Useful Vocabulary on gardening.

St Mary’s School
Vocabulary Themes

Stages of Vocabulary Learning
• Stage 1: Pupil identifies the item by pointing to it in response
to “Show me…….”
• Stage 2: Pupils names, signs or uses other forms of AAC to
name the item.
• Stage 3: Uses the word in a phrase e.g. “I like the primrose”
• Stage 4: Identifying the function of an item. The pupil
responds appropriately to the question “Show me something
you can dig with”, “something you can cut the grass with”
• Stage 5: Pupils responds appropriately to the question “what
else can you use to….with”

Use this strip (from Colourful Semantics) as a reference to help the students
learn about the different ‘types’ of word e.g. a who word.
• This strip can also be used to extend the activity by using it as a visual to make
a sentence about the picture e.g. ‘the teacher is pointing to the board in the

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If things change and the school closure is extended, please cross out the further days that the school will be closed and talk through this change.

Thanks and best wishes from all at Brothers of Charity Southern Services.

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Correct Handwashing Technique

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