St. Mary’s  have already achieved the Refuse and Recycling Flag and Energy Flag. We are about to go into our second year of achieving the Water Flag.

Survey of how much plastic is used each day in school lunches.
Most of this cannot be recycled.
Our school ran a competition to see who could design the
best poster and caption on saving water,
Another beautiful poster, designed in 6th Year.

Our school’s Water Ambassadors, Cian, Marie and Aine contacted Glanmore foods and asked them to change the single-use disposable water bottles to reusable ones. This would save disposing of 60 bottles a day and save money so water filters could be installed in our school.

A poster made from single use bottles, which we no longer use in school.

Below is an example of the reusable bottle, which has been issued to each student this year.

Reusable Bottle from Glanmore Foods.


Thanks to all the staff and parents who collected 2 Litre Milk Bottles to help build an igloo for the school garden. It was going to be a Munchkin House for our Wizard of Oz theme, which Ms. Daly and 3rd Year were working on.

Below is the igloo, completed in 3 sections in The Woodwork Room, thanks to Mr. O’Shea. Unfortunately Storm Hannah flattened the igloo and although we tried to turn parts of it into a wall lining the Yellow Brick Road,the weather succeeded in scattering our good plans.

Completed Igloo.

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