St. Mary’s  have already achieved the Refuse and Recycling Flag and Energy Flag. We are about to go into our second year of achieving the Water Flag.

Survey of how much plastic is used each day in school lunches.
Most of this cannot be recycled.
Our school ran a competition to see who could design the
best poster and caption on saving water,
Another beautiful poster, designed in 6th Year.

Our school’s Water Ambassadors, Cian, Marie and Aine contacted Glanmore foods and asked them to change the single-use disposable water bottles to reusable ones. This would save disposing of 60 bottles a day and save money so water filters could be installed in our school.

A poster made from single use bottles, which we no longer use in school.

Below is an example of the reusable bottle, which has been issued to each student this year.

Reusable Bottle from Glanmore Foods.


Thanks to all the staff and parents who collected 2 Litre Milk Bottles to help build an igloo for the school garden. It was going to be a Munchkin House for our Wizard of Oz theme, which Ms. Daly and 3rd Year were working on.

Below is the igloo, completed in 3 sections in The Woodwork Room, thanks to Mr. O’Shea. Unfortunately Storm Hannah flattened the igloo and although we tried to turn parts of it into a wall lining the Yellow Brick Road,the weather succeeded in scattering our good plans.

Completed Igloo.

We are having 2 weeks of special work, looking at Climate Change. 5th Year having been learning about what Climate change is.

CLIMATE ACTION 2 WEEKS ending Friday 25th October.

We had a Climate Action Assembly and read out these posters in Assembly to explain what Climate Change means.

3rd Year, Jane and Mr. Starkie have written a rap about Climate Change:

The ice is melting

The world is getting hotter

Polar bears are dying

I think we should bother

One answer is the electric car

Diesel and petrol won’t take us far

The oceans are rising, the climate is changing

Our world needs some kind of re-arranging

The coal won’t last

And cut out the oil

Or our world will really start to boil

So get outside and do your bit

Climate change is not a hit

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Is what we can do

To make the world a better place for you

So it’s green when we can and stop the waste

Will be our motto for the human race

5th and 6th Year sang the rap CLIMATE EMERGENCY Click on the link to listen to it.

                Climate Emergency X 4        

Yeah, Wake up now, we must act fast

Or our great world, will not last

Parks and trees and fields so green

We must do our best, to keep them clean

Animals and birds and polar bears

What’s gonna happen if no one cares?

Giraffes and rhinos will be no more

Just in pictures, not like before

Climate Emergency x 4

The ice caps melting, it’s all so bad

The birds and fish are very sad

The world is warmer, the seas are high

With sun and drought, the earth is dry

  Stop climate change, what can we do?

It really is all up to you.

Recycle paper and your plastic

Now that would be so fantastic

Climate Emergency x 4

Stop burning coal and petrol too

And flushing chemicals down the loo

No wasting water when you shower

Think of our trees and every flower

Turn down heat every night

Turn off lights, when it’s bright

Go green again for the nation

Then we’ll have a celebration

Climate Emergency x4

The hole in the ozone must seal up,

Let’s stop careless ways and grow up

We must act now and do our share

This beautiful world, deserves our care.

Climate Emergency x 4

Here are our 3 Water Ambassadors at The River Lee Hotel attending a talk on how to save water and how to prevent water pollution.

In front of them are metal reusable water bottles.

Can you make a change and stop buying one use disposable bottles? Many of them end up in our rivers and seas.

2 of our Water Ambassadors, wearing their Ambassador Hoodies.
Think before you buy new clothes. Do you really need them? 1.5 Trillion Litres of water are used by the Fashion Industry each year.
Iniscarra Treatment Works

We were shown this aerial picture of where the water is pumped to the works for cleaning and treatment, then pumped to reservoirs and your homes.

Chemicals are added to the water, to get the dirt to clump together.

Above, you can see a huge tank. The water goes from the river to this tank.

The picture above shows how the chemicals help the dirt to stick together in clumps so it can be removed.

Here are our 3 Water Ambassadors with students from other schools.

The panel in the pump control room, which shows where the water is pumped to in order to reach St. Mary’s School in Rochestown.

Here is the engineer showing us the plan of the water supply system on the main panel.

Here is a close up pf the panel. The numbers show if the tanks or reservoirs are full and let the engineers know if there are any water leaks in pipes.

Did you know it takes 3 days for water to be treated from the moment it pumps up from the river till it reaches your glass as clean water. Look at all the pipes.

Here is a small model showing all the sand and pebbles water runs through to be filtered or cleaned.

Dirt sticks to the special metal plates that you can see.

This sign shows what a dangerous workplace this can be.

We had a delicious dessert.

We also ate delicious vegetarian burgers.

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