St Mary’s School Uniform Policy                            19759T



It is understood that students choosing to enrol in our school accept that the full school uniform must be worn during the school day and also in travelling to and from school. Parents are asked to show their support in this regard by cooperating fully with the school in ensuring that students wear uniform every day.

Wearing uniform is a sign of belonging to our school community and is a factor in promoting positive behaviour and improved learning.

When a pupil arrives in school without the uniform the following will be our practice

  1. Ask for a note signed by a parent/guardian with a valid reason why uniform is not being worn that day. We expect that this will be a rare occurance.
  2. A number of spare uniforms (freshly laundered) will be made available to those who arrive without their own uniform and without a written explanation.
  3. Pupil will be given a note to be signed and returned by parent/guardian.
  4. Repeated non wearing of the uniform will be regarded as a matter to be dealt with under our Disciplinary Procedures


Note – all items may be purchased in the usual outlets (Dunnes, Penneys, M&S, etc.)

Grey Trousers/Skirt

Grey Shirt

Wine v-necked pullover

Tie – wine (optional)

Note – you may need to go to a uniform supplier for larger sizes or during term time when stocks are low in major outlets.


Pupils are required to wear a tracksuit as outlined by the class teacher for P.E. or school trips but it cannot be worn as an alternative to the school uniform at other times. Pupils will be informed when they are required to wear the tracksuit. Pupils may not combine elements of the tracksuit uniform with the main school uniform. 

In order to respect the integrity of the uniform and limit time-wasting arbitration by staff on the suitability of items of clothing, pupils and parents are asked to observe the school policy on uniform.

Pupils are not allowed to wear hoodies or other garments over their school uniform in the classrooms or assembly hall.


Jewellery and Accessories: Any item, jewellery or accessory, should not be worn or brought to school if it can potentially cause an injury to the pupil or others. Parents are asked to be particularly vigilant with regard to piercings and ensure that pupils who wear earrings only wear small studs during school activities. This includes long/pointed false nails.

Footwear: Pupils should wear footwear appropriate to the weather and general activities normally conducted in a primary school. Shoelaces must be tied in a secure manner (not tucked into the shoe)

Hair: Parents are advised that long hair should be ‘tied back’ to reduce risk of spreading or contracting headlice.   

Home Economics/Woodwork – in practical subject classes additional guidance will be issued.


Pupils & Parents:

  • The correct uniform must be worn at all times.
  • Pupils must be neat and tidy in their appearance.
  • All items belonging to a pupil must be clearly marked.
  • A note from parents must explain incomplete uniform or explain any deviation from the uniform policy on medical or other exceptional grounds.

School Staff:

  • Teachers shall monitor school uniform daily.
  • Uniform checks by the Principal/Deputy Principal shall take place regularly.  
  • Pupils who are not in full uniform will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • In the event of a dispute regarding the acceptability of a pupil’s uniform, the school’s Principal/Deputy Principal is the arbiter.

Please sign & return the slip below by Friday February 8th

I have read the Uniform Policy and agree to comply with its contents.