The school is divided into two sections:  Junior A,B and C classes, and Senior 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes.

The maximum class size is 11 pupils, with smaller numbers in some classes.

Working closely with families, we aim to assist pupils to develop socially and educationally to the maximum of their potential in a stimulating and relaxed environment. The curriculum is modified to cater for individual needs, while developing a team spirit and an atmosphere of mutual support.

At the Junior end of the the school, special emphasis is placed on the acquisition of basic skills in oral communication as well as reading, writing and number work.

Year 1 of the Level 2 Junior Certificate is started in Junior B. Year 2 is covered in Junior C and the final year of the Level 2 programe  is completed in 3rd Year.

We continue to develop social  and language skills at Senior level and introduce practical skills in Woodwork and Home Economics.

4th, 5th and 6th year offer  a 3 year Leavers Course and Level 3  Junior Certifcate in the subjects of Home Economics, Woodwork, English and Mathematics .

Each pupil’s programe is tailored to match their needs and abilities as leavers.

The focus is on vocational and Independent Living Skills. Participation is dependent on the student’s needs and in collaboration with the student, parents and guardians.