Please listen to the following message to parents from the IPPN

Download this simple explanation of what Covid -19 is. Explain it to your child.

      12th March 2020

Dear parent,

Please find a social story about the school closure enclosed, and also a calendar for March and April. Please read the social story with your child and talk through the calendars. You can cross the days out on the calendars as things progress.

If things change and the school closure is extended, please cross out the further days that the school will be closed and talk through this change.

Thanks and best wishes from all at Brothers of Charity Southern Services.


Covid-19 Social Stort from Supervalu

COVID-19 ‘Lockdown’ Visual Guide

Here are some simple guidelines to follow each day to ensure you and your family stay safe.

Please refer to the departmental guidelines and click on this link


Talking to young Children about Covid-19

Please refer to this link:

Here are some of your questions about the virus that may be answered in this video. Click on the link.

Clean those hands!

Please read the following letter to parents from the Chief Medical Officer. Click on the link.

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