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Hi👋🏼 St Mary’s family🌈. How are you all today on this beautiful sunny day?☀️. Hi👋Begley how are you pup?🐶 I miss you and I can’t wait to see you in September🌸. On Sunday my Auntie Annette called up to say Hello and we all had a lovey chat and catch up at my house but obviously keeping our 2m distance apart👌 It was really nice to see her🤞. We talked about all the shops reopening and holidays next year😉.. Also my baby Nephew Finn came up on Sunday and it was really special to see him😁. We saw him up really close this time on our dining table in the kitchen in his baby carrier and we said Hello little boy and we had a tickle off his feet🦶🏻. All my family and I for the first time in weeks were looking at my new Baby Nephew Finn properly in our house in amazement🤗. And then we said our goodbyes I will see him again some time this week🤪. Yesterday I did my School work and went out for a lovely walk with my dog Honey🐶. And I relaxed and went on my phone in the evening and night time😺😺. Then I went to sleep😴. Today I got up at 8 o clock and had a lovely Turkey Sausages, Mushrooms & Eggs with a Cup of Tea 1 sugar breakfast😋. Afterwards I relaxed and watched some Netflix🥰.. Then I did all my school work😕. When my dad came back this morning we went out for another lovely big long walk with my dog Honey🐶. When I came back at 1 I had some lovely Pasta with a bit of cheese and a glass of Milk for Lunch😋. For the afternoon I will relax and have dinner with my family😋. And I will probably have games with my mom for an hour🥰. Then I will play some games in bed and watch Netflix and Youtube🥰. Afterwards I will wind down in bed and have a Cup of Tea with some crackers before I go to bed😽. Then I will go to sleep😴. Finally before I go I have some really exciting news for you all. My dad got a new Car on Friday and we’re all really excited🥰. It is an Audi A5 and it’s a gorgeous grey colour and it has a lovely interior inside😊. I haven’t been able to go for many car rides in
it yet but I will when the lockdown is over🥳. So anyways peeps that’s it for today and I will talk to you all again soon hopefully😙. Bye👋🏽 Emma Hawkins 3rd Year❤💋💋.

Great news about your new car Emma. You must send us a picture. I would love to go for a spin in it someday, with my ears blowing out the open window. I suppose that might be dangerous though so I would have to shut the window. Does it have a sun roof for dogs? Begley

Hi Begley, This is Seán from junior 1A with his cat. Her name is Fergi.

Hi Sean,

I am so happy to see you again and I love the look of your cuddly Fergie. Tuttles is also here to see you. Begley

I know Junior A will be very pleased to see this update on Tuttles, Ms. Woodworth’s cat. Tuttles, you look great. What is your favourite toy and food Tuttles? I love your name and your colours. I would love a game of chase with you. I am really quite scared of cats though because they have very sharp claws. BEGLEY

A letter from Tuttles

 Purrr, Purrr. Well hello everyone at St. Marys. Tuttle Woodworth here. I’m the boss in the Woodworth house although the humans think they’re in charge. I run all over the house and hide in the most unusual places – in cupboards, on top of wardrobes even in the shower. I come and go as I please. I have my own cat flap just for me. Much to my annoyance the girl-child locks it at 10pm so night-time hunting is out of the question. Despite this she is my favourite human. She gives the nicest cuddles and allows me sleep on her desk when she’s studying. I sneak into her bedroom and hide under her bed until she falls asleep. Then I jump up, sneak under the duvet and play with her toes. She pretends to be cross, but I know she loves me. 

The one place I’m never allowed is the boy-child’s room. Apparently he is extremely allergic to cats. Imagine being allergic to a sweet, loveable creature like me!

The humans bought me a lovely comfortable bed, but I prefer to take their fluffy blankets for my naps. After all sharing is caring.

I’m a bit annoyed with them at the moment. They never go out anymore. They’re here 24/7. I like my peace and quiet and I never get any now – they’re looking for hugs and cuddles all day. I can’t wait for this “lockdown” thing to be over. Meow  TUTTLES 

Tuttles likes sitting in this cardboard box
Tuttle playing on her favourite human’s bed

A birthday cake made in Tuttle’s image

That is a beautiful birthday cake of you, Tuttles. I wonder who made it? It looks so real.

This is Ms. Woodworth’s dog. She looks so wise and friendly What a beautiful face. Dixie is her name. Dixie I also love going into the sea for a swim.

A message from Dixie Woodworth

Hello boys and girls. My name is Dixie Woodworth. I live with Mrs. Woodworth and her family in the beautiful countryside. I adore living with them. Although I do get very sad when they all go out to work and school every morning. I have to stay inside all day on my own. That’s because I might I run off with my boyfriend, Rua.  I looove him. He’s the neighbour’s dog and we hunt rabbits together. My family don’t like me doing that – can’t think why? I always bring back little presents from my hunting and leave them on the door step.

A few months ago, something very strange happened in our house. Suddenly one day, they all stopped going to work and school! They even stopped going to the shops or meeting their friends. They stayed at home all day, every day. I kept hearing the word  “lockdown” mentioned. I am delighted with this. . I get hugs and cuddles all day anytime I want them. They still work and study though, so I just go from room to room collecting hugs.

I get walked 2 or three times everyday now. I am sooo fit and trim now. I get to go swimming in the stream, chasing cars and chatting to the neighbour’s kids. They all love me.

One problem with this lockdown is I’m looking a bit long haired and shabby at the moment. I can’t wait for the beauty parlour to open up, so I can have my usual wash, cut and blow dry.

Here are a few pictures of me on one of my nature walks.

Dixie the dog cooling off in the water after her walk.
Dixie posing in front of the neighbour’s thatched cottage
Dixie pleading to go for a walk

Dixie and Tuttles you look like very busy fur babies. Today I did not feel like getting up. I love my sleep ins now. BEGLEY

My sister Realtin is up but I am sleeping in here.
This is Nugget, my cousin, squashed in a box.

I wrote a letter to my sister today asking why cats like small spaces.

Dear Realtin,

I hope you are well in your blog space. I was thinking about you this morning as I lay dozing in my basket. You see, you and I are brother and sister. We are also partners in protecting all the new baby birds in our garden from big ravens, magpies and kestrel. We also check the fences and hedges for cats who might lie in wait.Now what I was thinking about is why cats like to climb into really small  uncomfortable boxes and bags. I hear from our sister that Nugget the cat does not like any of her beds. She instead squeezes into a small sewing basket. Look at this picture of another cat bursting out of a box. So I am going to Google it to find out.    This pic. above shows a huge cat in a tiny basket. Ridiculous!
Well I found out they have whiskers on their legs and foreheads too and use them to see how big or wide things are.They always hide with head facing out to ambush.They feel warm and safe inside small spaces. I think I may try hiding in our food bin.Write back soon Realtin. Begley

Well done Kate for finishing and sending this beautiful sheet to us.

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From Katie in 5th Year

Enjoy watching this lovely video of a wonderful year. The same video is posted up under Junior C for the students and staff to enjoy. Well done. Mrs. McGrath and Ms. Daly.

Junior C Video

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