Begley invites you to colour in his poster NEVER GIVE UP!

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He will never give up trying to eat his food faster from his new bowl. We ask you to have a good summer and NEVER GIVE UP on things you set out to do.

Feeling grumpy

The reason I am grumpy today is because I have a new bowl. A new bowl that has lumps and bumps all over it so my food falls between them and I have to chase it with my tongue. This has meant that it takes longer to eat my food. In fact I wolfed it down before in about 20 seconds. Now it takes me more than 11 minutes. My sister has been laughing at me and even comes to check if I have left any snacks!!!! She even finishes before me!. The world has ended. I loved chomping it down so I could start vacuuming again. See the fancy bowl which looks like a green hedgehog. Can anyone help me or give me advice on how to beat the bowl? Begley

Dear Begley
I am amazed at you. Dad went to all the trouble of buying you a new food dish and you are complaining. 
The speed that you were guzzling your food down was amazing. I reckon it must have been close to a world record. I think your dish is amazing. I think it looks rather like a patch of long grass. I think if you play your cards right, you could even get a bit more food. Yes I said more. 
Previously when you ate your food you did so in about 20 seconds. Now it takes you more than eleven minutes. You really have to work to get the food. This involves a lot of mental stimulation.(I know that is difficult for you)  This involves the use of energy. I  noticed that your tongue was really working hard trying to get hold of the food. This must use a lot of energy. Boy the amount of drool that was flying around as you chased the food round the dish was amazing. Producing this amount of drool must use a lot of energy. (Please make sure that you drink more water to compensate.) 
With the use of so much energy, I am sure you must have dramatically increased the number of calories you are using up. Remember what dad said about needing to use the calories that you consume or they will end up around your waist. Just think about it. With all those extra calories used, you can afford to eat more calories without them spreading to your hips. You will also get fitter. 
The other thing I like is that it means I can relax and enjoy my food without you examining my every mouthful. 
Your loving sister Réaltín

Dear Realtin,You are very quick off the mark. After all, I have just posted my video of me struggling to eat my food on the website. You don’t sound very sympathetic. I did notice I was very thirsty after my food and drank a lot of water. I did a bit of research on my special dish. I see it is made to slow down my eating, because I sometimes choke on my food. I do eat faster than you but I also eat less food because I am smaller. I have found out on Youtube that most dogs who get the lumpy dog dish soon learn to flip it over with their front paws! I have asked the students to give me a few ideas on how to do this. So please write in to me.
As for my waist, the vet was very pleased with how trim, fit and muscular I am. He even said I was in great condition, so I am sure a bit more food will not make any difference.I had a look at a video by Cesar Millan. He said a way to slow down fast eaters is to lift their bowl onto a step so it is not too low down. I will keep this piece of information away from my owners because if I learn to flip the bowl, they may try that. Please send in ways to help me eat faster and beat this bowl, Realtin and all my friends. I hate being a slow eater.I am also going to write in to Cesar Millan and ask him is there a way to make a skow eater eat faster. Realtin you are a very fussy eater. You often turn your nose up at good food and then get extra tasty things added to it like cooking oil, treats and gravy. As time goes by and you slow down, all those extra calories will sit on your hips, so don’t get too excited about my dish.Much licks,Begley 

Hi Begley

I have enjoyed reading your blog and have been scitting laughing at you. Your scarf /banddana is very funny and it suits you . I have enjoyed reading all the news from the students and looking at all their nice photos and videos. Well done to all. You deserve your bandana as you have had a long slog and I have learned alot of things from your funny stories and blog posts.

Bye for now Begley

Ms O Leary

Dear Ms. O’Leary,
It is wonderful to be thanked. In turn I have learnt a lot about cooking from you and I plan to spend more time in the Kitchen enjoying the dropdown menu, so a big thankyou to you Ms. O’Leary.Begley.

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