well I have had a really newsy email from the best class in the school, Junior B and Toby their teacher’s dog. Read all about it here!

From Begley

Dear Begley,

Today is Thursday the 19th of March.

It is sunny outside.

I’m feeling a bit worried and confused.

What’s going on? Mr Nolan is at home the whole time now and he keeps washing his hands every time he’s been outside. He always asks me how people are supposed to know how much soap to use now without Lucy!! He sent on this pic it’s only a bit not the whole bottle he says.

I’m not allowed to say hello to people on walks we have to keep our distance. 2 meters he says. If anyone has a measuring tape could they check how many giant steps that is!!! Is it longer than their height??? Is it the same as two arm lengths?? Is it the same as a hurley??? Is it the height of a door?? Am I 2 meters long??? HELP.

We’ve been very busy Begley. We went for a walk. Did you know that even though we are all staying at home there is still loads of cars about. I have to remind him that we walk on the right ——————————— this side.

Especially if you are in the countryside as cars aren’t used to people walking when school is normally on.


We are busy indoors too Begs. Memory games and colouring. Sir says the girls are only colouring but he is doing very grown up stuff – practicing his fine motor and mindfulness so its ok that he is colouring kids books. Can you guess which pics are his???

He got in a bit of trouble with
his cat though as the girls said that was just scribbling!! What do you think?
Ask nugget.

Beautiful colouring

We did a bit of baking too Begley but the mean lot wouldn’t give me any. That visitor ye had from dogstrust told them no sweets for dogs. I might have to work on my begging. Sir was wondering if any Junior B’s would remember making pancakes with Ms O’ Leary, Aine, Cian and Mr Starkies class. Does anyone have a nice recipe for us to try at home ??


Loads of signs of spring at the moment Begley maybe someone will send you in some pictures from their phones or by email if someone at home will help. Today the cows came back into the fields, it’s great to see the girls out.



This pesky crow keeps robbing bits from my football for her nest.


Well Begley I’m tired now from
all the typing it’s hard on my dewclaws. Keep up the good work. Love the e-mail

I’m off for a lie down,



Dear Parents,

Please reach out and make contact with your school by email. Encourage your students to email us with news and pictures.

Contact Begley on


Dear Toby,

Thankyou for your email. I am awaiting an article from one of our school presidents, Matthew. I am hoping Aine will be in contact soon and I really wish Cian from Junior B will send me some pictures of birds as he is interested in them.

Hoping the school community all contribute soon. This is growing!



Reach out and email your school
Together, we are a community

Day 7 March 19th

Miss Kavanagh has just emailed me a word challenge.

See how many words you can make from :

Begley is at home.

If you can find some food words, I will be very happy.

I can see meal and meat. See what you can find and email them to

Here I am, enjoying a bone on the red carpet. Guess where it is. Sitting room or kitchen??? Don’t tell Realtin!

Oh so comfy on the couch, quilt to myself!

Talking about Realtin, WHERE IS SHE?

She was asleep on the couch!

There she is and I have just checked my inbox. An email from my own sister! Read this!

Dear Begley
Guess what! I have my very own email address, so people can email me. This is such fun. I am so excited. 
Do you want to play ball with me. It is such fun, fun fun. 
Please please play ball with me. 
From Realtin.

This means Realtin and I will be blogging for our schools. St. Killians and St. Mary’s. Great to share ideas while we are all social distancing!

Hi Begley,
This is Nugget your relative. I saw you wrote a post about me on your blog. I also saw you chase cats. That’s mean. If you tried to chase me I would scratch your nose.

My Pawrents are at home all the time now. I don’t like that. I only want them to be there to feed me and give me rubs when I ask. Now they’re taking up all the space. 

Yesterday they tried to build a puzzle in the house. I didn’t like that because they wouldn’t give me attention. I ran over it and knocked it flying. They built it again but as soon as I get a chance I will knock it over. 

What games are you playing to keep busy? 
I won’t say lots of love cos I don’t like dogs.
From Nugget

This was in my inbox today. I got an awful shock!

A CAT wrote to me. Well, I am actually very happy to hear from Nugget. We are related even if we are different.

Strange, my pawrents are also building a puzzle, I find the pieces quite tasty. A bit like cornflakes. It helps them get rid of the pieces.

Write and tell Nugget and myself of any shocking things you may have heard lately.

Dear Nugget,

Thanks for the email. I was a bit shocked when I realised I got an email from a cat! WHAT A SHOCK.
I suppose as cats go you are very pretty and you never hiss at me. Perhaps you could play chase with me.
I have 5 jokes about cats to tell you.

 Q What do cats like on a hot day? A Micecream cones   


Q What do you call a pile of kittens  A A moewntain
Q What do cats eat for breakfast?  A Micecrispies
Q How do cats keep the law and order?  A Claw enforcement
Q What do cats like to read?    A Catalogs



Day 6 March 18th

I can’t see the screen?

Lads, my eyes are blurry today.

I tried licking my glasses clean but it doesn’t help. Hope Mrs. J. doesn’t go at them again with the dettol wipes!

Bored n barking at birds.

This morning I was chewing my bone, then the pesky birds were making a racket in my back yard.

I didn’t really want to get my paws wet so I barked inside.

These were the birds I saw.

Noisy birds

Can you name these birds n tell me a bit about them?

Another email!

Lads, Miss K. has just sent us a story. I love her stories and this one is about ME and all of US!

Hi Begley,Here’s the story I promised you. Love from Miss K.

Running Out the Door

Hi. I’m Begley. I love food. I work in St. Mary’s. Mrs. Johnston is good but some days she forgets. I like when she forgets. Then I can look for food.

One day last week, Mrs. J was very busy. All the class were very busy. Caoimhe and Una were very busy. I had an idea. No one was looking so I ran out the door. I ran past Miss K’s class and I ran down the stairs. I wanted to get to the kitchen. There is food in the kitchen. I love food.

Miss K saw me. She came after me. Miss K can move very fast! I was near the kitchen but she was too fast. She said “Begley, you’re a scallywag!” Then she picked me up and hugged me. But she had no food.

Then all the Juniors came along. They were all going home. One by one they gave me a rub and they hugged me. They shook my paw. I felt very happy. I love when they smile at me. I waved at them when they were going home. I hope we will be seeing each other soon again.

After that Miss K took me back to Mrs. J and soon we were going home too. I love St. Mary’s!

EMAIL BEGLEY at : and practise your writing skills.

Hello Begley. 
You look good with your glasses. I am so happy to see you again. I miss you and I miss all our pupils. I am sure they miss you too. 

Would you like me to write a story for you? I will write a story about the last day in school. You were very kind to say goodbye to the Juniors. 
Goodbye for now. I am looking forward to hearing from you.Your old friend,Miss K. xx(Well, I’m not that old really.) 

Hi Miss K.

I miss you too!

I am in bed right now and got into trouble for licking  the computer. Sometimes I think the keys are treats. Will write back soon as I can. Just out to patrol the garden for cats. Regards,BEGLEYXXXXX

Day 5 17th March

Well everyone, the Deputy Principal Mrs. Hayes emailed me and sent a pic. of a lasher of a dog called Buster. Keep reading her email.

Hi Begley,

 I got very excited when I discovered that you had started this blog. It certainly is a great idea to help everyone to keep contact while school is closed.

Anyhow just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading all your news{ and Max’s }and that you looked very smart in your St. Patrick’s Day glasses.

I miss seeing you at school and am even starting to miss all the boys and girls!Hopefully we won’t be off school for too long and we will all be back at St.Mary’s soon.

 In the meantime here are some jokes for you to cheer you up!

Q What dog keeps the best time?              A A Watchdog!

Q Why is a tree like a big dog?                    A They both have a lot of bark!

Q Where do you find a dog with no legs?   A  Right where you left him!

Sorry🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Anyhow be good for Mr.and Mrs Johnston!



Mrs Hayes

Here is my friend’s dog Buster.

Unfortunately he’s not very good at following the HSE Guidelines for keeping his drooling and shaking to himself!

Love from Mrs. Hayes

I was delighted to get an email from Max, Ms. Hollywell’s Dog. As you all well know, she has been our Principal for a year.

Dear Begley,
I am using Ms Hollywell’s email address as she won’t let me have my own because I don’t work at St Mary’s. Although, I have been at work with her for two days now, so I am becoming familiar with the school now!
I have had a good sniff around the place and you smell like a very friendly dog Begley, so I would like to meet you one day. I have met Mrs Hayes – she gave me treats but I spat them out – I only really like human food, I am very good at persuading Mr and Mrs Hollywell to feed me tit bits! I also met Geraldine the SLT, I liked it in her room it was very calm and I found a spot under her desk. And of course I met Peter – he gave me lots of rubs.
I like running up and down the corridors but I don’t have very good grip so I do lots of skids which seems to keep Mrs Hollywell happy.Really though I am just waiting for her to let me chase rabbits round the garden…..maybe if I am good and keep her company she’ll let me sniff the field before we go home!
I hope you are enjoying your time at home and checking the website for updates and work to keep you busy.
I look forward to meeting you soon,
Woof woof,

Here is a pic. of Max resting in his basket on a day when his Mam was painting at home.

MAX, dreaming of rabbitsxxx

This is my reply to dear Max pictured above. He has lovely big ears. Write to me and ask a few questions about Max and I will do my best to answer them.

Dear Max,

Pretty hard about your mistress not giving you an address. A tree is just as good!

I am only allowed to email and go on our school blog. I am NOT allowed to go on Snapchat, Instagram or do Gaming. I don’t think that’s fair because other people can and I can’t. But my Mum says it’s safer because lots of bad things happen out there.

Max, please save any treats for me so when I come back to school I will eat them. Such a waste otherwise.

I look forward to smelling around where you have been at school and would love a game of chase on the grass outside. But the humans have to stay away from each other for the moment so that they don’t get sick.

Take care of Ms. Hollywell and Geraldine and Peter for us. I miss their rubs. Most of all I miss Ms. Hollywell’s rubbish bin!Take care.

I miss all of you and am a bit bored and sick of my humans now. 5 days is a long time to put up with them. They get under my paws!

WOOF! for St. Patrick’s Day. I had my outfit all ready then I had to stay at home with my humans and have a bath.

Guess who this is?????? GRRRRRRR!

Yes, Realtin. She upstaged me. Do you even know what upstaging is??? Write and tell me what you think of dogs eating bones in your sitting room.

Well, she is caught in the act. I took a pic of her with her bone in the sitting room. BONES ARE NOT ALLOWED THERE!

That reminds me of school. You see, the teachers think I just sleep, but I listen in class.

This is my favourite poem. The 5th Years have been doing this poem for Chewing Certificate. I’m gonna paws and ask you some questions on it. Please email me your answers! Don’t correct my spellings!

Can you email me answers to these questions please?

  1. What bad habits do dogs have?
  2. Does your mother/father/guardian like dogs? TELL ME WHY!
  3. Do any of you prefer cats to dogs???? WHY???
  4. What bad habits do CATS have GRRRRR!
  5. Do any of you not like pets? WHY?
  6. What have you all been doing with yourselves?
  7. Give me ideas of things to do so I can share them on the blog.
  8. Send in pics of your dogs/ cats/ pets/ hobbies/ interests
This is NUGGET, my relative.

Yes, she is pretty good looking as cats go. But I am ashamed to say I like to chase cats for a bit of fun.

We did go for a fantastic walk along the Carrigaline Walkway on the way to Crosshaven.

I hear trains went along there at one time? Could you research that and send me a picture in your email please?

Day 4 16th March

You will never guess how annoying my sister Realtin is. She chews grass too.

My copy cat (dog) sister eating grass!

Did you find out why dogs eat grass? Please email me and tell me so I can post it up. She is under that Dog Rose too.!

Can you name the flower in the bottom left part of the above picture? Email me the answer ASAP!

Day 3 15th March

Guys and girls, I have just had an email from Caoimhe.

Boy, I miss her. She misses us all. I am also very jealous of her handsome fur baby called Rua. She sent me a pic. Take a look.

Rua is taking a shower after a run at the beach

Send me an email and find out about Rua. I don’t think he is as handsome as me. He washes his paws a lot like the rest of us!

Look, this is me eating grass. Mainly because I miss vacuuming floors. Can you find out about why dogs eat so much grass?


Here I am chewing grass. I am under a rose bush. I think it is a dog rose. Can you tell me anything about Dog Roses? Can they bark?

Are we like cows? What other animals eat grass??

EMAIL BEGLEY at : and practise your writing skills.

Day 2 14th March

Hi folks, I sure miss licking up crumbs at breaktime. 6th Year always give me yummy snacks.

Kate brings me a treat each week. Jumbones are the best!

Are you baking any delicious treats at home? Tell me about them. Email me and I will post your emails. Send pictures of the yummy food.

Here are some of my favourite treats. Why are they kept on top of the the kitchen cupboards????

DAY 1 Friday 13th of March of our school closure saw me, Begley, enjoying a good sleep in.

I hate getting up early.

I hope you and your fur babies are sleeping in loads to get over all the excitement of closing school.

This is me having a lie in. I am guarding my bones too.

This is my sister, Realtin.

She can be annoying sometimes. Do you also have annoying brothers and sisters?? She has taken up the best spot on the carpet, which is really mine. I am sulking in the kitchen.

Click Below to follow guidelines on Covid 19

A reminder to all staff and pupils to wash hands well, following HSE guidelines. Visit What’s Happening? CLICK HERE and follow the links there.


We are so proud of our cool looking school tracksuits, which were delivered last week. There are more on order too. Sporting some of the tracksuits are 5th Year students, some of whom received Green Flag Certificates for hard work done over the year. Well done!

5th Years from Green Committee


A member of staff, called Donal, visited St. Mary’s
on Wednesday, 4 th of March 2020.
He brought a stuffed dog with him to teach us
about how to approach a dog properly. The breed
was a beagle. He told us if we were to meet a new
dog, you should ask for permission from the owner
first and then stand still and wait for the dog to
come over and sniff you then rub him under his
He told us that if a person is scared of a dog, to do

the X factor and look up at the sky. The dog will
get bored and walk away or run away.
He showed us pictures of the Dog Trust home and
the workers in their centre in Dublin. They house
up to 200 different breeds of dogs.
Next he talked a bit about the dogs they rescue.
They collect dogs that are from the pounds. Their
job is to re-home them. They educate people about
dogs. They don’t want people to adopt a dog
without thinking a lot about it, so they don’t make
a mistake as that’s not fair on the dog. They find
families from all around Ireland to adopt a dog. It

costs €160 to adopt a dog. Before a family can
adopt a dog, the Dog Trust visit the house to see if
their home is suitable, especially that the garden is
fenced so the dog is safe.
When the dog enters the centre, they are checked
by a vet. The first thing they do is to check if they
are microchipped. The vet uses a scanner to check.
The owner can be tracked if the dog is

Then the volunteers feed the dog and give them a
shower. They bring them to their new kennel

The volunteers bring the dogs for a walk twice a
day. They bring poo bags with them because it
illegal to leave dog litter behind. If a person breaks
this law, they can be fined anything from €100 up
to €4,000. It’s wise to clean up after your dog!
The law was brought in because if a young child

fell into the dog’s poo and it touched their eyes,
they could go blind or get very sick because dog
poo contains lots of germs.
Donal warned us of dangerous foods for dogs.
Chocolate, grapes, raisins, garlic and onions are
poisonous. Chicken, rice, bread and potatoes are

okay but can be fattening. He said dog nuts are
better than wet food because it’s better for their
teeth. If you are giving them chicken or ham,
make sure there is no seasoning or sauce in it as it
might contain onions or garlic.

Dogs don’t like to be bothered when they are in
bed or when they are eating or drinking.
Dogs need lots of rest – about 16 hours per day.
If you would like more information. You can go to
the website
Our class really enjoyed having Donal to visit us.

MARCH 2020

2nd Years Hard at Work in Home Economics

2nd Years’ craft work in Home Economics


Senior Basketball and Soccer Match at Scoil Bernadette

On the 22nd January St. Mary’s Girls travelled by bus to Scoil Ber. We had a fabulous day playing soccer and basketball. St. Mary’s Seniors helped ref. and supported teams. We then went to Supermacs and as part of our Level 2 J.C. Maths programme we ordered our lunches and took menus back to school to use in our Maths lessons.

Kerrylee said the best part of the day was going to Supermacs!

Enjoying Supermacs
Team Work

St. Mary’s and Scoil Bernadette‘s Teams


Students of the month in 2019

2020 January

January 2020 at St. Mary’s School has been very busy.

Our Green SchoolsAmbassadors spoke at a Workshop on Saving Water at The Life Time Lab on the Lee Road.

Students have been entering the Texaco Art Exhibition and The Green Flag Poster Competition.

We are very proud to say that Matthew Collins, a 6th year pupil in St. Mary’s, has been voted ‘Club Person of the Year 2019’ for table tennis at Beechhill Table Tennis Club, Cork.

It is recognition of the club for Matthew’s journey from Special Olympic Player to now Para Olympic Contestant.

Matthew is travelling to Malmo, Sweden, to compete in the Para Olympics in February.

Everyone in St. Mary’s would like to wish Matthew lots of luck in Malmo.


The Blog Below covers the period 2019 at St. Mary’s School. Enjoy looking back over the memories.

The school year ended with the Leavers attending their Graduation Dinner at the Rochestown Park Hotel. The evening began with photographs taken with staff and the school therapy dog Begley.

This was followed by a delicious dinner. Parents, guardians and family arrived afterward for coffee and then awards were presented

A fantastic evening was had by all.

Welcome back to everyone after the summer holidays. We are delighted to have so many new pupils and to feel the buzz and excitement of day one, 30th August 2019. The drone pictures were kindly taken by Pat Murphy.

Drone picture of St. Mary’s school.
Picture of the school and yard.

View of our school garden.

There is plenty of good news from St. Mary’s to start off our year, September 2019. This week’s blog was done by 5th Year.

Jack got a new dog called Charlie. Jane went on holidays in Hong Kong, China and Vietnam.

Mr. Starkie is the new teacher in 3rd Year.

There is also a new girl called Megan in 3rd Year.

Downstairs the Juniors have a new teacher called Ms. Walsh. There are 5 new Juniors named Daniel, Ryan,Hannah, James and Selena.

In Mr. Nolan’s class we have Sheola, Zara, Johnathon, Shane, Cian and Christopher as new pupils.

Welcome to all new staff and pupils!

Congratulations to Sarah in 6th year. Last year she entered a poem called Bullied into The National Poetry Competition of Ireland. Sarah achieved an award of Highly Commended for her poem.

BULLIES by Sarah for the National Write a Poem Competition 2019

Breathing gets heavier

Palms get sweatier

So scared to face

Another day in this place!

People are so mean

These nasty teens!

They tease , hurt me and

Say nasty things to burn me!

I’m afraid to speak up!

I’ve butterflies in my stomach

Telling me to stay away

I keep it to myself every day

It gets worse,

Should I speak up?

And tell someone my troubles

Should I cry out for help? Would you?

I asked for help and I got it.

Felt so scared to speak up it was hard

But I knew in my head it would drive me mad.

Since I spoke up I’ve been so glad

I built my confidence

Made my friends!

Now look at me

All grown!

A house, a job, a fella, a phone!

Now look at you!

The Mayor, Dr. John Sheehan visited our school yesterday, the 16th of September. Here he is pictured with our principal Ms. Hollywell and the Mayoress.


Pupils are enjoying following the Rugby World Cup in Japan and are hoping Ireland can go all the way to the final!

We wave flags and sing Ireland’s Call in the hall some mornings and are learning all about Japan and the Japanese people.

On Thursday we had ‘Green Day’ in St. Mary’s.

 Everybody, including the staff, wore something green to school in honour of the Irish rugby team.  It was great fun

    6th Year Pupils eating rice and noodles using chopsticks!

Proud supporters of Ireland!

St. Mary’s School
Presidents  2019-2020

Meet St. Mary’s new Presidents for the school year 2019- 2020.

Aine is a wonderful singer and enjoys drama and playing soccer.

Matthew is a talented soccer and table tennis player and has played on the Irish Special School’s Soccer Teams on two occasions.  Matthew will also travel to Malmo, Sweden, next year to play table tennis.

We are very lucky to have two such talented pupils.

 We know they will work very hard in their new roles.

Congratulations Aine and Matthew!

September in Junior B

We had two birthdays in September.

It was Lucy’s and Dermot’s birthday.

Dermot turned thirteen. He’s a teenager now!!

We had cake. We had balloons and fun. Everyone in assembly sang ‘Happy Birthday’.

Birthday Celebrations in Junior B!

We went to the garden.

We tasted vegetables like tomatoes. Some people took beans and cucumbers home.

It was overgrown. It needs a lot of work.

We need to weed it. Our pumpkins need to grow for Halloween.

We went to see Begley in the Boardroom. He comes into us on Fridays. We all got to pet Begley. He likes to bite his claws. Begley is a therapy dog. Begley visits nursing homes too. He likes food. He is cute. He makes us laugh. He is small. He knows dog tricks. He is hairy.

We had a fire drill. The fire drill alarm went on. We went outside. When we went out we had roll call. We were at the assembly point.

Nature Walks

We went outside looking for signs of Autumn. We were looking for brown leaves, blackberries, we were looking for animals collecting food. We saw cows outside, they will be in for winter. We found leaves changing colour, blackberries and pinecones. We didn’t find animals, we were too loud!

Aldi Stickers

Please help us collect Aldi Stickers to win 50 000 Euro for new sports facilities

Junior Certificate Results

Congratulations to Kerrylee,
Cian and Adam
We are all proud of you here at St. Mary’s.

Junior Cert Results 2019

Last Friday there was great excitement at St. Mary’s as some of our Senior Pupils received their Junior Cert results. The pupils had worked hard all year and were very happy to celebrate their well deserved results.  

U 18 Soccer Blitz at U.L. Day 1

On October 8th, St Mary’s Senior Soccer Team travelled to the U.L. to compete in Day 1 of this year’s U. 18 Munster Soccer Blitz.

Teams from all over Munster competed on the day, Ennis, Dungarvan, Waterford, Limerick, Tralee and of course Cork!   

 The lads played their hearts out on the day but competition was tough.    

Of the 4 games that were played we won 2 and lost 2.

We would like to say a special thanks to our soccer coach Charlie, who works so hard with us every Wednesday.

Our next day out is the Indoor Soccer Blitz at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick on December 3rd.

Will keep you posted so keep on following our site!                                                           

                           6th Year pupils made “Relaxation Jars” this month.

 We use them to practice our breathing and to help us reduce our anxiety when we get worried.  A still jar is like our minds when we are calm and a jar with all the glitter moving represents all the feelings we have in our busy minds.        

Pointilism Art By 5th Year

Cooking Noodles and Biscuits By 5th Year

Every Wednesday 5th Year do a cooking and writing exercise. This helps with organisational skills, sequencing, independence skills and we learn about safety in the kitchen.

The Savoury Shop

Mini- Business

5th year are starting a mini business to raise money for a Relaxation Room and for those students travelling to Lourdes.

Our business is called the Savoury

We will prepare Toasties OR salads for each class member, starting with the 6th Years.

Toasties with Ham and Cheese= 2.50

Toasties with extras                    3.00

SALADS                                           3.00

So far we have raised 25 Euro, after just 1 day of business. We aim to reach 100 Euro.

Well, as of the 10th of November, we have reached 116 Euro and still need to make toasties for the juniors.

Aldi Competition

A big thank you to everyone who collected Aldi stickers for St. Mary’s over the past few weeks. Can you believe we almost filled 4 posters, which is 1,181 stickers in total! Peter, our caretaker posted them today so fingers crossed now that we will win the 50,000 euro for our school!!

Our Principal, Ms. Holywell and Aisling, packing up posters for the Aldi competition.
Bingo Day at St. Mary’s

Water Ambassadors 2019. To find out more go to Menu and click on Green Flag

                       Making the Advent Wreath

Ms McGrath’s class were very busy this week making the annual Christmas Advent Wreath, to help us prepare for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day.

The children worked hard putting all the greenery and candles in place.

We look forward to lighting the purple, pink and white candles over the next few weeks.

 A special thanks to Larissa and Tristan for all their help.

Well done everyone!

This is Tommy, from Junior A, lighting the purple candle on the first week of Advent.

Christmas Cakes

Christmas time is always busy at Home
Economics Class in St. Mary’s and this year was no different!

Here are some of the delicious cakes
that the 6th Year pupils made this year. A special thank you to Miss
O’ Leary and of course Annemaria for all their help.

Well done everyone!            


Window art by \levi and Dylan.