Junior A Write in to Begley 29th May 2020

Hi begley i really miss you giving you hugs and cuddles lots of love Doireann😎❤️❤️

Hi Doireann I really love the photograph of you with your basketball. Well done for sending a comment in to the website. You are a clever clogs. I posted it on the blog for you. Begley

Daniel’s dog Charlie

Hi Daniel and Charlie. Charlie I see you are doing what I love best, standing next to a bowl of food. The difference is I would have gobbled it all up. Do you have any nice toys and do you like to roll on the grass?

Sean chilling with his cat during Covid-19

Hi Sean and Fergie. You are definitely great pals. I love getting cuddles from people. What toys does Fergie have and what does she like to eat?

Dear Junior A, please will all of you send in more pictures of your fur babies. I love seeing them and so does the rest of the school. Begley

Here is a video of me rolling on the grass at home.

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