Wild Postcard Project

8th June 2020

Enter the above competition and your entry could become a postcard! Talk to your friends about it and encourage them to enter too! Click on the link below and fill in the online form.


1. WHO: The competition is open to kids and teens (ages 5 – 18) who are currently living in Ireland.

2. WHAT: The artwork (whether a painting, drawing, etc.) must represent the biodiversity of Ireland in some way…either a single animal or plant, or an entire habitat or landscape! Three-dimensional pieces (e.g. sculptures, paper maché, collages, etc.) or other kinds of creative entries are also accepted!

A digital copy of the artwork and entry form is preferred (take a photo with an iPhone, iPad, or any option that works!). Just make sure to hold on to the original copy of the artwork in case it is selected as a winning entry because we may need the original for printing purposes. Along with a photo of the artwork, please include the information as requested on our online entry form. Alternatively, the entry form information and artwork image can be submitted via email – send to wildpostcardproject@gmail.com 

3. WHEN: No later than 24th June 2020

4. WHERE: Online entry form (available at www.wildpostcardproject.com)

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