Dear Junior B,

Here are a few homework ideas for you.

It’s great everyone is doing so well. A small job people could do at home is take charge of the bins. Find out what day the bins are collected and mark it up on a calendar. Plan when do they need to go out and when should you bring them back in.

Start a list to help at home of things as they run out this will help the adults when they need to make their shopping list and make things a bit easier for them.

From Mr. Nolan and Toby.

Here are some ideas for work at home. Give them a try and email us on the blog to let us know how you get on

Hi I’M Doctor Leo Varadker. I’m the leader of the country. Please don’t forget the homework I gave out on Tuesday March 17th

Ask parents or guardians what you can do to help at home at least once a day. Call elderly people in your lives and check that they are not lonely or bored.


Measure 2 meters using a ruler or measuring tape.

Make a list of all businesses nearest your house. What do they do there?

What date is today?

What date will it be in 31 days?

When is April fools day?

Send Begley in a joke. Best joker
gets a day off.

Ask an adult to show you how to
boil an egg.

Ask for help to make an email and send it to Begley.

Pretend to be on youtube and talk
out how to make toast step by step.

Sequence things you did yesterday.

Take a picture of something in nature.

Think of a timed  challenge you could play at home and send it to Begley and see who can beat your time.