23rd April 2020

  1. Look at the   following videos about milk, cheese and farming life . These videos   help you to understand where your food comes from and why we need to look after farmers and animals. Farmers also must look after the environment to make sure it is sustainable. Sustainable means to keep the environment and the earth’s resources   safe for the next generation of adults and children.

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Read the following words that you hear every day and  see what  they  mean

Everything living and non-living around you, including the air.

The climate describes the usual weather in a place over a long period of time.

It describes the atmosphere in a place at a time, for example, how hot or cold and how wet or dry it is.

It takes energy to grow, to make, to move and to store food. The further your food must travel; the more energy is needed and the higher its food miles will be. Food miles is the distance food travels to get from the farm to our plates.

Humans have been doing a lot of activities that make gases which are gathering in the atmosphere. These gases act like a blanket causing the earth to slowly heat up. This means that climates are changing around the world…

  1. Complete the following word search

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  1. Try this activity sheet. You might need an older brother or sister to help with answers



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This section is designed to post examples of work done in our classes and to put up work for Junior Certificate students, while they are out of school.

Write a blog to explain what a work sequence is and give an example of a work sequence for cleaning the bedroom.

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The Burke Family Case Study

Mary Burke is a lone parent with four children. Her   boys are   16 and 14 and her daughters   Kate and Louise are 12 and 4. Mary works as a health care worker. She is busy during the week and   is tired after working hard.  She comes back to the house to find   dirty    ware and cutlery, floors and kitchen tops were dirty.  Bedrooms are all messy and there is dust everywhere.

The garden is all overgrown with weeds and    grass and  the lawn mower is broken.

There is no dinner ready and   her    16-year olds ask her ‘what’s for dinner’.

Mary starts to cry   and gives out to the children for not helping in the house   as they are just playing video games, watching tv and   meeting their friends.

The   Burke family live in a three-bed semi in   Mallow.

You must make up a poster for the
Burke family to explain how to manage a home efficiently.

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Good Home Management

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