A Message to Everyone at St. Mary’s from Matthew!

A Message to Everyone at St.Mary’s

I have 2 weeks left in St. Mary’s.

I first came to St.Mary’s when I was 11 years old.

I would like to thank Mrs. Conroy who was principal at the time as she was a big influence on me during my time here.

The first year, I found it tough to settle in. With the help of Ms. Ware & Lucy it began to get easier as the year went on.

For the second year, Ms. Daly was my teacher & Carol was my S.N.A.. During the year our class made a table tennis table & Mr. O’Shea gave us permission to use the Woodwork room. This got me interested in table tennis.

For the 3rd year, my teacher was Ms. Daly and my S.N.A. was Catherine. We did a lot of work in the school garden that year. I was also part of the All-Ireland winning Quiz team. I also began the After Schools Club at the end of that year.

In the 4th year, my teacher was Ms. Kavanagh and Daniel was the S.N.A. in the classroom. I represented my school as a player on the Munster Schools Soccer Squad. I also represented Ireland in an International Soccer Blitz in Austria. I was part of our school winning U18 relay team.

There were some changes in the school in 5th year. Ms. Johnston was my teacher and Anne-Maria was my S.N.A.. Mrs. Conroy retired and Ms. Hollywell became principal. I have enjoyed the sports banter with Ms. Hollywell. I represented Ireland once again in Austria and our school won the All-Ireland for the 4th time in a row.

This is my final year in St.Mary’s. My teacher this year is Ms. Hayes and my S.N.A. is Anne-Maria. I was joint-president of the school. It was an honour to be chosen for this role. In table tennis I represented Ireland at a European Paralympic tournament in Malmo Sweden. I have made lots of friends during my time in the school.

I would also like to thank all the staff at St.Mary’s who have helped me throughout the years. I would like to mention Mr. O’Shea and Ms. O’Leary for all the work they do in the Woodwork and Home Economics rooms. I would also like to thank Peter for having time for me and helping me along the way.

One of the most inspirational people I have ever met involved in sport, is Charlie, our soccer coach. I would like to thank Charlie for all the training and preparation he does for the school and would also like to thank him for coming to one of my Munster v Leinster FFA matches to support me.  I hope to be a role model in sport the same way Charlie has been for me.  Some day in the future I would love to return to the school to coach the students at St Mary’s, as well as Charlie has coached me.

These last months have been very strange. We have all had to learn new ways of doing things.
My time in St. Mary’s & everybody there, will always stay in my memory.

Thank You




  1. Nora O Leary

    To Matthew

    That was a lovley letter Matthew. You always worked hard and were kind to class-mates and staff always.

    Well done on that nice letter. Photo was good fun, you look so young Matthew.

    Bye for now

    Ms O’ Leary

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