News from Matthew, Jack and Cian!

Hi I went for a spin to Garrettstown  over the long weekend with mam and dad ,we went for a long walk and got a milkshake on the way back, I miss my friends in school ,I done some homework on ed Sheeran song and I helped my mam bringing washing in off the clothes line.i go to local shop with dad for echo and sweets. From Jack

Dear Jack,

It is wonderful to see and hear from you. I am glad you like the Ed Sheeran worksheets. I bet you enjoy listening to some of his music. I also know you enjoy the school Soccer Song “Blue is the Colour”. You also enjoy George Ezra’s music don’t you? Since no one sent in a song for Musical Thursday how about we listen to him? I like George’s song Shotgun. I picture myself in a car with my ears blowing back in the wind. Just you and I, Jack. Begley.

Shotgun by Begley and Jack

Jack can you guess where I am in these pictures from the past? Miss. Kavanagh took them some months back.

My favourite place to roll in the school
How I feel at 3 o’clock!

Professional Practicing at Home

Hi Mrs Johnston. Here’s the information about the Table Tennis robot I got a week ago for the website. 
The robot is used by a player to pratice on their own  to improve their game. It helps to pratice different shots, such as forehand and backhand. During lockdown I have been able to practice on my own with the robot.  The robot will really help to improve my skills in Table Tennis. 

Matthew’s Practice Partner

Dear Matthew,

Thankyou once again for your lovely news and for the picture of the robot. I have never seen one and will probably never get to use one. If you ever need a ball boy I am the man for you. Just blog in and ask me. Begley

Sorry for no email last week I was very busy with finishing our woodwork stuff so now I’m getting the walls ready for the painter. Cian

Hard at Work

Dear Cian,

I am so impressed with your hard work. Will you come and do repairs in our house please? So far Realtin and I have chewed a hole in the carpet, eaten off corners of the kitchen cupboards, chewed skirting boards, eaten computer wires under the desk, eaten holes out of Dad’s slippers and scratched windows and door frames, and broken 3 glasses. Please add that to your To do List. Begley. P.S. If you can sew you could mend my bear or my Dad’s hat that Realtin chewed.

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