Looking Back!

Using a Locker

When I go to my New Training Centre in September I may be given my very own locker to use.

See could you answer the following questions on using a locker:

  1. What should I have in my locker?


  • What if someone else wants to use my locker?


  • When can I go to my locker?


  • How do I feel about having a locker?


  • What if I forgot something?


  • If students are messing at the lockers what should I do?


P1 0f 2                                             A Trip to the Dentist  

Have you been to the dentist lately? Probably not because of the Corona Virus but hopefully we will all be able to go to the dentist soon and get our teeth checked again.

  • Are you afraid of the dentist?
  • Have you ever had a bad toothache?
  • What do you do to keep your teeth healthy?

Below are some pictures related to the dentist and dental health.

Say all the words aloud. Then put the words into sentences.

Fill in the missing words now.

  1. I clean my with my _______ and ______.
  2. I use dental __________t o remove food caught between my teeth.
  3. Some people wear __________ to help straighten their ___________.
  4. The __________ visits children when they lose a ___________.
  5. Sometimes the d_________ will take an __________ to see under my gum.
  6. People who don’t have their own teeth wear ______________+.

Here are some more words for you:                                                                                        P 2 of 2

Dental hygienist            floss          dental nurse         filling                              Cavity         toothache         check-up           x-ray

Complete these sentences now:   

  1. It is important to visit the dentist for a ____________ every six months.
  2. As I had a cavity, my dentist told me I would need a _____________.
  3. The ________ ____________M is responsible for cleaning your ______.
  4. I couldn’t eat my breakfast due to my ____________.
  5. In order to take a closer look at my ________ the dentist took an ______.
  6. Everyone should brush and _______ their teeth twice a day.
  7. The ______ told me if I continue to eat sweets every day I will get a _______.
  8. The dentist has a __________ ___________ to assist him/her.

Look at the picture and answer the following questions:

  1. Where is the girl?
  2. What is the dentist doing?
  3. Why is the dentist wearing a mask and gloves?
  4. What is in the girl holding in her left hand?
  5. How old do you think the girl is?
  6. Why do you think the girl went to the dentist?
  7. What do you call the room where the dentist works?
  8. How often should you visit the dentist?
  9. Name 2 reasons why it is important to have healthy teeth.
  10. Can you name 5 different dental products.

My Transition to A CARITAS/ N.L.N.

Soon I will make a big move along my educational journey when I start at one of the Training Centres- CARITAS or N.L.N. Hollyhill. This will be an exciting time for me, but it could also prove to be a little scary or overwhelming.

                                                         Getting to Know People

 When I move to CARITAS or N.L.N. Hollyhill, I will meet lots of new people.

 Other people from St. Mary’s may or may not be going to the same training centre as me so it will be really important that I get to know new people.

The most important thing to remember is that other people will be feeling just as nervous and “new” as I will be.

Task 1

Think about the following sentences and complete them as fully as you can.

  1. It is important to be able to be able to get along with new people I meet because __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. I find meeting new people difficult because________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Here is an example of how I got to know somebody before


  • Here is an example of something people might do which would stop them getting to know people


Task 2

Say if the statements below are True or False.

 Which of the strategies may be helpful when getting to know people and making new friends

Click on the Download Button below to download and print
  1. Caritas Training Centre

Caritas is a Training Centre in Wilton. It is near the Cork University Hospital (C.U.H.) and the Wilton Shopping Centre.
I am going to go CARITAS in September when the summer holidays are over. I will be sad to leave St. Mary’s but I am 18 years old now and it will be exciting to go to a new centre. My friend David/Jack, from my class is going to CARITAS too and I know some other students there from last year. I will also make some new friends.
The manager of CARITAS is Amanda. She came to my school a few months ago to talk to us and tell us all about CARITAS. She is very nice and I know she will look after me and help me to settle in when I go there. CARITAS will be different from St. Mary’s but I will get used to it after a few weeks. The good news is I don’t have to wear a uniform anymore and I will have my own locker to put my things like my money and phone in to keep them safe

  1. In CARITAS There are no mid-term breaks in October or February and I will get 3 weeks holidays for Summer holidays.
    All the staff in CARITAS are very kind and will help me learn lots of new skills like computer skills, hygiene and personal care, Art, Woodwork and how to work in a kitchen/ canteen etc.
    I will go to Caritas for 3 years. I will finish in the year 2023-. .
    The 214 bus, near Brown Thomas Shop in Patrick Street, will take me all the way out to Wilton and drop me right across the road from CARITAS. It might be a while before I take the bus by myself to CARITAS as it is something I will have to practise a bit first. I will be able to travel on the bus for free if I use my bus pass. I can look up the 214 timetable online and check out how often the bus to CARITAS goes every day.

There is a canteen in CARITAS where I can buy my lunch everyday or I can bring my own lunch if I would prefer that.

This is a picture of the canteen in CARITAS


See can you write the answers to these questions now

  1. Where is CARITAS?
  2. What do the letters C.U.H. stand for?
  3. Who else from your class will be going to CARITAS this year?
  4. When do you hope to start in CARITAS?
  5. What is the manager’s name?
  6. Name 2 ways how CARITAS is different to St. Mary’s
  7. Can you name 3 things you might keep in your locker?
  8. What colour are the lockers at CARITAS?
  9. How many weeks off do you get for summer holidays?

10. What shop on Patrick Street is near where you get the bus to CARITAS?

11. Do you know what number bus will take you to CARITAS?

12. Why will you not have to pay when you go on the bus?

13. Where do you eat your lunch at CARITAS?

14. Name some things you will learn about at CARITAS?

Dear 5th and 6th year we hope you are enjoying the sun. Here is a really interesting book on who invented the first car. Click on the link below the picture and enjoy reading the book.


If you are not interested in cars, maybe you are interested in clothes. Try reading this interesting book and answering a few questions about socks!

Click on the link below to read the book


Press the download button below and do this worksheet on Ed Sheeran. You can print it off too.

Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud Fill in the parts of the body that are named in the song.

When your _ _________don’t work like they used to before And I can’t sweep you off of your ___________ Will your still remember the taste of my love? Will your still smile from your ______________?

And, darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70 And, baby, my ________ could still fall as hard at 23 And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways Maybe just the touch of a ________ Well, me—_______I fall in love with you every single day And I just wanna tell you I am

So honey now Take me into your loving ___________Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars Place your head on my beating _____________ I’m thinking out loud That maybe we found love right where we are

When my _______’s all but gone and my memory fades And the crowds don’t remember my name When my hands don’t play the strings the same way I know you will still love me the same

‘Cause honey your ___________ could never grow old, it’s evergreen And, baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways Maybe it’s all part of a plan Well, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes Hoping that you’ll understand

But, baby, now Take me into your loving _________________ Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars Place your ___________on my beating ________ Thinking out loud That maybe we found love right where we are

So, baby, now Take me into your loving ________ Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars Oh, darling, place your __________ on my beating ______ I’m thinking out loud That maybe we found love right where we are Oh, baby, we found love right where we are And we found love right where we are

Good morning everyone. Please read the blog and do the work offered there. Look too at JC Maths and JC English for those who need to be doing the work. Tell us about your weekend. Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. J.

Since loads of you seem to enjoy DIY things at home, here are some jobs for you to do. These will help you to learn new skills. I suggest you get some other adult support if you feel uncertain about how to do things. Let us know how you get on by emailing begley.woof@stmarysrochestown.com