2nd of June. Begley warns students about water safety!CLICK HERE

I have been hearing about a lot of people who have been going swimming in places like the weir in Ballincollig, the sea or rivers. Some of these people have got into difficulty in these places and I am worried that someone might drown. Please remember that water is dangerous!. When I go to the beach I am not allowed to swim straight out to sea to chase seagulls. I have to swim parallel to the shore. The water is also very cold and if you get too cold you can’t swim properly. Here are a few reminders about water safety. Begley

Please visit this site and learn more about water safety. These pages below were taken from 1 of the workbooks. Begley.


Be careful at home
Farms are not playgrounds!!!!
Make sure you swim near lifeguards
Swim near lifeguards
Canals, Rivers and Quarries
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