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Here are some lovely worksheets on Japan. Click on the link below to download them.

A Story – Paul Comes Home.

It was Monday morning again. Ginger was looking out the window, getting his head ready for some school work. It still felt a bit funny, doing school work at home, in the kitchen, at ten o’clock in the morning. He could work in his room but he liked to watch Mum. This morning she was getting the ingredients ready to make bread. He loved the smell of bread baking.
“Hey, Mum!” he said. “That looks like Paul’s car. I didn’t think he worked this part of the city. It IS him and he’s coming up the drive!”
Mum turned from the mixing bowl with her hands full of sticky dough.

“That’s strange,” she said. “I hope he’s alright.”
The door opened. Paul came in, smiling, and went straight to the sink. He poured some washing-up liquid on his hands and some water.
“Hi guys! You didn’t expect to see me now, did you? Well, I have two bits of good news. I’ve been put working with a new team. They’re a nice bunch of people.”
“But Paul,” said Mum. “What are you doing here? It’s only ten o’clock!”
Paul was bending over the sink, washing his hands very, very well. He always took about three whole minutes to wash his hands. He did it the way you see the surgeons on television. You’d think he was going to do an operation.

“The boss said we have to change the way we work now. So, the other team are working today. We’ll be on tomorrow. I’m off for the rest of the day!”
And he did a little dance around the kitchen, suds dripping off his hands onto the floor.
“That’s great news!” said Mum. “But you can clean up those suds off the floor when you’re finished. I don’t want any of us to slip.”
Paul gave a grin and a big salute.
“And it’s great that the sun is shining,” Mum went on. “You’ll be able to finish painting the fence and the shed door. Ginger, if you get your work done quickly, you can help. With this lovely weather, we might be able to have our lunch in the garden.”
“Sounds good, dear,” said Paul. “That’s exactly what I was thinking too!” and he ruffled Ginger’s jet black hair on his way to put the kettle on.

Now look at the next page. Read all of the questions. Talk to someone about them and have a chat about them. Then write down the answers.