The school year ended with the Leavers attending their Graduation Dinner at the Rochestown Park Hotel. The evening began with photographs taken with staff and the school therapy dog Begley.

This was followed by a delicious dinner. Parents, guardians and family arrived afterward for coffee and then awards were presented

A fantastic evening was had by all.

Welcome back to everyone after the summer holidays. We are delighted to have so many new pupils and to feel the buzz and excitement of day one, 30th August 2019. The drone pictures were kindly taken by Pat Murphy.

Drone picture of St. Mary’s school.
Picture of the school and yard.

View of our school garden.

There is plenty of good news from St. Mary’s to start off our year, September 2019. This week’s blog was done by 5th Year.

Jack got a new dog called Charlie. Jane went on holidays in Hong Kong, China and Vietnam.

Mr. Starkie is the new teacher in 3rd Year.

There is also a new girl called Megan in 3rd Year.

Downstairs the Juniors have a new teacher called Ms. Walsh. There are 5 new Juniors named Daniel, Ryan,Hannah, James and Selena.

In Mr. Nolan’s class we have Sheola, Zara, Johnathon, Shane, Cian and Christopher as new pupils.

Welcome to all new staff and pupils!

Congratulations to Sarah in 6th year. Last year she entered a poem called Bullied into The National Poetry Competition of Ireland. Sarah achieved an award of Highly Commended for her poem.

BULLIES by Sarah for the National Write a Poem Competition 2019

Breathing gets heavier

Palms get sweatier

So scared to face

Another day in this place!

People are so mean

These nasty teens!

They tease , hurt me and

Say nasty things to burn me!

I’m afraid to speak up!

I’ve butterflies in my stomach

Telling me to stay away

I keep it to myself every day

It gets worse,

Should I speak up?

And tell someone my troubles

Should I cry out for help? Would you?

I asked for help and I got it.

Felt so scared to speak up it was hard

But I knew in my head it would drive me mad.

Since I spoke up I’ve been so glad

I built my confidence

Made my friends!

Now look at me

All grown!

A house, a job, a fella, a phone!

Now look at you!

The Mayor, Dr. John Sheehan visited our school yesterday, the 16th of September. Here he is pictured with our principal Ms. Hollywell and the Mayoress.


Pupils are enjoying following the Rugby World Cup in Japan and are hoping Ireland can go all the way to the final!

We wave flags and sing Ireland’s Call in the hall some mornings and are learning all about Japan and the Japanese people.

On Thursday we had ‘Green Day’ in St. Mary’s.

 Everybody, including the staff, wore something green to school in honour of the Irish rugby team.  It was great fun

    6th Year Pupils eating rice and noodles using chopsticks!

Proud supporters of Ireland!

St. Mary’s School Presidents  2019-2020

Meet St. Mary’s new Presidents for the school year 2019- 2020.

Aine is a wonderful singer and enjoys drama and playing soccer.

Matthew is a talented soccer and table tennis player and has played on the Irish Special School’s Soccer Teams on two occasions.  Matthew will also travel to Malmo, Sweden, next year to play table tennis.

We are very lucky to have two such talented pupils.

 We know they will work very hard in their new roles.

Congratulations Aine and Matthew!

September in Junior B

We had two birthdays in September.

It was Lucy’s and Dermot’s birthday.

Dermot turned thirteen. He’s a teenager now!!

We had cake. We had balloons and fun. Everyone in assembly sang ‘Happy Birthday’.

Birthday Celebrations in Junior B!

We went to the garden.

We tasted vegetables like tomatoes. Some people took beans and cucumbers home.

It was overgrown. It needs a lot of work.

We need to weed it. Our pumpkins need to grow for Halloween.

We went to see Begley in the Boardroom. He comes into us on Fridays. We all got to pet Begley. He likes to bite his claws. Begley is a therapy dog. Begley visits nursing homes too. He likes food. He is cute. He makes us laugh. He is small. He knows dog tricks. He is hairy.

We had a fire drill. The fire drill alarm went on. We went outside. When we went out we had roll call. We were at the assembly point.

Nature Walks

We went outside looking for signs of Autumn. We were looking for brown leaves, blackberries, we were looking for animals collecting food. We saw cows outside, they will be in for winter. We found leaves changing colour, blackberries and pinecones. We didn’t find animals, we were too loud!

Aldi Stickers

Please help us collect Aldi Stickers to win 50 000 Euro for new sports facilities

Junior Certificate Results

Congratulations to Kerrylee,
Cian and Adam
We are all proud of you here at St. Mary’s.

Junior Cert Results 2019

Last Friday there was great excitement at St. Mary’s as some of our Senior Pupils received their Junior Cert results. The pupils had worked hard all year and were very happy to celebrate their well deserved results.  

U 18 Soccer Blitz at U.L. Day 1

On October 8th, St Mary’s Senior Soccer Team travelled to the U.L. to compete in Day 1 of this year’s U. 18 Munster Soccer Blitz.

Teams from all over Munster competed on the day, Ennis, Dungarvan, Waterford, Limerick, Tralee and of course Cork!   

 The lads played their hearts out on the day but competition was tough.    

Of the 4 games that were played we won 2 and lost 2.

We would like to say a special thanks to our soccer coach Charlie, who works so hard with us every Wednesday.

Our next day out is the Indoor Soccer Blitz at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick on December 3rd.

Will keep you posted so keep on following our site!                                                           

                           6th Year pupils made “Relaxation Jars” this month.

 We use them to practice our breathing and to help us reduce our anxiety when we get worried.  A still jar is like our minds when we are calm and a jar with all the glitter moving represents all the feelings we have in our busy minds.        

Pointilism Art By 5th Year

Cooking Noodles and Biscuits By 5th Year

Every Wednesday 5th Year do a cooking and writing exercise. This helps with organisational skills, sequencing, independence skills and we learn about safety in the kitchen.

The Savoury Shop

Mini- Business

5th year are starting a mini business to raise money for a Relaxation Room and for those students travelling to Lourdes.

Our business is called the Savoury Shop.

We will prepare Toasties OR salads for each class member, starting with the 6th Years.

Toasties with Ham and Cheese= 2.50

Toasties with extras                    3.00

SALADS                                           3.00

So far we have raised 25 Euro, after just 1 day of business. We aim to reach 100 Euro.

Well, as of the 10th of November, we have reached 116 Euro and still need to make toasties for the juniors.

Aldi Competition

A big thank you to everyone who collected Aldi stickers for St. Mary’s over the past few weeks. Can you believe we almost filled 4 posters, which is 1,181 stickers in total! Peter, our caretaker posted them today so fingers crossed now that we will win the 50,000 euro for our school!!

Our Principal, Ms. Holywell and Aisling, packing up posters for the Aldi competition.
Bingo Day at St. Mary’s

Water Ambassadors 2019. To find out more go to Menu and click on Green Flag