Rave comments for Begley! Employee of the Month!

Hi Begley,I just had to write and tell you how much I love your Blog. This week has been great. I loved Matthew’s letter. I can see a lot of thought and work went into it.
I loved that video about the cats. It was sooo interesting! I’m not sure about the meow bit. I’m still thinking about it. I might write and tell you what I’m thinking.
The bird-feeders are fantastic and I’m going to make one! I have feeders here at my glass door so I can see the birds while I work. The one for seeds was too rusty to use. I’m going to get out my tools in a while and I’ll have a seed feeder again, so thank you Katie and Emma. And Emma is braver than I am, to sing here for the whole school. Well done!
I’m looking forward to seeing everybody on Tuesday at the Zoom Assembly. I hope you’re going to be there, Begley!Talk to you soon,Miss K.

My sister Realtin after her operation

Hi Ms. Kavanagh and everyone. Above is a picture of my dear sister Realtin who can now see after having an eye operation in Limerick. She has to wear a plastic cone so she does not rub her eyes and she is taking lots of medicine and eye drops. She is good at taking the eye drops when I am not around because I start to bark when they give them to her. I don’t know why I do that but it might be because I am a bit jealous. She gets extra attention you see. Thankyou for enjoying my blog. It is everyone’s blog tooo as so may students and staff have sent in things to talk about. I felt very happy today because DOGS TRUST Ireland heard about me and sent me a special scarf or Bandana with EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH on it. That must be because I have typed so much on the computer. So I had a picture taken for for all to see. If you donate money to support dogs like myself who end up homeless, you too could win a Bandana for your clever and hard working pooch. BEGLEY

Dogs Trust Bandana


  1. Nora O' Leary

    Hi Begley

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and have been scitting laughing at you. Your scarf /banddana is very funny and it suits you . I have enjoyed reading all the news from the students and looking at all their nice photos and videos. Well done to all. You deserve your bandana as you have had a long slog and I have learned alot of things from your funny stories and blog posts.

    Bye for now Begley

    Ms O Leary

    1. Sandy Johnston

      Dear Ms. O’Leary,
      It is wonderful to be thanked. In turn I have learnt a lot about cooking from you and I plan to spend more time in the Kitchen enjoying the dropdown menu, so a big thankyou to you Ms. O’Leary.Begley.

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