2nd April

Watch the Film Bend It Like Beckham again. Read about the characters below.

  1. What Genre is this film?
  2. Read some reviews of the film online then write your own film review for a friend.
  3. Write the story of the film in about 10 sentences.
  4. What do we learn about different cultures in the film?
  5. Do you think girls should be made stay home and cook and clean? Give reasons for your answers.

Today we are going to look at the poem Chips by Stanley Cook

CHIPS by Stanley Cook

Out of the paper bag
Comes the hot breath of the chips
And I shall blow on them
To stop them burning my lips.

Before I leave the counter
The woman shakes
Raindrops of vinegar on them
And salty snowflakes.

Outside the frosty pavements
Are slippery as a slide
But the chips and I
Are warm inside.

 Stanley Cook uses metaphors in his poem like ‘salty snowflakes’ meaning salt and ‘hot breath of the chips’ meaning the steam. A metaphor is a way of describing something using words that you might find in descriptions of other things.

  1. How many stanzas are there?
  2. Who is the poet?
  3. One of the themes is food and another is seasons or weather. What kind of weather is described. What season is it. Tell me how you Know.
  4. Write down words from the poem that rhyme with
  5. Slide ________ , shakes ___________, lips ___________
  6. What is a metaphor? Give an example of one from the poem.

26th March

Go back and read Begley’s Blog. Find the page where he posted the Junior Cert. Poem Mother Doesn’t Want a Dog. Read the poem again. It covers the theme of animals, love, family. Try and answer and discuss some of the questions that were posted under the poem. Can you remember who the poet was?

Today I hope you manage to get out and do some outdoor jobs like painting, fishing, gardening, walking the dog, sweeping the garden or yard or just relaxing somewhere.

When you have done that try to watch the film E.T. again. Read through the plot or story. Try and write your own plot from memory.

Here is a poster of it.

Original poster of the film

Answer and talk about these questions

  1. Describe 3 things about the picture above that tell you this film will be Science Fiction or Magical.
  2. What was the special occasion for the release of this film?
  3. Where could this film be viewed when it was released?
  4. Design your own poster for the movie.

25th March

One of our films for study is School of Rock. Please watch this film again.

Think about these things as you watch:

  1. Who is the Director?
  2. What Genres does this film belong to?
  3. Did you enjoy the film? What did you enjoy about it?
  4. If you did not enjoy the film why?
  5. Below you can download a booklet on School of Rock. Pick out some pages to work on.

24th March

Dear 5th years, who are doing Junior Cert. exams on the 3rd of June. At the moment it still looks like the exams will take place.

I will create a separate section for Maths J.C. and the whole class.

I hope you are all well. I also hope you share your news with us on the blog. Practise writing either a report on what you have been up to or a letter to me via Begley. I will be posting up some worksheets here for you.

Here is the first part of a poetry question. Try it yourself then read through

the suggested answer.

Mid-Term Break

BY SEAMUS HEANEYI sat all morning in the college sick bay
Counting bells knelling classes to a close.
At two o’clock our neighbours drove me home.

In the porch I met my father crying—
He had always taken funerals in his stride—
And Big Jim Evans saying it was a hard blow.

The baby cooed and laughed and rocked the pram
When I came in, and I was embarrassed
By old men standing up to shake my hand

And tell me they were ‘sorry for my trouble’.
Whispers informed strangers I was the eldest,
Away at school, as my mother held my hand

In hers and coughed out angry tearless sighs.
At ten o’clock the ambulance arrived
With the corpse, stanched and bandaged by the nurses.

Next morning I went up into the room. Snowdrops
And candles soothed the bedside; I saw him
For the first time in six weeks. Paler now,

Wearing a poppy bruise on his left temple,
He lay in the four-foot box as in his cot.
No gaudy scars, the bumper knocked him clear.

A four-foot box, a foot for every year.

I have posted a copy of midterm Break for you to look at and read to remind you, because I chose this poem for my answer.

Question 4 Answers

(a) The poem is called Midterm Break.

(b) The poet is Seamus Heaney.

(c) What was the poet feeling : The poet Seamus Heaney is full of grief and shock. This is feeling is tragic and sudden. The hushed whispers, deep respect of his elders, his mother’s tearless crying all shock him. We watch him as he is filled with fear and horror at what has happened to him and his family.

(d)I think he is feeling this way because his young brother has been killed by a car. He is shocked by the reactions of elder, his parents, the sight of his brother’s dead body and the fact that he has suddenly been called home from school because of a family tragedy.

(e) Yes, I did think the poet had schosen a good title for his poem. This is because we think of “Midterm Break” as being a school holiday and fun. Instead the break is the funeral of his brother and the broken hearts of himself and his family. You get a surprise and a shock when you realise the poem is about grief not happiness.

(f) I liked the poem because when I read it I got very clear pictures of how the people are feeling and what his brother looks like eg. “poppy bruises”, his father crying and the baby cooing in the pram. He uses colour and sound to paint a picture with his words. The poem also is very personal and real as we all have lost a family member and we all go through sadness of death and tragedy. The theme of death is for all mankind at any age, so it is universal.

Here is a summary or short story of the poem.

Read Patty’s brilliant asnwer to some of the questions on this lovely poem. Click the down load button above.