A look back at our talented group of 6th Years, some of whom are leavers this year.
Leavers of 2020
Beautiful Christmas cakes

I love Christmas time in St. Mary’s because there is a gorgeous smell of Christmas Cakes cooking and our tummies rumble. Then the cakes are decorated and displayed for the whole school to come and look at. This year they were extra beautiful. Well done 6th Years.

Graduation 2020

Hi Begley,

I’m sorry I haven’t written to the Blog for a while but I have been reading all the news everyday. You really are doing such a good job helping everyone to keep in touch during this strange time.

I am a bit sad this week as it should have been the week we had our Graduation celebration  for our school leavers. It is always such a special evening for everyone. Hopefully we will have our graduation in September or October or whenever it is safe to do so.

Do you recognise anyone in the photo below?

                       Last year’s Graduation Class at the Rochestown Park Hotel (June 2019)

Anyhow Begley I thought I’d ask you some school jokes to cheer everyone up!

  • Q    Why did the teacher go to the beach?         

A     She wanted to test the water!!

  • Q     Why did the teacher write on the window?

A      Because she wanted the lesson to be very clear!

  • Q     Where do Maths teachers go on holidays?

A      Times Square  (New York)

  • Q    Why is it dangerous to do Maths in the wild?

A     Because if you add 4 and 4 you get ate!!!!     


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