Bird Feeders by Katie and Emma!

To make your own bird feeder, watch the video below.

Katie Ryan created a beautiful birdfeeder from a 2l milk container.  We think her creation is colourful and practical.  I bet the birds will love it once it’s put up in her back garden.

Cool Bird Feeder

Katie I really love your feeder. It was a good idea to reuse a milk bottle. I will ask My Mom, Mrs. J. to send a picture of it to Green Schools. They will be so pleased with you for reusing and recycling, plus you are helping the birds, who have so many babies to feed. Katie did you know that I also like to eat birdseed so if I find any lying. on the lawn I gobble it up. Begley

Well done Emma for creating such a wonderful bird feeder out of milk container. Your handiwork is amazing and I bet the birds are loving it. Begley

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