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Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh 1853- 1889

This painting is famous. It was painted in France. It has 3 different shades of yellow. Vincent Van Gogh painted it. He said the picture shows a feeling of gratitude. He was very fond of flowers. This painting could sell for nearly $40 million. He once hoped to sell it for $125,

Answer these questions.

  1. What is the name of this painting?
  2. Who was the artist?
  3. What feeling does the painting show?
  4. What was Vincent very fond of?
  5. Where was it painted?

Now watch this video then try to draw your own sunflower. Try to colour it with 3 different shades of yellow.

Draw and colour your own sunflowers

Now try to grow your own sunflowers at home. Watch this simple video that shows you how to grow them in just 8 days.

Draw and label your own sunflower
Click the download button below to print it.
Draw and write these fractions

Take photos of your sunflower from seed to flower and then make your own lifecycle like the one above. Send photos in to the blog on

Use yellow and green paint.
Paint the petals using a fork
Visit the above site to try other sunflower crafts
Copy out the above sentences and fill in the missing words

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