Greetings Third Year. I hope this finds you all well and busy. Please keep reading the blog and send in letters, reports, pictures, news and colouring or pics of baking or even things you noticed out on your walk. Send them in to me or to I promise to send in more pictures of my cats if I can catch them!

2nd of June 2020

Hi there 3rd Year. Hope you are keeping well and enjoying all the sunshine! Mr. Starkie.

Please look at and read this poem here. Click on the link above . Choose one of the monsters/poems and draw/paint or colour it.

Look at this second link above and you can colour the sporting heroes and link them to your work on the counties of Ireland.

25th May 2020 these are ideas for doing science experiments at home this is an activity about bones and the body various activities about animals and zoos a nature checklist when out walking nature quiz

15th May 2020

Here is a lovely booklet on Florence Nightingale, for you to work through next week. Mr. Starkie.

Just click on the link below to download or print the booklet.

Well now, here are a few more things for you to work away at.If you type in the name of each county online at you will get some interesting information on each county.

1. Tables squares to help with maths.

2. Jellyfish in Ireland…Q and A

3. Counties in Ireland..find out about each one

You can download and print this page below.

4. Mayo

5. Galway

6. Sligo

7. Where would you like to live in Ireland?

8th May 2020

Hi there 3rd Years. Hope you are all well. Here are a few things for you to continue to work on each day.

  1. Keep writing daily news on your A4 pads.
  2. Complete maths sheets
  3. Draw/colour daily
  4. Try out ideas on the websites posted on our school website.


Mr. Starkie.

Hi everyone, Mr. Starkie here again. Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Take a look at the Blog page and see what my Ginger cat looks like.

Now take a look at these sites and do the work shown:



ESB Bill

Independence Skills

Wild Life The Lizard

Hygiene around a dog