Bailey wishes Shane a very Happy Birthday! CLICK HERE

Hi Begley,

My name is Bailey. I have a new family that I love very much. They take good care of me especially in this hot weather. I don’t know about you but fur coats are very warm in the sunshine .I cant get enough water. I just borrowed this computer thing from my humans so that I could tell you that my boy Shane is having a birthday today (Friday). I am so happy for him he’s such a grown up boy and a great owner. I cant wait to hoover up crumbs from our family party. We must meet up for a big run together and a sniff around some day.


Bailey, It was great to hear from you. You sound like a woof with a great deal of tail. I would love a race on the grass and maybe a bit of a rough and tumble. Yesterday I had a bath and a haircut. This means I feel so much cooler now. I was getting very hot with all my extra hair. I feel like a puppy again. My sister, Realtin also had a haircut. Our Mum and Dad have dog clippers. We both got a number 7. Don’t you think we look cool?


  1. Janice O callaghan

    SHANE, would just like to say a massive ” THANK YOU ” for the birthday wishes. He was absolutely delighted and he had a great day !!!! Absolutely loved the conversation that Begley and Bailey had !!! It was absolutely brilliant !!!!

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