Good morning. We are working through an exam paper. I post up 2 pages. The next day I post up the way to work out the answers. Scroll down to the first page of this paper and work your way through. Look at the videos that help explain too.

5th June 2020

Hi everyone, here are answers to questions 9 and 10 below. Try looking through the answers and then do the paper on your own.

20th May 2020

Now try out Questions 9 and 10. I will post up the worked answers on Friday.

Hi everyone, unfortunately I have not heard from any of you in connection with this paper, so am wondering…. are any of my group doing it? If you are, drop me a line and let me know to

Nevertheless, I shall put up the answers to the next 2 pages.

We completed up to the end of Question 6.

So at the end of 6 weeks Sinead has 36 Euro.

Here are the 2 pages of work for you to try on Monday the 11th of May.

Here are the worked answers for you to go through for the rest of questions 5 and 6.

So that ends question 6 as the worked answers. Good going!

Here we continue with the last part of Question 5. Tomorrow I will post up how to work them out.

Good Morning. Hope you have tried the last 2 pages. If not, work through and see how you do. Good luck and well done.

Click on this link below.. It explains what the diameter of a circle is.

Watch this video first.

Watch this video. You have just worked  out the radius so use it to find your area. r X r X 3.142 = Area

Question 4 i)

Highlight Mary’s Flight. If it leaves at 7: 30 it arrives at 9:05. Look at a clock. Work out 1 hour plus 30 plus 5 is 1 hour 35minutes.

Her flight leaves at 7:30 one hour before

30th April 2020

Try answering these 2 pages. The answers will be posted up tomorrow.

You can either look through the answers then try the paper yourself or try the paper and correct it.

I have given you the questions yesterday. Here are the answers today, 30th April.

Try this page.

Make sure you have paper to work on.

Use a pencil to write. Show all working.

Use a calculator.

Try out the above 2 pages and I will go over the answers tomorrow.

Good Morning and hope you are getting out in the garden and enjoying the sun. The Max. Temperature today should be 15 degrees!

Click on the studyclix link below and try this set of factorising sums. If you click on the marking section they show you the answers. It is great practise. We will also go over all these lessons when we get back to school.


Mrs. J.

March 25th

Hi there, hope you are all well and have been working through your exam paper pack. I will post some examples for you to work on each day. Try them. We can mark your papers when we return to school.


With SOLVING you are finding the value of the letter in the equation.

Here is an example we can work through now.

2p = 8 The unknown letter is P. What we do to one side of the equation we must do to the other.

Keep p on the left.

Divide by 2 on each side of the = sign or bridge. 2p divided by 2 = p

8 divided by 2 = 4

So p = 4

Click on the above link and work through these equations. If you get an answer wrong it will show you how to do it correctly.


Try to sort all the same letters into 2 different boxes.


3a +4b + 4a -2b = 7a +2b Get all the a’s together then all the b’s